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Update on the T20 World Cup 2021: BCCI hopes to formally postpone the global event on Monday at the ICC board meeting

Dubai, July 19th: Over the past two months, the fate of this year's T20 World Cup could be decisive, with the ICC board meeting with the BCCI almost on Monday, hoping for a postponement to ensure the IPL can continue.

The global event is scheduled to take place in Australia from October 18 to November 15. However, the nation's cricket board had voiced in Could itself its inability to host a second surge in COVID-19 circumstances in the state of Victoria.T20 World Championship would not be possible in these 12 months, says PCB chairman Ehsan Mani.

With India's case load surpassing the 10 lakh mark and more than 26,000 deaths, the IPL, regardless of whether it is detained, can be carried over to the UAE as soon as the central authorities offer to pass it on.

“Step one was the postponement of the Asian Cup, which took place. We won't start sharing our plans until the ICC publishes the postponement. They sat about the election even after Cricket Australia mentioned that they weren't too eager to host the event, ”a member of the BCCI Apex Council informed PTI about the circumstances of anonymity.

This year's T20 World Cup is expected to take place in Australia in 2022, as India no longer wants to swap its internet hosting rights with Cricket Australia for 2021 with immediate effect.

Australia's not going to be on the internet to host the mega event became clear after the cricket board informed its players to organize for a white ball sequence headed towards England, slated for late September.

CA even unveiled a 26-person preliminary roster for this tour.

The ICC has claimed in its half that it must discover any potential "contingency" decisions earlier before adopting a name of such immense proportions. And it is not uncommon for the ruling body to participate in this long period.

"Pakistan was speculated to host the Champions Trophy in 2009. After the terrorist attacks on the group bus from Sri Lanka, everyone with the right senses knew that PCB would never host a huge event in the distant future," said one of the functioning of the ICC.

“But ICC deputed its employees in Pakistan for months as South Africa was preparing to host the event. Everyone knew, however, that properly announcing the shift would take months since the threat assessment was half the protocol.

"The ICC could not have simply postponed the T9 World Cup immediately, as the highest ministers in the Australian authorities first expressed their willingness to host," he added.

In addition to this bottom line, the Pakistan Cricket Board has backed off after vehemently speaking out against the Indian board. The postponement of the Asian Cup, which has been speculated to be hosted by the PCB, to 2021 has been a heavy blow to Ehsan Mani and his group.

“We have had quite a lot of discussions now and the sensation is that there would be no potential (T20 World Championship) this year. ICC has scheduled world championships in 2021 and 2023, and now we have a place where we can regulate the occasion, ”Mani had recently mentioned when speaking to reporters in his nation.

It was learned that PCB was contacting various boards to finalize some bilateral engagements as the nationwide group had run out of business after their England tour. Nomination course for the election of the chairman:

The opposite challenge facing dialogue in Monday's assembly is the nomination course for the next impartial chairman of the ICC following the resignation of Shashank Manohar earlier this month.

It is known that there is no consensus on what the standards should be should a number of candidates be part of the struggle. "The board simply does not agree on whether the standard two-thirds majority to be determined (as with the choice of cover) or the simple majority among the many 2 board members can be used or not," said one ICC board member.

Colin Graves, of the Cricket Board in England and Wales, was seen as the top contender, with the title additionally announced by BCCI President Sourav Ganguly.

Ganguly's candidacy will definitely depend on whether or not the Supreme Court file number waives the reflection interval and allows him to serve as BCCI president after July 27, if he has served six years as a public official within the Indian state and statewide models Board has graduated.

When asked about the risk of taking on the ICC job in a recent interview, the 48-year-old said he was younger and was in no hurry. New Zealander Gregor Barclay and Hong Kong's Imran Khawaja, who is currently the interim chairman, are also named as potential candidates.

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