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"Important today" podcast: India's desperate fight against Corona

April 30, 2021 - 10:10 a.m.

Reporter Natalie Mayroth in conversation with Michel Abdollahi

Nowhere is the corona virus currently raging as badly as in India. The statistics recently recorded more than 3,600 deaths within one day - and hundreds of thousands of people are still tested positive for the virus every day. The reporter Natalie Mayroth from Mumbai speaks in the "Today important" podcast with Michel Abdollahi about the dramatic situation in the country.

Corona in India: relatives organize oxygen bottles

The desperation among Covid 19 sufferers and their families is great, says Mayroth. "Then the relatives are out and about trying to organize oxygen bottles and buying drugs on the black market." The prognoses are also bleak: the election campaigns in India, in which many people are believed to have been infected, have only just ended. "And you know that it takes a little time to see how many people have been infected with Corona," says Mayroth.

Michel Abdollahi speaks to reporters about the verdict in the Christoph Metzelder case

"In fact, the confession that Christoph Metzelder made seemed credible, he was close to tears," stern reporter Johannes Röhrig observed during the trial against the ex-professional footballer.

Also in the podcast: Honesty Day

Lies have short legs. Why we are bad at recognizing lies and who actually lies more, we clarify in a conversation with a proven lie researcher.

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