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Demystify influencers on social media to empower your brand

Globally, more than 4.5 billion people use the Internet, which makes up approximately 60% of the total population on the planet.

One of the most common uses on the internet has been social media. It is clearly proving profitable in two areas of social media specifically.

First, it's those who use social media to their advantage - Companies and marketers. There is no other channel through which they can reach 3.8 billion people around the world and at the same time make their decisions about the benefit of their sales.

Second, are the creators or influencers of content that fans follow. In general, an influencer refers to a person who has the ability to influence others.

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  • Those who have an impact on an organization and its customers.

The Indian industrialist and philanthropist Ratan Tata falls into this category. People respect his business acumen and ethics, which is why he has a significant impact not only on his employees but also on TATA customers.

Voting is the most powerful right of every citizen and it is our duty to exercise our vote. Please vote, our future depends on it!

- Ratan N. Tata (@ RNTata2000) March 15, 2019
  • Those who are well connected to a group of people while being an influence and trendsetter for that group.

While many of our actors and cricketers have had such an influence, the best example is our Indian Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi. During the coronavirus pandemic, clapping or light diya shows the entire nation how well connected and effective it is. And as for a trendsetter, don't forget the popularity of the Modi jacket.

  • The ones who can control a buyer's decision but may never be responsible for it.

Generally, celebrities belong to this group. All of our actors, cricketers, singers, etc. are referred to as celebrities. After partnering with a company, they promote the products on social media. But if your purchase isn't going well, you can't blame the influencer. They just suggest you and don't put you under pressure.

When it comes to social media marketing, the final influencer description is more accurate.

Actors, athletes, and singers make up a significant proportion of influencers on Facebook and Instagram, but the same doesn't apply to the TikTok video making app.

Who influences social media?


They are the most visible social media influencers. They are famous and come mainly from entertainment or sports.

Indian cricket lovers have given Sachin Tendulkar a status that corresponds to God. And this is the highest level of respect a person can have. Similarly, Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan plays the same role for movie fans.

Consider the following example of how Sachin Tendulkar used his status to influence the masses through Instagram.

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Although bloggers are not celebrities, they too have very unique and authentic relationships with their readers. With their knowledge and expertise on a particular topic, they share content that is valuable and trustworthy.

Unlike affiliate marketing, when your blogs get enough views, brands themselves will ask you to market their products through your blogs. This is also one of the ways that influencer marketing can do it.

Bloggers share their blogs on social media to reach a wider audience. When people take it positively, it increases their followers significantly and also makes them the influencers on social media.

Amit Agrawal is one such blogger. He is a graduate of IIT Roorkee Computer Science. After five years of work, he started a tech blog called Labnol, which was an instant hit. He also writes columns for renowned publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes etc. Due to his work he has around 95 followers on Twitter and 62 subscribers on YouTube.


Videos have proven to be a powerful way to express your views. YouTube is a widely used video sharing platform and is also used by many for creating and uploading original content.

If you can create great content or deliver a strong message, you can join influencers too. More YouTube subscribers would be a by-product of this process.

Not only will more people subscribe to your channel. Brands will want to work with you too. Having your ads at the beginning of your video will give you a much-needed source of money to help create more content.

India has many active Youtubers in comedy, technology, motivation, music and various other fields. One such popular name on YouTube in India is Sandeep Maheshwari. He is known for motivational videos and often talks about success, failure, and luck. His videos made him an influential figure for struggling youth. He has a large following on YouTube (14.3 million subscribers), Facebook (11 million followers), Instagram (1.6 million) and Twitter (183).


Podcast is the newest concept which is new especially to the Indian audience. It is the recorded audio file that you can even download to your device for easy listening.

Since there's not a lot of money going into producing a podcast, it's affordable. Because of this lower cost, podcasting is often referred to as disruptive medium.

Most of the time, a podcast can be downloaded for free. However, if it is a business company or is affiliated with a company, there is the option of a subscription model.

There are several reasons for people to do a podcast. Some want to share their passion and form like-minded groups of people.

One of the examples of Indian podcasts is AkashVani The host is the former international cricketer Akash Chopra. He is best known as a commentator and cricket analyst. AkashVani is all about the world of cricket and its latest updates.

Industry leader

The list consists of renowned company founders and executives. This world has thousands of successful business people and executives, but not every one of them affects the more substantial part of society. And those who have that influence are respected for their work ethic and contribution to the community.

In India itself there are many such leaders to be looked for. As mentioned earlier, Mr Ratan Tata is one such distinguished person. In addition to running the TATA empire, he is also a generous philanthropist.

Even abroad, our own Sundar Pichai is a role model for students all over the world. Both are very active on social media and have millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram. So an industry leader could also be a social media influencer.


The main job of a politician is to influence people, and they are best at it. Especially during the elections, they try to create a clean and promising image in front of the voters.

In order to reach the voters, they need media. In the 19th century, politicians used newspapers, magazines, and posters for mass reporting. In the 20th century, radio and television became an advertising channel. But in the 21stst In the 20th century, politicians made extensive use of social media in their campaign.

PM Narendra Modi was the second most persecuted politician on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) in 2019. He lost first place to former US President Barack Obama. With the exception of the Prime Minister, all other political leaders in India have millions of supporters.


Academics are members of our institutions promoting science, literature, the arts, etc. They can be teachers, scientists, or other intellectuals.

Without a doubt, they are the brightest minds in our society, and we need these people to build a better future. Their work over the years has earned them widespread recognition and many of them use this platform to spread knowledge and inspire society.

At #velammal Education Trust in Tamil Nadu, through a lakh student received education. It was a pleasure to spend some time with the students. Their enthusiasm was seen to be believed.

- Anand Kumar (@teacheranand) September 9, 2019

Super 30 founder and mathematician Anand Kumar is an example of an influencer who uses social media to promote education for the poor.

Professor Seema Gupta from IIM Bangalore is another example of an academic with a blog to share knowledge in their field of digital marketing with others.


Writers (especially authors) let their work do the talking. Many writers have a hardcore following because of their literary work.

Harry Potter Author JK Rowling used her imagination to create an unprecedented cultural phenomenon in literary history. And she certainly uses her popularity to draw attention to a noble cause. She often tweets about her NGO Lumos some key concerns to shed light on.

Hundreds of thousands of children currently incarcerated in countries around the world are at high risk of contraction # COVID19.

To uphold their rights during this dangerous pandemic, they must be released safely. @unicefchief

- UNICEF (@UNICEF) April 13, 2020

Social activists

Activists are the voice of the weak. They are the medium through which the problems faced by the disadvantaged part of society reach citizens and the government. And social media is a quick way to do it.

Most of the time, teenagers are said to be very active on social media, but 82-year-old activist Anna Hazare also uses them when she needs to communicate with his supporters. Surprisingly, he has more than a million followers on Facebook.

Mentioned above are the essential sources from social media influencers. However, there are some influencers who are not among the groups listed. Journalist Arnab Goswami and yoga guru, businessman Baba Ramdev, are also influencing factors.

So influencers come from all walks of life, although most of them belong to the sections above.

Identification of an influencer on social media

Another question that many of you may have is how to identify someone as an influencer on social media. Or how does an influencer identify himself on social media?

There are no perfect criteria by which to determine whether this person is an influencer or not. However, here are some relative parameters to help you find a better influencer.

Use the search engine

Searching Google (or any other search engine) is the easiest way to start your search. While this looks easy, people always underestimate it.

If you want to hire an influencer, just put in key keywords in the search box. Search engines show famous and influential people in the field.

Visiting Google search results doesn't guarantee that they are the right influencers for you on social media. You need to check their accounts on various social media platforms and use indicators (see below) to find the best among them.

If you're a big brand and don't want a specific field-related influencer, you can just search at random. By searching for "Influencer on Instagram / TikTok / Facebook", all top influencers (mainly celebrities except TikTok) on this platform are listed.

Search on the social media platform

Instead of searching on Google, you can tailor your search to each platform. This is useful because not all influencers have the same influence on every social media platform.

Priyanka Chopra has 52 million followers on Instagram, while half of them are on Twitter (26 million). While this is more time consuming than searching on Google, it gives better results. Let's see how it's doing on Twitter.

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When looking for a topic on Twitter, select the Accounts option hidden under the More option. Twitter lists all accounts with this topic (keyword) in descending order in their bio. More powerful and influential Twitter accounts will appear higher on the results page.

Number of followers

One way to evaluate an influencer on social media is to check the number of "followers" they have on the platform.

First, there are thousands of influencers in the world. A celebrity with 10 million followers is an influencer, but a person with 10 followers can also be an influencer if they have an engaged audience.

However, they are categorized into different groups based on the number of their followers.

Mega influencers:

Users with a large number of followers fall into this group. In India, most of them are celebrities. While there is no threshold, more than 1 million followers qualify as a mega influencer. This number varies with the social network. TikTok in particular is very different from Facebook and Instagram. In general, big brands only hire them for influencer marketing due to high fees.

Macro influencers:

They usually have 100 to 1 million followers. The benefit of hiring these influencers is that they are more accessible (cheaper and easier to use) and have loyal followers. However, the range is less than that of mega influencers.

Micro influencers:

The number of followers ranges from 10,000 to 100 for micro-influencers. Small businesses certainly prefer these influencers for marketing. Most of the time, micro-influencers are experts on a particular topic and those users who are interested in that topic follow them. If your company is trying to promote a product or service on a specific topic with a small audience, micro-influencers are your best bet.

Nano influencers:

Those who have fewer than 10,000 followers fall into this group. They are similar to micro-influencers, but they are beginners and have lesser influence.

Likes, comments and shares

Finding the right influencer is only deceptive depending on the number of followers. There have been cases in the past where users bought followers.

After reviewing the followers, watch his / her profile. For a previous post, check how many likes it has. Also read comments on such posts. Did people comment on the post or something else? If so, read their opinions.

How many of the followers shared this post? These three measures will help you understand the power of the influencer.

Follower: Pursuit Relationship

Ratio = number of users who follow you / number of users you follow

This ratio is commonly used on Instagram and Twitter to check how effective your account is. For an average user, the ratio should be 0.7 to 2.5. However, since we are looking for an influencer, a ratio of 2.5 would be miserable. The ratio is higher; more is the power of the influencer.

Macro influencers should have this ratio greater than 10,000. Some international celebrities even have a quota of more than 1 million.

Social listening software

If you're a big brand and have a decent budget for influencer marketing, here's another option for identifying influencers on social media.

There are various third parties on the internet that help the marketer create content and identify suitable influencers.

Buzzsumo is a widely used tool for social influence. Based on your topic, this tool will show you the list of influencers. This list can change depending on the priority. There are many criteria to decide on: followers, domain authority, retweet ratio, reply ratio, page authority, etc.

If you're in a dilemma about which influencer is better for your brand, Followerwonk is the best tool. It compares the influencers with the data visualization of the keyword in the BIOS. There is also a social authority index for each user. However, this should only be used on Twitter.

If you are not satisfied with the results of the above tools, there are more such websites out there to help you: Upfluence, MozBar, Little Bird, Perlindex, Keyhole and many more.

All you have to do is put on your nosy hats and you are ready to go 10x more profit with this software.

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Hope you found these social media influencer tips and tricks helpful. If you have any doubts about the influencer discovery methods, let me know in the comment section below. I would love to read your thoughts and opinions!