Will a dealer buy my car?

Buying a car from the dealer

Vehicle check

Regardless of whether you buy from a large or small dealer, be sure to do the vehicle check. We offer you a range of tips and instructions for this.

The vehicle check also includes checking the vehicle documents. You will find a list of the necessary papers under the item "Vehicle papers". They will also help you find out more about the condition of the car (number of previous owners, etc.).


Test drive

You are entitled to a test drive, regardless of whether you buy from a dealer or from a private person. The best thing to do is to combine the test drive with the vehicle check. And don't forget to take someone with you who you trust and who at best has a clue about cars.


Price and price negotiation

In any case, before buying a used car, you should first think about the appropriate price. Our practical car value calculator will help you, as it will tell you the current market price of your dream car.

You can also always try to negotiate the price. Since used cars are not cars from the manufacturer's catalog, the dealer himself has the pricing in hand. However, consider your starting position: If you are interested in a classic car, such as a VW Golf, the dealer will probably find another customer quickly. If you want to buy a rarity, you probably have more leeway in bargaining.