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The predictions will be available from the end of March Your Vedic Horoscope continued.

We have now said goodbye to 2019. The key word for 2019 is uncertainty and it has made itself felt in politics, in private life and in the professional environment. No doubt many found that the things they started had to be postponed or were very tedious, and that dealing with the everyday issues of everyday life seemed to take forever.

Jupiter and Neptune, the two most important planets in the solar system, were responsible for this. A conflict between these two giants is one of the trickiest aspects of the astrological heaven, and they have been in conflict throughout 2019.

A Jupiter-Neptune conflict tends to bring about deception, false or intentionally falsified information, and indecision. Brexit was the most visible scenario on the political stage. Would Brexit actually happen or not? The situation seemed to fluctuate one way and then the other, with any final decision being postponed until 2020. Many people saw their personal lives shaped by the same uncertainty in the year that ended. On the one hand, a situation could have required a decision, on the other hand it was not possible to make a decision for various reasons that were not always clear.

But on the first new moon of 2020, which will be in Capricorn on January 24th, the sky is already very much in motion and heralds a time of duty, responsibility and discipline. Let's look at this in detail.

As Great conjunction In astronomy, one describes the conjunction (approach or contact in the starry sky, seen from the earth) between the planets Jupiter and Saturn. This phenomenon occurs roughly every 20 years. The last major conjunction was in 2000, the next one will be on December 15th. 2020 expected. This periodicity has been observed since ancient times and has inspired astrologers since the High Middle Ages.

Some astronomers and historians suspect that the star of Bethlehem at the time of Jesus' birth had a major conjunction in the years 7 to 6 BC. Could have been.

I wrote these dates on our blackboard in the kitchen back in March because my husband often teases me and teases a little bit about astrology. When there was a transit of the karmic axis in Sagittarius / Gemini in March 2019, I wrote to these dates and, based on the horoscopes for the countries (USA with Sagittarius ascendant), suspected a serious arms conflict between the USA and Iran, which would occur with the entry of Mars into Scorpio from December 26th and the new moon in Sagittarius would begin. I would have loved to be wrong. There is a mistake in the top row because 17.2. until April 22nd. Why?

A very difficult combination is currently active, namely Jupiter and Ketu (shadow planet) in Sagittarius (a fiery zodiac sign). Ketu is compared to Mars in quality, making things more aggressive in their demeanor. Interestingly, there are severe fires in Australia and, according to astrology, they could continue to rage until February. From February 17th Ketu will go into the Nakshatra Moola ("the root") while the obsessive shadow planet Rahu remains in Ardra. It is a rather bad window of opportunity for global events, as Ketu in Nakshatra Moola has caused the most destruction in the world in the past, so it is a time for ominous events until September 2020. Ketu will be in the Nakshatra Moola from February 12th to September 20th, 2020. The timeframe in which Rahu is in Nakshatra Ardra and Ketu in Nakshatra Moola can point to great destruction worldwide, be it in political clashes between countries, terrorism or unfavorable events such as earthquakes, cyclones and landslides and tsunamis. This time window is between February 12th and April 22nd, 2020. The deity of Moola Nakshatra is Nirriti, the goddess of destruction, and the deity of Ardra Nakshatra is Rudra - a teardrop. This difficult phase begins on February 17th. and is until April 22nd. in the most critical phase, since almost all other planets are in the sign of Sagittarius - the sign of fire and the great teachers, even the fathers and religion. This could also point to religious fanaticism. The last time this constellation occurred, the "911" occurred. A very difficult phase.

Saturn is the slowest planet among all planetary transits that will take place this year 2020 and therefore it is also the most important. Saturn stays in one sign for about 2.5 years. Now, after 30 years, he is returning to his zodiac sign Capricorn.

In Vedic astrology, Saturn is viewed as the lawgiver and judge who judges our actions. After a long stay in Sagittarius, Saturn will enter the zodiac sign Capricorn on January 23, 2020 at 10:27 p.m. and will remain there for the entire year 2021 & until April 2022.

The Sade-Sati period begins when Saturn enters the zodiac sign immediately before the zodiac sign of the moon, i.e. the 12th house of the moon, at the time of the individual's birth. That is, if the moon sign (Ayamsha) was Taurus at the time of birth, then Sadesati begins when Saturn enters the zodiac sign Aries. Sadesati continues as Saturn passes through this sign and the next two signs, i.e. the sign of birth and the sign after. Saturn spends about two and a half years in each sign. It takes him about 7 1⁄2 years to cross these three signs. Hence the name Sadesati, which literally means seven and a half, Sadesati is a time of great achievements. Saturn (the graha (planet) that rules hard work and discipline) shows its rewards during this time, and according to folk astrologers of Vedic astrology, this is a difficult time for whoever is going through it. There can be many challenges in a person's life. When poorly placed in poor houses, Saturn can face challenges that reflect that poor placement. However, there is another school of astrology that believes that the Sadesati period, while challenging, is not as harmful as folk astrologers claim, and that many people achieve great success during the Sadesati period. For example, Jawaharlal Nehru, Trump and Modi all became heads of state during Sade Sati.

With the transit of Saturn into Capricorn, the following major changes will occur in astrology:

  • The Sade Sati for the Scorpio moon is ended.

  • Sagittarius Moon will reach the final stage of Sade Sati.

  • The Capricorn Moon, on the other hand, enters the second phase.

  • While for the Aquarius-Moon sign the first phase of Sade Sati begins.

During 2020, the results of the Saturn transit will differ from the results of previous years, as the position of the Saturn Navamsha within the Capricorn sign will change. The Saturn transit is very important and together with the transit of Jupiter (March 29th to May 14th and from November 19th, peak on December 15th) trigger important events in our lives. This double transit of Saturn and Jupiter is encased by another important transit, namely that of the karmic axis from 23.09.2020.

Important dates for 2020

23.01. Saturn goes into the sign of Capricorn

02/17 the difficult shadow planet Ketu enters the Nakshatra "Moola"

29.03-14.05 Jupiter goes into the sign Capricorn

from. 15.05. Jupiter is retrograde in Capricorn

05/10 Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn (this can mean obstacles to a standstill depending on which house this takes place in)

13.05. Venus retrograde in Taurus

04/22 Shadow planet Rahu goes into the Nakshatra "Mrigashira"

June 25 Venus again for the time being

06/30 Jupiter goes retrograde into Sagittarius

09.09. Mars retrograde into Aries

19.09. Jupiter again for the time being

24.09. Rahu wanders into the sign Taurus and Ketu into the sign Scorpio

28.09. Saturn again for the time being

11/13 Mars provisionally in Aries

11/19 Jupiter goes back to Capricorn

How to assess the effects of the 2020 Saturn transit

In every horoscope, just as in every other planet, Saturn also changes its role for different ascendants (in the Indian Lagna called). The ascendant gives information about the physicality and the life path of the individual, whether he is able to fulfill his Dharma, for example a Mars-shaped ascendant like Aries will be more athletic and like sports. The moon sign represents the moods and emotions. A Capricorn moon, for example, will be disciplined, will have structure and willpower. On the contrary, a Pisces moon is more likely to be passionate, dreamy and introspective.

In Vedic astrology, the Saturn transit is viewed from the ascendant and the moon, i.e. from the point of view of the path of life, the body and the mind, the moods and emotions. This blog deals with the view from the Ascendant. From the moon's point of view, the effects could be more intense.

For example, Saturn is unfavorable to the Aries ascendant while Saturn is favorable to the Taurus ascendant. Because of this change in Saturn's role for different ascendants, its transit predictions also tend to give different results for different ascendants.

Therefore, the final predictions for the Saturn transit 2020 will depend on the following factors:

Saturn shows promise in results for Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius Ascendant. In contrast, Saturn produces unfavorable results for Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces Ascendants.

We should also keep an important point in mind, which is that Saturn gives good results in the 3rd, 6th and 11th houses. Saturn is in its own home in Capricorn and so will naturally give good, stable results in Capricorn since this is his home. Since we are dealing with transits here, it is very important to examine the Ashtakvarga bindus of Saturn in order to assess the effects of Saturn. If there are more than 3, Saturn will give good results during this transit. It is also important to check whether the Saturn transit in Sagittarius is via the 22nd Drekkana or the 64th Navamsha, as this can have adverse effects.

Saturn is often cited as a natural culprit, but that doesn't do him justice any longer. If you look at Saturn with its beautiful rings - a gas giant that could swim in a bathtub (if it were big enough) - according to Greek mythology, Kronos, the god of time, is similar to the titans, except that Saturn does not eat children (s. great myths). Saturn stands for hard work, discipline, equanimity, calm, responsibility, care and straightforwardness and like his rings, he gathers the experiences of time around him and these unfold again. He wants us to learn and gain knowledge from our actions and their effects. He teaches us to take responsibility in the areas he touches. He's like an old, meditating man who needs nothing and needs nothing and does the things that need to be done without whining or grumbling. Therefore, the Saturndasha is more positive in old age than in younger years, since the effects of Saturn can be understood differently. And Saturn, being a rather difficult planet for some ascendants, tends to produce negative results when affected. Saturn, on the other hand, can produce Rajyoga when in a planetary relationship with benevolent or the Yoga Karaka planet.

Not to forget that Saturn is a slow planet and predicting Saturn's transit in Capricorn can be rather difficult. These predictions for the transit of Saturn in Capricorn are general, and other factors in the horoscope will play a role in making accurate predictions. If you are looking for additional, in-depth information, consider the D9 Moon, which many sages believe tells of our destiny, and the D9 Ascendant to see how far we follow our Dharma.

So for the first time in 30 years Saturn (Lord Shani) will return to his own sign Capricorn on January 24th 10:27 pm. The Saturn transit will affect you until 2023. So here is the data:

Saturn will enter Capricorn on January 24, 2020,

At the end of April 2022, Saturn will enter its own sign Aquarius for a short period of two months,

From July 2022 to January 17, 8:23 p.m. Saturn will then be back in Capricorn. Saturn will influence us in its own powerful sign, it will certainly bring profit, success, strength and ambition, but most of all it will bring honorable deeds. He will lead us to responsibility in the areas that have been addressed and, if we work in a disciplined manner, will bring the best results.

So let's take a look at how the Saturn transit in Capricorn will shape our lives.

I point out that the sidereal zodiac applies here (not the tropical zodiac as in western astrology) so you should be sure of your ascendant after the sidereal zodiac sign.

If you do not know this and want to calculate it, you can do this free of charge on this website


Saturn Transit 2020 in Capricorn:

Effects & Predictions for the Aries Ascendant

For the Aries Ascendant, Saturn is a very important planet because of its rule over the 10th and 11th houses. For the Aries Ascendant, Saturn rules primarily over the following subject areas:

  • status

  • Profits

  • Career

  • The father's income

  • circle of friends

  • Achievements

During the Saturn transit 2020 in Capricorn, Saturn will wander over the 10th house and form an aspect to the 12th, 4th and 7th house.

All of this means that the Saturn transit will be life changing for the Aries ascendant and it can bring opportunities along the way. For Aries Moon and Aries Ascendant the readings are more or less the same, but from the Moon some of the more difficult aspects, it must be said, come into play.

Let's look in detail at how it will affect the Aries ascendant.


In the past five years, I would say, you have seen a lot of dissatisfaction with your career and your work life, and it will all come to a head in those two and a half to three years. There are many scenarios that can arise. One of the most likely is that you are about to leave an unsatisfactory job, but it is difficult to find the right job. So when you move it doesn't work as well as you'd like, but you feel the impulse to keep going. The second scenario is that circumstances beyond your control pull you away from this job and many circumstances make you lose a job. The third scenario is that you stay in the job but are dissatisfied. You might not be able to get a promotion. Things are happening around you that you cannot control and you feel like you are losing your share in your professional situation. That is the bottom line, but here is the golden thread that leads to it all. I want you to be aware of Saturn because after 2023 it will move from your moon or lagna to your eleventh house, where it will offer you profit, success and a wonderful new career opportunity. Everything going there is, so to speak, an exercise on the way there. It's about bringing responsibility and stability into this area, so if you can stay in place then hold on and keep calm. Not the easiest thing I know for Aries Moon or Ascendant because you always want to move and change something, but patience is the main quality here that Saturn wants to teach you. The presence of Saturn in your 10th house in 2020 will bring you slow, steady growth in your career. There will be opportunities for advancement and salary increases, and as you walk through auspicious Jupiter Dasha, your career advancement could be expected sooner when Jupiter moves into your 10th house. But think of Jupiter's retrograde.

The 12th house aspect will affect you as you turn inward as it can make you feel lonely and lonely at times. It all has to do with the unsatisfactory work and career climate, which forces you to explore different options. Very often this leads to the fact that the here and now does indeed bring Aries to foreign lands. However, it can cause some health problems, particularly insomnia, all due to the excitement and feeling of insecurity you may experience. Foreign countries, i.e. trips abroad, then influence you in a favorable way. It can also be a move with this fourth aspect of the house, but you have to expect that any work situation that you start during this time will initially be up and down. It won't stabilize until Saturn is at your 11th birthday.House is moving in, which I say will happen after January 2023. So the development there is slow and steady, but if you have to move abroad,

it might be of benefit to you.

There may therefore be a change in the workplace for you and this change will be very positive for you and if you go abroad, because then the years 2020 and 2021 are very promising for you. If you're already there, this is the type of transit you need to get the most of your life.

All current problems in the workplace will slowly and gradually go away and you will be able to have some peace of mind while working with the people who asked you to do so.

Your accomplishments and skills will be noticed, and your supervisors will give you ample appreciation for your good work if Dasha is true. Overall, this will be a career-technically challenging transit and the years 2020, 2021 and 2022 will slowly and steadily make the work area more stable. If you are currently in a wholesome dasha, these could be the best years for your career.

If you have a paid job then you can see a steady increase and in August 2020 the salary will increase.

If you are involved in politics or any other job in a municipality, state or city, then this time you will be able to take the right steps and get a good position towards the end of the transit. If you are self-employed, then I see good events here too, but up until the beginning of 2022 there may be some problems with business partners.


The 2020 Saturn Transit is important to your prosperity as Saturn is in control of your eleventh house of profits. The presence of Saturn in the 10th house will definitely slowly but steadily improve your financial quantum. There could be more sources of income and your mind will know how to act right this time.

As mentioned in the Careers section, you will see an increase in your career that is directly proportional to the increase in finances. 2020 is a very good year for investing, especially in real estate, and assuming you have a connection between Mars and Saturn in your horoscope then I think you will make good profits from it.

On the whole, the 7th house aspects on your 4th house is very intensive for the renovation of houses, for all real estate issues, for repairs, in order to deal with the living situation in a really positive way. In fact, I would say this is the area where you should put your positive energy because all of these career frustrations are a little beyond your control, but this is where you can take more control of your home environment.


The Saturn transit in 2020 through the Capricorn sign in your 10th house will be overshadowed by its 10th aspect on the 7th house. This doesn't look too good and there can be some problems with partners. Since the 10th aspect of the house is always a status question, it is about maintaining your status in the relationship.

The 7th aspect doesn't relate so much to your personal relationships. Of course there can be stress in this relationship if the entire professional situation is absolutely difficult for you and this can have a domino effect on your personal relationship, so that this could also affect the health of both of you, but mainly I have seen it with this one 10. Aspect of Saturn is about your career and it is therefore people in your working life who could give you difficulties and sleepless nights. Very often it is a supervisor, but it can also be an employee, so you have to be patient, hold on to a positive and constructive attitude as much as possible and after this time all your ambitions will surely be fulfilled. Take responsibility in these work / business relationships, stay calm and relaxed and everything will work out for you for the better.

Overall, this Saturn transit in Capricorn looks good for the finances, and along with it, you will see your father's fortune increase as well.

If you are unmarried then the year 2020 doesn't look that helpful, maybe the year 2021 may bring some opportunities for marriage, although it is necessary that you be in a dasha that is conducive to marriage. It can be difficult with the father and his health can be compromised, although he will see some good professional developments in the father's life and his financial status will improve. The mother could also face difficulties and the mother could have difficult relationships with the others in the house.

It looks easy with the kids now, and the current problems are slowly cooling off and will bring some good events. Those looking for a birth will find good support through this transit of Saturn in Capricorn.


The health conscious Saturn transit 2020 looks promising and will show a healthy year for you. They will be able to maintain a good lifestyle and be interested in living healthily. If you are currently dealing with any topic, then you can expect good relief in this regard in 2020. For 2021 I would suggest that you take some precautionary measures because that constant aspect of Saturn on your 12th house that could bring health issues in your life can be marked by a brief stay in the hospital. So better be prepared for it and plan well.

Saturn Transit 2020 in Capricorn:

Effects & Predictions for the Taurus Ascendant

Saturn is a yogakaraka planet for the Taurus ascendant due to the simultaneous rule over the 9th and 10th house and rules over the following topics for them:

  • Luck in the Life

  • Father, teacher

  • Supervisors in the workplace

  • The father's income

  • Status in society

  • Status in the world of work

  • knee

  • Dharma

During the Saturn transit 2020, Saturn will wander over the 9th house and form an aspect to the 3rd, 6th and 11th house. With this new Saturn transit, Ashtama Shani (Saturn in the 8th house) will be over and a great relief will come. For the Taurus ascendant and the Taurus moon, Saturn has now moved from the 8th house to the promising 9th house. This immediately gives you a sense of relief, especially from your moon sign, but also from your lagna. This is because the eighth house with Saturn in it made you turn inward and away from all the everyday and practical endeavors that you enjoy. For the past two and a half years it has seemed out of control for the Taurus to keep track of things. Now everything will stabilize. Saturn is your Yoga Karaka planet, he is the ruler of the 9th house and 10th house, so he is a very auspicious Graha to Taurus. Well in the aspects here for your ascendant and moon sign, they will actually do very positive things, but you shouldn't expect things to happen overnight.

Surely there will be some more delays and the main delays will be in the trip, that's what you should know. This is because of the Saturn aspect on your third house and because Saturn is in the 9th house. , so all international trips can be delayed during this time, and short long-distance trips could also be a little difficult. So it is a time to linger with the idea of ​​taking good roots. Instead, travel with your mind if you will, for education is very much desired. The delays you may have had in your education last year due to the 5th house aspect will now be completely gone. The students will do very well in those two and a half years. The interesting thing is that certain aspect of your 11th house that is very closely related to the third house aspect, but that has some interesting ramifications. First of all, during this time you will find a very close friend, a very good companion who will be very much like a soul mate to you. This is because the aspect of Saturn is beneficial to this house of Pisces because you are in tune with that constant influence.

Let's take a close look at what the possible outcomes of this great Saturn transit in Capricorn will be.


Since Saturn is himself master of the 10th house, this transit will have a direct career impact, sudden opportunities will come your way, and you will make positive changes in those around you. You will surely have a chance for a promotion or raise in your salary by August 2020.

This transit looks great for both the service and business sectors and you will find that your courage will grow and you will make some bold moves. You will not hesitate before making decisions about big financial deals and your business partner will come to a positive agreement with you. The relationship with the supervisor in the workplace will also improve and you will see a good change in his attitude towards you. Relationships with work colleagues will also gradually improve.

Overall, this can be a career boon because so far Saturn has been in the 8th house and had a negative association with Ketu and I am sure you have been through a lot. Now is the time to get up and shine, especially when your business is in, because then the right decisions will be made by you.


Saturn will be aspecting your 11th house for almost 3 years, i.e. 2020, 2021 and 2022. So there is a sign that finances are now skyrocketing and the deadlocks are about to dissolve. As I said, Saturn is slow, but it will give all of this. Not immediately, but steadily.

Your money, which was stuck somewhere, will now flow again - so the cash flow will improve. So you can now see a win-win situation here.

The chances of benefiting from friends and older siblings are also seen. If you see any opportunity or offer that you believe may result in future wins, grab it with both hands. Your network will steadily strengthen. As mentioned above, a really good, very special friend could show up, a real soul mate.

Overall, the best Saturn transit you will have after long hard years of troubled Saturn under Sagittarius, and will likely receive money from Father too.