What is communication in English

German-English translation for "Kommunikation"

"Communication" English translation

We cannot, however, simply concentrate on wireless communications.
But we can't just focus on wireless communication.
The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) condemned the act of censorship:
The Association for Advanced Communication (APC) also condemns the censorship:
Cheap and instantaneous means of global communication are here to stay.
Global communication, cheap and direct, has become an integral part of our world.
Communications, travel, and productivity are increasing.
Communication, travel and productivity increase.
Journalists belong to a profession, but communication belongs to all of us.
Journalists follow their profession, but communication concerns us all.
Information and communications have risen by 4%.
Information and communication are increased by 4%.
  • Exchange, understanding
  • Relationship, handling, connexion, relationship, bridging, touch, approach, interaction, connection, contact
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