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The account that pays off

We have something for you! The account for all cases. Even if you get into the red. πŸ™Œ Now with free account management until the end of the year! 🎁

Open an account now

We have big plans. We want to reconnect people with their money. That's why we only have what you really need. We do it differently. For you and with you.

1, 2, 3, ... account found! Answer only 3 questions and find your suitable account in a few seconds. 🀩 No frills and very uncomplicated! πŸ‘Œ

Your new bank card

The new bank card with Debit Mastercard function is here! πŸŽ‰

Pay in even more places from now on. Worldwide and also online!
Everywhere you see the Mastercard symbol. πŸ‘Œ

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Apple Pay with your bank card

Apple Pay with your bank card

Whether in a shop, online shopping or in an app. You don't have your bank card at hand? Then pay securely and conveniently with your iPhone. πŸ“±

Activate Apple Pay now!

For you and your friends

For you and your friends

We have something for you. 🎁

The account that you both have something from.

You and your girlfriend, your acquaintance, your sister, ... 😍

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Your education account99

The free education account99 is for everyone who is currently training or continuing their education. For example, if you are a schoolboy or a student. And also if you are attending an AMS or WIFI course on educational leave. πŸ€“

So that you can fully concentrate on learning. πŸ“š And not the cost of your account.

No matter how old you are! πŸ˜€

Get your free bildungskonto99 β†’

One that makes everything understandable

One that makes everything understandable

With us there are no frills. We only have the account that Austria really needs: the konto99.

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What customers say about us

What customers say about us

We asked around! We have collected for you what our customers say about us. 😊

Ursula F. (50) from Ottensheim

Uncomplicated use of online banking, competent support both in the BZ and in the service branch (employees in the post office are great!)

Bank99 has distinguished itself through the solutions to small individual cases, friendliness and solution-oriented - yes, in my opinion, these are very important activities to be emphasized. I would also like to mention the extremely loving treatment of my person, I'm already 78 and therefore certainly need getting used to.

Kevin K. (20) from Rohrbach near Mattersburg

Personally, I like the availability of my personal advisor and the opening times of the bank. I also really like online banking because it is simple and easy to understand.

Monika Sch. (57) from MΓΆrbisch on Lake Neusiedl

I find it very pleasant and practical that I can do my banking business through bank99 at the local post office partner. I have already recommended bank99 and my mother and siblings are also enthusiastic bank99 customers.

Markus O. (39) from Tribuswinkel

I particularly like that I can do my financial transactions at all post offices again and that it is friendlier than at other banks.

Aleksandar N. (24) from Rohrbach near Mattersburg

Personally, I like that bank99 is very accessible with 1,800 branches throughout Austria, and the personal advice and availability of my advisor is a big plus for me.

After grueling research, I decided on the bank99 business account. Others are nicer, but it was more important to me to have my account with an Austrian bank and still pay as little as possible for it. My advisor set up the account in less than an hour. I am impressed and am already diligently recommending bank99.

I would recommend bank99 with complete conviction. The change was very quick, uncomplicated and was done 100% by my supervisor. During the change, the account boxes were explained to me in detail and the best worked out for me. The loan rescheduling was also completed within 72 hours.