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You crouch and bored for days apathetic on the couch.
Estás sentado durante días aburrido y apático en el sofá.
My daughter thinks I am apathetic.
The patient was unresponsive, apathetic, indifferent and hung his head.
Típico. El paciente mostró síntomas de desgano, apatía e indiferencia y estaba desmoralizado y abatido.
Good grades, nice girl, then suddenly not so good anymore, skipping school, is apathetic and depressed.
Buenas notas, buena chica y, de repente, notas mucho peores, faltas de asistencia, muestras de apatía y depresión.
The mainstream media often portrays my generation as apathetic.
Los medios de comunicación frecuentemente catalogan mi generación como apática.
Stay calm and alone apathetic, Galavant.
Seguid distante y apático, Galavant.
Diane: Apathetic, Quality bad.
But extremely passive, apathetic.
Pero era extremadamente pasiva, apática.
As for gaIactic peace, I have lost innocence and will apathetic.
En el tema de la paz galáctica perdí la inocencia y me convertí en apático.
So he became melancholy - he fasts, no longer sleeps, is complete apathetic, confused, and getting insane as he is now wandering around.
Hamlet se ha vuelto melancólico ... no come, no duerme, se ha vuelto apático... confundido y ha perdido la cabeza gradualmente, y ahora delira.
They say that Washington residents apathetic are.
Mr. Kusanagi has been complete for nearly ten years apathetic.
El Sr. Kusanagi no le ha respondido a nadie por casi diez años.
she is apathetic, dazed, doomed.
Está, uh, apática... aletargada ... moribunda.
I found him in the house, totally apathetic in an armchair.
Leounter dentro de la casa, borracho.
I mean at least they aren't apatheticright?
You got lethargic apathetic.
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