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Learn ukulele songs and chords with these 9 apps and guides

After playing guitar for 30 years, I recently made the decision to spread my musical wings and buy a ukulele. It was difficult to get started with, as with any new instrument, but I soon got my four-string mojo as I started adding apps and websites to my (fairly random) learning structure.

Well, I'm not saying the apps and guides below will make you a ukulele champion, but they will certainly get you familiar with the instrument so that you can safely play it.

Get Tuned Up

Before you start playing, you need to make sure that your ukulele is in tune. One mistake many make is to assume that the four-string instrument - often in the shape of a guitar - is tuned the same way, skipping the bass strings to leave DGB E's baritone tuning It's the way you want it!) The overwhelming majority of ukulele music you can find online is contained in the standard tuning of the GCEA instrument.

If you don't have a piano or tuning forks on hand (and many of you don't), the best bet for tuning your ukulele is with an app.

This video should help from Ukulele Underground on YouTube.

For Android, I recommend Ukulele Tuner Free, an ad-supported tuner that supports standard tuning among many others (e.g. baritone).

In the meantime, iOS users can check out the Guitar Tuna app, which covers ukulele, bass, and guitar tunings (as well as mandolin, balalaika, and many other string instruments).

You don't have a mobile device to hand yet? This YouTube video is strikingly popular:

And if you'd rather prefer something different, you can use a physical guitar tuner for ukulele tuning.

Snark SN6X Clip-On Tuner for Ukulele (Current Model) Snark SN6X Clip-On Tuner for Ukulele (Current Model) Buy now on Amazon $ 9.75

Learn some chords

With your ukulele tuned, it's time to learn some chords. Knowing this, you can play back songs later.

Chords are two or more strings played at the same time, usually with one or more strings. They're a bit tricky at first, but in most cases there are alternative ways to play the chords. Basically, you can use fewer fingers or place them in different places on the ukulele's neck.

To learn the chords you need to play, you may visit a dedicated ukulele website such as Here is a great list of chords to view on the website and even a PDF guide to download. Make sure you have a PDF reader installed. Use a Real PDF Reader instead of Edge in Windows 10. Use a Real PDF Reader instead of Edge in Windows 10. Are you looking for a more powerful PDF reader than Microsoft Edge in Windows 10? So you can change the default PDF reader to any area. Read more first!

For a more portable approach, you won't be surprised that mobile apps can help. Ukulele Chords is a simple and straightforward app that shows exactly where to place your fingers for each possible chord.

Start Learning Tunes

You sorted the chords and you probably even hit a couple of individual strings and did a couple of licks. Now is the time to learn some pieces.

If you're confident - maybe you know other instruments - then try a website like (free registration required) which has a number of tabs sorted by difficulty.

In the meantime, you can also start slowly by using apps like iUke for iOS [Discontinued] and Real Ukulele Free for Android. Both gently guide you through the basics of learning and playing a song.

Practice and practice

As you become familiar with the uke, there is a need to improve your skills. This can mean memorizing chords or improving your drumming. You may also need help with the speed of chord changes.

The best way to do this is to spend time with the ukulele, perhaps while playing along with a song you want to learn. Time and effort are most important at this stage, but if you're looking for additional help, consider some YouTube video channels (and remember to subscribe as this will help the owners generate income. How hard it is is making money on YouTube "How hard is it to make money on YouTube? You can make money on YouTube - but how hard is it? Is there anything anyone can do or need a specific plan? We're exploring the possibilities here. Continue reading).

Cynthia Lin Music

Cynthia Lin has a huge collection of ukulele videos covering everything from beginner stuff like drum and chord changes to blues. She sometimes performs live on YouTube and does live chats.

The ukulele teacher

This guy, John Atkins, is great and offers classes for all levels of play. About old oldies and modern tracks when he's not teaching, you'll find celebrity guests and customization ideas, not to mention performance videos. Have fun with videos on specific topics like tuning, strumming, and muting to get you started.

Take your ukulele love further

The thing about the ukes is they are so damn cute you almost fall in love with them. Here I am with myself:

With such a wide variety of designs and finishes to choose from, this little four-string marvel will really make you obsessed. Unfortunately, there is no Rocksmith-style game. How can Rocksmith help you play guitar like a pro? How can Rocksmith help you play guitar like a pro? It doesn't matter how long you play the guitar, you can always get better. This is how Rocksmith can help even the most experienced players hone their skills. Read More Before downloading, however, make sure you have a good podcast manager. 5 Apps Every Podcast Addict and Newbie Should Know About 5 Apps Every Podcast Addict and Newbie Should Know About the Podcast Revolution. These are the apps that every podcast addict or novice needs to know. Continue reading .

OokTown - This is a great little podcast, kind of a love letter to the ukulele. Host Stuart chats with guests about playing and loving the ukulele. It's a great show, don't miss it!

The ukulele review - There is more technical information on this podcast, but that doesn't mean you should avoid it as the hosts keep things clear and concise. Hear side-by-side comparisons of different ukuleles.

You could go even further and collaborate with other ukulele players in your area. Ukulele events take place all over the world. You can find out more about those who are close to you by doing a search on Facebook. But whatever you do, don't let this kid put you off.

Your tips

Do you play the ukulele Are you new or old Found some resources that you think you missed? (There are many ukulele resources on the web. 5 Fantastic Resources on the Internet for Ukulele Players. 5) Fantastic Resources on the Web for Ukulele Players Home, either given as a gift or bought by yourself. As the proud new owner of a ukulele, I was on my way straight away ... Read More)?

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