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Business trip versus business tourism. Business trip versus business tourism. Module 3.5: Basics of travel management


1 Processing types BTM-Ziee BTM-DSystem Processing types BTM-Ziee BTM-DSystem Subject: T Business Tourism Subject: Business Tourism Structure 1. Trial (meaning) 4 hours 2. Basics of travel management 8 hours 3. Processes in the business travel agency 8 hours 4. Incentive economy (Including exercise) 16 hours 5. Interkuturee management in business tourism 2 hours 6. Guest lectures on current topics in the Business Trave 12 hours 7. Fast studies: 1. Organization of a trade fair participation 10 hours 2. Organization of an incentive competition (advocated in point 4) Agenda : / Definitions ... Processing types BTM: quantitative / qualitative aims of risk management in the Business Trave Business Trave Management System Voresungsunteragen: h / p: //mitarbeiter.hs-heibronn.de/~jaworski/btm/ Voresungsunteragen: h / p: //mitarbeiter.hs-heibronn.de/~jaworski/btm/ Page: 2-1 Page: 2-2 Business trip versus business tourism Business trip versus business tourism The three constitutive elements of To urism: change of place of persons, which goes beyond the normal place of residence and leads to a strange place; this takes place with various means of transport. the temporary stay in a strange place, which usually takes place in Hotes, sometimes in private information with friends and acquaintances. This stay is temporary; the traveler intends to return after hours, days, weeks or months. the motives for changing location, as well as the question of why people are traveling. Definition of tourism: Tourism comprises the activities of people who travel to places outside their usual environment and who have not been there for more than a year without interruption for leisure, business or certain other purposes. Reasons or travel purposes for such stays can e.g. being: leisure time, relaxation and vacation / holidays Visiting friends, acquaintances and relatives, business and occupation, region etc. Page: 2-3 Page: 2-4

2 Business trip versus business tourism Business trip versus business tourism Business tourism is the entirety of strategic and operational measures for planning, organizing and controlling the activities of people who travel to places outside their usual private, business and professional environment for business and professional purposes to stay for a maximum of three months without interruption and without establishing a second home. According to Davidson: Business tourism includes the trips of people whose travel purpose is related to their professional activity. According to ICCA: "Business tourism is the provision of faciities and services to the miions of deegates who annuay attend meetings, congresses, exhibitions, business events, incentive travel and corporate hospitaity." Quee: e-trave-pedia Business Travel Lexicon Page: 2-5 Page: 2-6 Definitions Business Travel Business travel forms according to Freyer Page: 2-7 Page: 2-8

3 high much work or much work? Business trip Quota of business activities low Congress, trade fair Aussteung Incentive Uraubsreise Page: 2 - low Quota of leisure activities high 9 Page: 2-10 Definitions Business trips Business trips are: trips for operational reasons that are directly or indirectly attributable to the added value in the company. Job-related changes of location of a short duration with at least one overnight stay (business travel tourism) or without an overnight stay (day business trips). Ae business-leaned trips, which are recorded on the basis of individual travel expense reports. The duration, purpose, distance, aim of the trip or the professional skill of the traveler are irrelevant. Business trip The most important attributes are: Job-related suit Job-related change of location Directly or indirectly attributable to the added value in the company As investment or advance performance Part of the production process Temporarily tax deductible The costs are borne by the company Page: 2-11 Page: 2-12

4 Business trips versus business trips ... Types of business trips in the MICE industry in German-speaking countries Page: 2-13 Page: 2-14 Types of business trips in the congress and conference industry The handling of business trips in companies: German companies lose 130 million working hours a year through inefficient business travel management . 48 minutes of working time are lost on every single business trip. The reasons: inadequate travel planning, unfavorable connections or poorly located accommodations worth working time that is missing at other locations. Quee: Page: 2-15 Page: 2-16

5 The handling of the business trip in the company: The handling of the business trip in the company: In-house in the initial phase: Chief secretariat Persona department Accounting Sales Purchasing In-house Trave-Manager Onine-Booking-Engine (OBE) Internal department Page: 2-17 Quee: VDR Business Travel Analysis 2015 Page: 2-18 The handling of the business trip in the company: Definition of Business Trave Management In-house Trave Manager Onine Booking Engine (OBE) The entirety of the strategic and operational measures for planning, organizing and controlling the business travel activities of a company (or an institution in the public sector) that contributes quantitatively and qualitatively to the company's goals. Internal department Outsourcing Hybridmode Arguments for hybridmode: Profitability through cost savings, own employees are delimbed and are available for other activities Securing the quantitative and qualitative requirements Increasing the service and coverage of the demand by a comprehensive network. Page: 2-19 Page: 2-20

6 Types of processing BTM target Business Trave Management Processing types BTM target Trave management versus mobility management The most important criteria are: Planning, organization, processing and control of business trips Link between companies, service providers and travel agencies is the design of the processes and services that are necessary for planning, organizing, carrying out, accounting and controlling business trips in a company. Mobility management encompasses the areas of responsibility of Trave management and also includes all activities related to mobility in the company. Examples of this are the management of the vehicle fleet, MICE events, insurances and business travel alternatives, etc. More and more companies consider business travel more of a cost factor than a profitable investment. Quee: PCW_Asia Pacific Corporate Trave Overview Page: 2-21 Processing types BTM target Processing types BTM target Business Trave Manager Target and target conficts on business trips Page: 2-22 Page: 2-23 Often lateral entrants, as state-recognized training paths have been lacking VDR -Akademie offers the specialist course CTM-Certified Trave Manager At many universities there are courses related to the subject of tourism From the winter semester 2009/10, the FH Worms offers an MBA in Business Travel Management at page: 2-24

7 Berufssbid Business Trave Manager Prerequisites: Technical knowledge of the complex travel industry Analytical thinking skills Across all areas of the company Negotiating skills in dealing with travel agents Good business English networking in your own company BTM: Business Trave Manager: Tasks and challenges 1. Strategically supports the actual business activity of the company responsible for quality control and internal communicaon is a service provider in a value chain / egt travel directives firmly allowed contracts negotiated with service providers / egt preferred contractual partners enabled Enables security and comfort of travelers OpAmiert the purchase of travel services (bundling of demand) page: 2-25 page : 2-26 BTM: Business Trave Manager: Tasks and Challenges BTM: Business Trave Manager: Tasks and Challenges SECURITY PURCHASING HR DATA PROTECTION COMMUNICATION INTERFACE BOARD / GF FINANCE WORKS COUNCIL IT LEGAL S page: 2-27 page: 2-28

8 Objective of the BTM: Minimizing travel costs BTM: Business Trave Manager: Tasks and challenges Satisfied travelers cost-effective Page: 2-29 Page: 2-30 BTM: Business Trave Manager: Tasks and challenges Quantitative objectives and challenges -Know-How travel guidelines Proximity to the traveler step by step Schnittsteen Page: 2-31 Page: 2-32

9 Quantitative aim Quantitative aim Page: 2-33 Page: 2-34 Quaitative aim Satisfaction of the business traveler Good service Fexibiity in travel management Compliance with quality and safety standards Quaitative aims often only indirectly influence the good company result and are therefore wrongly not always taken seriously . Tasks of travel management: The holistic and transparent design of processes and services that are necessary in connection with the planning, organization, implementation as well as billing and control of business trips. Page: 2-35 Page: 2-36

10 tasks The travel expenses directive (RKR) The travel expenses directive is the company's internal set of rules for the planning, procurement, processing and reimbursement of: 1. Travel services (travel expenses), 2. Hospitality information, 3. Representation information, 4. Conference information. It is binding for all employees of the company and for all business travel activities. Page: 2-37 Page: 2-38 The Travel Expenses Directive (RKR) Support for the corporate goal Scope: 8-10 pages Internal communication Support through controversies Consequences of non-compliance The Travel Expenses Directive (RKR) General content: 1. Personal, local and time-related issues. 2. Definitions - reimbursable costs (domestic + foreign), - non-reimbursable costs (examples), - regular job, - moving costs. 3. Pre-ice and post-ice excitation. This suggestion says that business travel is not enough for the employee to go to the night. 4. Description of the principle of expediency: weighing the business trip against other forms of communication (e.g. video conference). 5. Description of the entire "business trip process" including rebooking and cancellation. 6. Regulations for events such as conferences, congresses, etc. 6. Description of the company's payment system with / without credit cards, with / without travel expense advances. 7. Provision of foreign currency procurement, there is no credit card payment. 8. Bringing spouses and partners with you. 9. Combination of business and private trips. 10. Suggestion for the use of bonuses, e.g. when taking part in bonus programs (e.g. Viefieger program of a joint venture company). 11. Obligation of employees to book certain service providers preferentially. 12. Name of the employee responsible for the travel expenses policy. Page: 2-39 page: 2-40

11 Types of processing BTM target Processing types BTM target The travel expense directive (RKR) internal company Gami fi caon Toos !!! Special contents: Examples: 1. The executives of a company are not allowed to use the same means of transport together. (This prevents the company from going out of control in the event of a serious accident.) 2. The sales force employees are given increased expense rates for trips abroad. (This can be used as compensation for actually higher expenses in the travel area. It can also be intended as compensation for special physical or psychological stress.) 3. Employees with disabilities are allowed to use a higher service fund at Fug and / or Bahn. (Ensure the higher level of convenience so that these employees can also travel without complaints.) The handling of the bonus programs of the service providers and service providers must be regulated in the travel expense guidelines (RKR) for operational and tax law reasons. Page: 2-41 Processing types BTM target Internal Gami fi caon Toos !!! Types of processing BTM target internal Gami fi caon Toos !!! Version: Oct Page: 2-42 Version: Oct Page: 2-43 Page: 2-44

12 Weche Ziee have the: Relationships in the Trave Management 1. The travelers 2. The company 3. The service providers 4. The travel emitters High level of comfort Good service Fexibiity Security Bonus programs Cost optimization Process optimization Service and service quality Contract implementation Security Revenue optimization Volume optimization Contract implementation Utilization of own employees Personnel / Keep material costs low Profit optimization Optimization of capacity utilization Price-quantity control (Yied Management) Implementation of contracts Customer loyalty Page: 2-45 Page: 2-46 Convention Pre-Trip ... Convention On-Trip ... Travel request Travel request Approval Arrival Waiting time Arrival Budget check Travel information Cost estimate Stay, if necessary, payment of travel services on site Departure Apply for advances Travel booking Fufiment Waiting time Departure MIS Pre-Trip credit card debit Invoice Page: 2-47 Page: 2-48

13 Processing types BTM-Ziee receipts / invoices Approval offsetting of advances check / billing RKAStee booking / payment MIS pre-trip technical check Archiving / receipt management MIS post-trip check / billing of travelers Page: 2-49 BTM-Ziee Corporate Credit Card a decent system versus The open booking concept: Aows business travelers to book via any channe as ong as they meet certain budget and program criteria. Used by arge tech companies, e.g. Googe, Facebook, Enforces poicy without traveer reaizing it User friendy for Gen Y and Digita Natives D2D saves time No more shopping Higher hote attachment rate Understanding of tota trip cost Data avaiabe for reporting Bring your own device (BYOD) Better than traditiona OBTs More attractive & user friendy More choices and content Book what you want or need Persona preferences Needs good source data Transfer data must be of high quaity Need to match individua demands High maintaining costs Less content Loss of contro & preferred suppier deas Loss of managed program benefits No or ess data for reporting avaiabe Waste of time during shopping Duty of care, choices coud not be safe Disregard booking rues Seite: 2-50 Abwickungsarten BTM-Ziee corporate onine booking to deiver fu door-to-door ifneraries in opfons for the recommended, cheapest , greenest and quickest opfons. Processing types The door-to-door concept: conventional post-trip ... Travel expense accounting Company Credit Card Processing types BTM target Corporate Card a central system Synonyms: employee card, employee credit card, waking card, personal credit card, individual credit card. Page: 2-51 Page: 2-52

14 Types of processing BTM target Processing types BTM target Risk Management - Travel Security Aspects: Company Card 1. When do you start to consider the possible crisis situation for your travelers? Hochschue Heibronn 2. Do you know straight away where your travelers are? Example: Pay-as-you-fy (PAF) 3. Have you contacted your travelers who were in the vicinity of the crisis region? 4. Do you always know which instructions you have to give travelers and how to get them out of the dangerous situation? a reee or virtuee card 5. Do you know exactly who is responsible for how your company behaves in a crisis? Synonyms: company travel card, lodge card, lodged card, logocard, debit card, central company credit card, central card, collective card, company card. Page: 2-53 Processing types BTM target Page: 2-54 Risk Management - check list: Travel security: Processing types BTM target Risk Management - check list: Travel security: 1. General: 1. General: 1. Mandate of the management 1 Mandate of the management 2. Reference to the legal / internal company regulations 2. Reference to the legal / internal company regulations 1. The subject of duty of care 1. The subject of duty of care 2. Explanation of the possible consequences 2. Explanation of the possible consequences 2. Before the trip: 2. Before the trip: Booking processes Where / how can I get the useful information Checking the target area Entry requirements Risk diversification Accessibility for Noaäe insurance Health care 3. During the trip: Procedure in crisis areas / Noaapanung Check: 24/7 accessibility Traveer Tracking? Medical Noaäe Page: 2-55 Page: 2-56

15 Risk Management - Check-List: Travel Security: Risk Management - Check-List: Travel Security: 1. General: 1. Mandate of the management 2. Reference to the legal / internal company regulations 2. Before the trip: 3. During the trip: 1 The subject of duty of care 2. Explanation of the possible consequences Information security / data protection AccidenFa expatriate exclude compliance guidelines? 1. General: 1. Mandate of the management 2. Reference to the legal / internal company regulations 2. Before the trip: 3. During the trip: 4. After the trip: 1. The subject of duty of care 2. Explanation of the possible consequences Page: 2 -57 Page: 2-58 Employee responsibility and employee safety What can happen? Employee responsibility and employee safety What can be done? Illness of the employee, but no access to adequate medical care Natural disaster No possibility of evacuating the employees Expat works in an unstable country, unrest breaks out - difficulties in supporting the employee Business trip to a maaria area, the employee does not receive any medical advice before departure. optimal preparation for the target and entry regulations zo regulations health information (vaccinations) / first-aid kit? Future differences and behaviors, etc. Personal protection / private chauffeur It is advisable to use traveer tracking systems here - the destinations of all employees can be set at the push of a button. Page: 2-59 Page: 2-60

16 Types of processing BTM target Processing types BTM target traveler / secretary Travel tea / contract travel agency Localization and communication with travelers in crisis situations Airine Hote Car rental train Other Help in case of loss of passport and wallet Medical solutions for a remote region Page: BTM target The provider of Business Trave Management systems in the DACH region: Page: 2-63 Business Trave Management Controing Travel guidelines Professional of travelers Information Reservation Booking Changes Cancellations Financial accounting Credit card company Internet-based Business Trave Management System GDS / direct interfaces Going well prepared for the trip - dangers of a political nature Processing types Business Trave Management System = Internet Booking Engine Serious issues can also arise: Company data Persona page: 2-62