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Jillian Nataupskyis known for her proven leadership role in the college advisory and college admissions community. Since entering the profession over 11 years ago, she has been an active member of many regional and national student advisory organizations, including the National Association for Study Admissions Advice and the Association of Student Advisors at Independent Schools. She was selected to present at numerous national conferences and share her expertise on competitive college admissions and the best possible support to students throughout the admissions process.

She was the Associate Director of College Counseling at two prestigious boarding schools known for their college placement, the Western Reserve Academy and the Mercersburg Academy. She wore many hats in both schools, including coordinating and overseeing standardized tests, serving in the history faculty, and living in the dormitories. Over the years Jillian has directed the admission of hundreds of students to the most competitive colleges including all of the Ivy League schools, Duke, Stanford, MIT, and Cal Tech to name a few.

Before joining the desk, Jillian worked on admissions at Connecticut College and Ursinus College. For both schools, Jillian read and reviewed applications, attended student selection committee meetings, interviewed students, and participated in all student activities. Her knowledge of the insides of college admissions makes her one of the most desirable members of our team!

Jillian's dedication to higher education and college admission throughout her career enables her to know what colleges are looking for - students who will have an impact on college campuses. Jillian has read thousands of college essays and is able to help students represent themselves authentically through their writing while demonstrating their talents and abilities. She loves helping families with this process and ultimately making it more manageable, less stressful, and, in the end, incredibly rewarding.

After graduating from Connecticut College with degrees in American Studies and Gender and Women's Studies, Jillian earned her Masters in Holocaust and Genocide Studies from Gratz College, Pennsylvania. In addition to her work with International College Counselors, Jillian remains an outside application reader for a competitive college.

Offices: Cleveland, OH; virtual clients

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