What are some deep BTS songs

BTS: Solo Video by V!

Aaaaaah, only 11 more days, then finally the long-awaited new album from BTS out: "Love Yourself: Tear". As a little foretaste and a present for their loyal fans, the “ARMY”, yesterday they released an exclusive music video for the single “Singularity”. And that's pretty special.


V sings solo

Already before the releases of their other albums such as "Love Yourself: Her" released BTS Comeback trailer, with one of the seven K-Pop boys always making his big appearance. This time it was V's turn. He interprets the song "Singularity" in his very special way. Starting with seductive singing to a jazz-influenced melody, it sounds even more emotionally charged, almost desperate, later in the clip. His fantastic voice is accompanied by his equally good dance skills. Together with four background dancers, he dances a choreography that is perfectly matched to the beautiful track, which also includes some elements of the expressive dance style "contemporary". Mega!

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The BTS song has a deep message

According to "Billboard" the BTS-Track again and again on a lake and thus possibly on the Greek myth about Narcissus, the beautiful son of the river god Kephissus. He falls in love with his own reflection that he sees in the lake and therefore dies. The lyrics in the song are roughly "I suddenly run to the lake / My face is in it / But the end of spring will come sometime / the ice will melt and flow away / Tell me if my voice is not real". The white, faceless masks that almost follow him in the video would also fit the theory, as would his interaction with a water surface towards the end of the clip.


Is the solo trailer a clue?

The tracklist for the upcoming album has not yet been fully published. So could it be that the comeback trailer this time is an indication that “Love Yourself: Tear” will also feature solo pieces by RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook? How cool would that be ?!