What was the first Beatles album

The story of the Beatles in a small chronology compiled by Johnny Black


Little Beatles Chronology

7. 7. 1940 Richard Starkey was born at 9 Madryn Street in the Dingle neighborhood of Liverpool.

9. 10. 1940 John Lennon is born at Maternity Hospital on Oxford Street, Liverpool.

18. 6. 1942 Paul McCartney is born at Walton Hospital on Rice Lane, Liverpool.

24. 2. 1943 George Harrison was born at 12 Arnold Grove in the Wavertree neighborhood of Liverpool.

6. 7. 1957 Paul McCartney meets John Lennon as Lennon's group The Quarrymen plays at a garden party in St Peter's Church, Church Road, Woolton, Liverpool. John Lennon: "That was the day, that day, that I met Paul, that's when everything started rolling."

18. 10. 1957 Paul McCartney makes his first appearance with The Quarrymen at New Clubmoor Hall, Norris Green, Liverpool.

6. 2. 1958 George Harrison meets The Quarrymen during a performance at Wilson Hall, Garson, Liverpool.

17. 8. 1960 Under the new name "The Beatles", the band begins a three-month engagement at the Indra Club, Hamburg.

9. 2. 1961 The Beatles make their first appearance at The Cavern in Liverpool.

6. 12. 1961 At a meeting with the Beatles, Liverpool businessman Brian Epstein offers to become their manager. Lennon accepts this proposal on behalf of the group.

1. 1. 1962 The Beatles introduce themselves to Decca Artistic Director Dick Rowe in West Hampstead. Dick Rowe goes down in history with his famous saying: "Go back to Liverpool, Mr. Epstein. Groups with guitars are out."

6. 6. 1962 The Beatles introduce themselves to producer George Martin at EMI, Abbey Road, London. George Harrison: "The other members of the group almost killed me on our first meeting on Abbey Road when George Martin was recording with us. Afterwards, listening to it all over again, he asked," Is there anything you like Don't like it? ". I just looked at him and replied," Well, your tie doesn't fit this start date at all. "And the others were upset:" Oh, no! We're trying to negotiate a record deal here. "But George Martin had a real sense of humor.

18. 8. 1962 Ringo Starr joins the Beatles, playing with them at an Allotment Gardeners Club dance at Hulme Hall, Port Sunlight, Birkenhead, Lancashire.

11. 9. 1962Love me do is picked up, with backup drummer Andy White replacing Ringo. Norman Smith (Engineer): "Ringo had only just joined the group when we met Love me do so we hired someone as a temporary worker. After that it was just Ringo ".

Beatles in first place for the first time

5. 10. 1962Love me do appears in Great Britain as the Beatles' first single.

27. 12. 1962Love me do rises to number 17 in the UK charts.

11. 1. 1963 A second single Please Please Me, is published in the UK.

17. 1. 1963Please Please Me lands at number two on the UK charts.

11. 2. 1963 Her debut album Please Please Me is recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

25. 2. 1963 For the first time a Beatles record is released in the USA: Please Please Me appears on Vee-Jay Records. The name of the group is misspelled on the label: "Beattles".

22. 3. 1963 The debut album Please Please Meappears in the UK. Comment on Please Please Me: "Please Please Me was more primitive than any other Beatles set until its last, the chaotic one let it be. Understandably, it is also the one with the least self-confidence - although the start with the gorgeous 'I Saw Her Standing There' takes one by surprise ".

12. 4. 1963 A new single is out in the UK: From me to you. George Martin: "'With Please Please Me' they showed for the first time that they could write a song. But I wasn't convinced they could do it again. With 'From Me To You' I have my opinion Changed. It was a great song ".

2. 5. 1963 The Beatles make it to number one for the first time From me to you.

11. 5. 1963 The debut album Please Please Me comes number one in the UK.

29. 6. 1963 The first Lennon / McCartney song to hit the US charts is Del Shannon's cover version of From me to you.

18. 7. 1963 The Beatles begin their recordings for the second album With The Beatles.

22. 7. 1963Introducing The Beatles will be released as their first album in the USA.

23. 8. 1963 The fourth single, She loves you, launches in the UK.

12. 9. 1963 For the second time, one of her singles climbs to number one in the UK: She loves you.

16. 9. 1963She loves you appears in the USA.

4. 11. 1963 During a performance at the Prince Of Wales Theater in London, Lennon gave his famous introduction: "We ask that the next number the people in the cheap seats clap. The rest can jingle their jewels". John Lennon: "That show was a bad number ... We were all nervous and tense, no one could play easily. When it was our turn, I joked on stage. I was incredibly nervous, but I really wanted to say something just to be a little rebellious and that was the best I could do ".

22. 11. 1963 The second album, With The Beatles, comes out. Comment on With The Beatles: "With The Beatles is her best work of this early phase and probably her purest pop music LP ever ".

29. 11. 1963 A new single I want to hold your hand comes out in the UK. George Martin: "This was the first single that had more than a million pre-orders. This song hit the charts when She loves you was still number one, and one replaced the other. This was followed by the publication in the USA, with which the big breakthrough came ".

2. 12. 1963 A message is published that I want to hold your hand has already been sold three million times.

14. 12. 1963 The Beatles are the first group in the UK to push themselves off the top of the charts when I want to hold your hand in place of She loves you moves.

26. 12. 1963 In America, Capitol Records had refused to sell the Beatles' previous singles, but they are now taking over I want to hold your hand.

27. 12. 1963 The music critic of the Times, William Mann, describes Lennon and McCartney as "the great composers of 1963".

29. 12. 1963 The music critic of the Sunday Times, Richard Buckle, describes Lennon and McCartney as "the greatest composers since Beethoven".

1. 2. 1964 Brian Epstein informs the Beatles in their suite at the Hotel George V in Paris that they are with I want to hold your hand secured number one on the charts for the first time in the United States. Dezo Hoffman (photographer): "The Beatles were speechless. Even John Lennon was silent. They just sat there on the floor like little children at Papa Epstein's feet".

9. 2. 1964 73 million Americans turn on their televisions to see the Beatles' first appearance on US television on the Ed Sullivan Show. Ed Sullivan: "I've never seen scenes comparable to the chaos caused by their debut. Broadway was overflowing with people across nearly eight blocks. They screamed, screeched, stopped the traffic. It was. It was." Indescribable. There has never been anything like it in show business, and the New York City police were just glad it was never repeated like this ".

15. 2. 1964 From that day on, the US debut album holds Meet The Beatles Top of the US album charts for eleven weeks, and the magazine Billboard announces the Beatles have five songs that are on the rise in the US Hot Hundred and three LPs in the album charts.

29. 2. 1964 album Introducing The Beatles reaches number two in the US album charts and is only from Meet The Beatles kept away from number one.

Beatles haircut costs twice as much

2. 3. 1964 The Beatles leave Paddington Station in London to make their first film, which does not yet have a title.

25. 3. 1964 The Beatles rehearse Can't Buy Me Love for her first television appearance Top Of The Pops.

4. 4. 1964 The magazine Billboard reports that the Beatles now occupy the top five positions in the American charts, with Can't Buy Me Love at the top.

30. 4. 1964 The Beatles are reported to have received a check for $ 140,000 - their share of the profits for the first four months of their Beatles chewing gum.

6. 7. 1964 The premiere of the film A hard day's night.

10. 7. 1964 The album A hard day's night comes on the market. It sells 1.5 million copies in nine days, making it the UK's most successful quick starter. Comment on A hard day's night: "Her first fully self-contained set. 'Can't Buy Me Love', 'You Can't Do That' and 'Things We Said Today' are simply immortal".

23. 7. 1964A hard day's night climbs to number one on the singles chart in Great Britain. George Martin: "The song opened the Beatles 'first film, and you only need to hear a single guitar chord to recognize it. The title came from Ringo. After a particularly exhausting session, he said,' Oh, this was a tough day 'Then he looked at the clock and saw that it was already midnight and he said' That was A hard day's night '".

30. 7. 1964 The album A hard day's night the Beatles is in first place in the US and UK at the same time.

1. 8. 1964 The Beatles rise with it A hard day's night at number one in the US singles chart.

2.9.64 The Daily Telegraph reports that a 14 year old boy in Scotland was forced to sit in a girls class for refusing to have his hair cut. Hairdressers double the cost of a Beatles-style haircut for boys.

4. 9. 1964 The Indonesian government bans the Beatles haircut.

27. 11. 1964 The Beatles publish I feel fine in Great Britain.

4. 12. 1964 The new album Beatles For Sale appears. Comment on Beatles For Sale: "On this fourth LP you can feel a trace of weariness, starting with a certain cynicism in the title and the otherwise unfamiliar hints of bitterness and doubt in the new songs 'I'm A Loser' and 'Baby's In Black' ".

10. 12. 1964 The Beatles rise with it I feel fine number one in the UK.

19. 12. 1964Beatles For Sale climbs to number one in Great Britain and thus displaces A hard day's night.

26. 12. 1964 The Beatles are in the US with I feel fine on the first place.

9. 1. 1965 The album only sold in the US Beatles '65 starts to soar that has kept it at the top of the charts in America for nine weeks.

22. 2. 1965 The Beatles begin shooting a second film in the Bahamas: Help!.

13. 3. 1965 The Beatles are with Eight Days A Week again number one in USA.

13. 4. 1965 At the seventh Grammy Awards ceremony, the Beatles win the award for Best New Artist of 1964. A hard day's night wins in the category "Best Interpretation" of a singing group.

24. 4. 1965 The new number one in Great Britain is called Ticket to Ride.

22. 5. 1965Ticket to Ride is the new number one in the USA.

56,000 fans in New York

14. 6. 1965Yesterday is recorded at Abbey Road Studios. Paul McCartney: "I had a piano by my bed and I must have dreamed it because I stumbled out of bed, put my hands on the piano keys and I had the melody in my head. It was just there, a complete work It was so easy ... "George Martin:" I thought it was a great tune, and I kept saying to Paul, 'You have to write really great lyrics for this because it's such a great melody.' first called it 'Scrambled Eggs' ... "Paul McCartney:" That matched. 'Scrambled eggs, oh my baby how I love your legs.' If you don't have any lyrics yet, and you want to introduce the song to you, then you at least need some lyrics ... "

10. 7. 1965 The album only sold in the US Beatles VI is at the top of the US charts.

29. 7. 1965 The world premiere of the film Help! takes place in the London Pavilion.

7. 8. 1965 The new Beatles single Help! ranks first in the UK. John Lennon: "It was meant seriously - it was reality. The text is still worth as much today as it was then. There is no difference, and I feel very safe knowing that I saw through myself back then. I stood there and sang 'Help!' and it was meant seriously ".

14. 8. 1965 The album Help! is at the top of the charts in the UK. Comment on Help!: "The last absolutely straightforward album they released. There are fantastic moments, like the brilliant 'Ticket To Ride', but also the feeling that there are prefabricated things going on like in the standard productions of 'I' ve Just Seen A Face 'and' The Night Before '".

15. 8. 1965 The largest number of spectators at a rock show to date, 56,000 fans, see the Beatles live at Shea Stadium, New York, from where they started their third US tour. Bob Whitaker (photographer): "The journey to Shea Stadium had to be organized like a military operation. We flew by helicopter from the top of the Pan-Am tower in Manhattan and took them to an armored car from the Wells Fargo company nearby The stadium. This car had no windows and the kids were pounding on it from the outside and rocking it back and forth. The noise was deafening, the screaming and screeching was really terrifying. For a while we really thought the car was going to overturn, all of us pulled out and torn to pieces ". Sid Bernstein (Promoter): "I don't think we paid too much attention to the acoustics, because you couldn't hear too much of what they were singing over the screaming anyway. There was such a blaring and the emotions but being there was everything. For the kids, for everyone we had to do with the concert, it was a historic moment. To be there meant to be part of history ".

27. 8. 1965 The Beatles meet Elvis Presley at his home on Perugia Way in Hollywood. Paul McCartney: "Elvis wasn't a disappointment for us, because when we met him, it was still a great time, we didn't meet him again in the later phase when things went a little downhill with him. He took us to the Door welcomed. What I remember best: With him I saw a remote control for a television for the first time in my life. And he changed channels! We stood there and asked, how do you do it? "

4. 9. 1965Help! of the Beatles reached number one in the US singles chart.

11. 9. 1965 The soundtrack album Help! is now at the top of the US album charts for nine weeks.

12. 9. 1965Yesterday is released in the US as a new Beatles single. In the UK it remains one track in an album.

25. 9. 1965 The Beatles cartoon show on Saturday morning kicks off in the US.

9. 10. 1965Yesterday is now number one in the US for four weeks.

26. 10. 1965 It has become a famous anecdote that the Beatles smoked marijuana in the toilets of Buckingham Palace before receiving the Order of the British Empire.

11. 12. 1965 The new album, Rubber soul, hit the charts in the UK. Comment on Rubber soul: "Rubber soul is great almost everywhere, and it only seems all the more fascinating how these simple pop songs also show their harrowing sides".

Last appearance in Great Britain

18. 12. 1965 The single with the two A-sides Day Tripper / We Can Work It Out becomes the newest number one in the UK. John Lennon: "It (Day Tripper) is just a rock and roll song. Day Trippers are people who go on a day trip, right? Usually by ferry, boat or whatever. But the song kind of came out. .. You're kind of a weekend hippie. Got it? Paul did the first half (of 'We Can Work It Out'). I worked out the middle passage. But Paul wrote very optimistically: 'We can work it out', You understand, and I impatiently: 'Life is very short and there's no time for fussing and fighting my friend' ".

3. 1. 1966Rubber Soul is number one in the USA.

8. 1. 1966We Can Work It Out is the new number one single in the USA.

21.1. 1966 George Harrison marries model Patti Boyd in Epsom.

4. 3. 1966 The London Evening Standard publishes an interview in which John Lennon declares, "Christianity is finished. It will go down and go. I needn't argue about that. I'm right, and it will turn out to be right. We are better known now as Jesus Christ".

25. 3. 1966 The cover photo for the infamous "Butcher" album was created by photographer Robert Whitaker. It shows the band disguised as butchers holding their axes, amidst dolls without heads and lumps of meat.

1. 5. 1966 The Beatles will be performing live in Great Britain for the last time at the concert of the winners of the New Musical Express (1966) at Wembley Stadium.

24. 6. 1966 The Beatles' last world tour begins in the Circus Krone building in Munich.

25. 6. 1966 The Beatles reach number one in both the UK and the US at the same time Paperback Writer.

5. 7. 1966 In Manila, Philippines, the Beatles are attacked by angry masses after they have unintentionally snubbed President Marcos' wife by rejecting an invitation to a party.

30. 7. 1966 The album only released in the USA Yesterday ... And Today reaches number one in the US but is immediately taken off the market for its gruesome artwork, the "Butcher Cover".

31. 7. 1966 When news of John Lennon's "better known than Jesus" claim finally reached America (in March), DJs organized public stakes to burn Beatles records.

3. 8. 1966 After the anti-Beatles demonstrations in America, the Beatles records are banned in South Africa.

5. 8. 1966 The Beatles' new album will be released in Great Britain, revolver. Comment on revolver: "Almost all fourteen tracks are exceptional: revolver freed pop music from the restrictions of beat music; at the same time it triggered a deluge of enthusiastic ego trips and miserable poetry, from which rock music has never really recovered ".

10. 8. 1966 The Beatles record ban has had a side effect on the stock market: Capitol Records' stock has fallen dramatically in value.

11. 8. 1966 When the band arrives in the USA, a press conference is called in Chicago as soon as possible. John Lennon tries to explain that his remark that the Beatles are now better known than Jesus Christ was taken out of context.

12. 8. 1966 The fourth and final tour of the Beatles through the USA begins at the International Amphitheater in Chicago. Paul McCartney: "I remember being scared a lot. When we were waiting for an armored car to take us to our heavily guarded hotel rooms, I thought to myself, 'I don't want to do this to myself any longer'".

13. 8. 1966revolver topped the UK album charts.

18. 8.1966 The single with two A-sides Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby climbs to number one in the UK.

Sgt. Pepper conquers the charts

29. 8. 66 The Beatles have their very last concert together in Candlestick Park, San Francisco. George Harrison: "We were kind of relieved after that concert in Candlestick Park. Before one of the last numbers we actually set up this camera - I think it had a 'fish-eye', a lens with a very wide angle. We have it on put the amplifier on, Ringo came off his drums and we stood with our backs to the audience posing for a picture because we knew this was the last show ". Alf Bicknell (driver): "After the show I was sitting on a sofa with George in the cloakroom, and John just said: 'Well, that's it then'".

9. 11. 1966 John Lennon meets avant-garde artist Yoko Ono at the Indica Art Gallery in London, and her exhibits included a fresh apple and a wooden board.

24. 11. 1966 The inclusion of the Sgt. Pepper Albums begins at Abbey Road Studios.

6. 2. 1967 The Beatles sign a new nine-year deal with EMI Records, announcing that the group has sold 180 million records in less than five years.

17. 2. 1967Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever is released as a single in the UK.

11. 3. 1967 It is announced that Lennon and McCartney's song Yesterday has produced the largest number of cover versions of all time: 446 recordings by different artists.

18. 3. 1967Penny Lane ranks number one in the USA.

30. 3. 1967 The collage by artist Peter Blake of Heroes of the Beatles, which was used for the record sleeve of Sgt. Pepper Album created is photographed by Michael Cooper in Chelsea, London. Wendy Hanson (Brian Epstein's personal assistant): "I spent hours and a lot of money on phone calls to the US. Fred Astaire was very nice; Shirley Temple wanted to hear the record first; I got along with Marlon Brando just fine, but Mae West wanted to know what she was doing in a Lonely Hearts Club ".

15. 5. 1967 Paul McCartney meets American photographer Linda Eastman for the first time in a London nightclub. "I saw this blonde woman walking across the room and I liked her," Paul later recalled. They go out of the club together.

27. 5. 1967A Day In The Life is not shown on BBC television because of its drug references.

1.6.67 The new album Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band appears. Comment on Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: "Musicians still feel taken by surprise by it, listeners are still fascinated, critics still argue whether Revolver wasn't a little better after all. It doesn't matter. Sgt. Pepper remains the record on which the reputation of the British Pop music justifies ".

3. 6. 1967Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band topped the UK album charts for 22 weeks.

25.6.67 The Beatles present their new single All you need is love in Great Britain on the first global television broadcast Our World the BBC.

1. 7. 1967Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is number one on the album charts in the USA.

22. 7. 1967All you need is love rises to number one on the singles chart in Great Britain.

24. 7. 1967 The Times publishes a full-page ad campaigning for marijuana legalization, signed by all four Beatles and many other famous people.

19. 8. 1967All you need is love climbs to number one in the USA.

27. 8. 1967 Brian Epstein dies of a drug overdose at his home in Chapel Street, Belgravia.

27. 11. 1967The Magical Mystery Tour is released in the UK (and will later be released as an album in the US). Comment on The Magical Mystery Tour: "In the States, this was repackaged as a full album, adding a few A and B sides from that phase - 'Hello Goodbye', 'Penny Lane', 'Strawberry Fields Forever', 'Baby You're A Rich Man 'and' All You Need Is Love '- a confused compilation, which is simply because of the line' semolina pilchard climbing up the Eiffel Tower '(' the semolina sardine that climbs up the Eiffel Tower ') worth their money ".

25. 12. 1967 Paul McCartney and actress Jane Asher announce their engagement, but that news is reserved only for family members and close friends.

26. 12. 1967 The film Magical Mystery Tour The Beatles is broadcast on the BBC and receives almost unanimous bad reviews.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

30. 12. 1967Hello goodbye reaches number one in the singles charts in the USA.

10. 2. 1968 The Beatles are moving all of their business affairs from Brian Epstein's company NEMS to their newly formed company Apple. Alistair Taylor (Director of Apple): "Apple was founded solely to save taxes. Instead of paying 19.6 shillings for every pound, we only paid sixteen shillings". Derek Taylor (Beatles PR Manager): "We never billed us, but we rolled joints for our guests and for ourselves all day long ... and hundreds of people roamed our rooms ... Ken Kesey wanted to speak. Or a Joe Smith or Mo Ostin from Warner Bros. wanted to say, “Hello.” “Take her into the back room, Ringo. Roll them a joint.” Lauren Bacall is downstairs, wants to see you guys A lot of fun people ".

29. 2. 1968 Four Grammies are for Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band presented.

30. 3. 1968 With Lady Madonna The Beatles are number one in Great Britain.

30. 5. 1968 The recording work begins for the double album The Beatles, it is called under the name The White Album known.

1. 7. 1968 John Lennon publicly declares his love for Yoko Ono at the opening of his first art exhibition in London.

17. 7. 1968 The film is witnessed in the presence of John, Paul and George Yellow Submarine its premiere at the Pavilion in London.

20. 7. 1968 Jane Asher announces the termination of her engagement to Paul McCartney. July 30, 68, when the Beatles close their unsuccessful Apple boutique and give everything away to passers-by, a naked female doll is finally handed over, it bears the label "For the attention of John Lennon".

22. 8. 1968 Cynthia files a divorce suit against John Lennon for adultery. She had returned from a vacation trip and found that Yoko Ono lived in her London domicile.

30. 8. 1968 Apple Records released an initial series of four UK singles, including Hey Jew heard by the Beatles.

11. 9. 1968 With seven minutes and ten seconds becomes Hey jew the longest single recording to date, ranking number one in the UK.

28. 9. 1968Hey jew will remain at the top of the US singles charts for nine weeks starting today.

1. 11. 1968 George Harrison published in the UK Wonderwall, the first solo album by a Beatles - later a suggestion for a song title by Oasis.

8. 11. 1968 Cynthia Lennon is divorced from John Lennon.

11. 11. 1968 John Lennon and Yoko Ono release their album Two Virgins, on the cover of which they are shown naked.

21. 11. 1968 The Beatles release the double LP named after them, generally as The White Album known. Comment to this: "Like almost every double album later that is White album a record longer than it should be. But if you take away its weaker parts - the unreasonably long 'Revolution 9' in the first place, gap fillers like 'Rocky Raccoon', 'Wild Honey Pie' and the clumsy 'Me And My Monkey' - then there are still a lot of brilliant ones Beatles spots on this disheveled musical patchwork carpet ".

"The police will arrest you"

25. 11. 1968The White Album appears in the USA.

7. 12. 1968The White Album ranks number one in the UK.

9. 12. 1968 Newsweek reports that The White Album one million copies were sold within five days of sales.

23. 12. 1968 There is a celebration for the employees' children and friends in the Apple Building in London. John and Yoko both appear as Santa Clauses.

28. 12. 1968The White Album reaches number one in the USA.

2. 1. 1969 While police in Newark, New Jersey received a shipment of the "pornographic" Lennon / Ono album Two Virgins confiscated, filming begins for let it be at Twickenham Film Studios.

10. 1. 1969 George Harrison leaves the Beatles during a lunch break at Twickenham Film Studios. He returns that same evening.

17. 1. 1969 The soundtrack album Yellow Submarine appears. Comment: "Yellow Submarine is actually not a real Beatles album - the happy title track can be heard three years earlier on Revolver, there is the single 'All You Need Is Love' from 1967, and the entire second half is the background music of George Martin's film music, leaving four (new) songs, mostly remnants from the recording work for The Magical Mystery Tour".

30. 1. 1969 The Beatles will be performing together in public for the last time - a free lunch break on the roof of Apple Records in London. Alan Parsons (Sound Engineer): "To see the Beatles play together and get a direct response from the people around them, five cameras on the roof, cameras on the other side of the street, in the middle of the street, it was just amazing .. . a magical, enchanting day ". Paul McCartney: "Our technician, Mal, came sneaking up trying not to get caught by the camera and said, 'The police are already protesting. You have to stop'. We said, 'We're not going to stop! Go on,' and he came back and said, 'The police are going to arrest you'. A great way to end our film, just leave them! Wasn't that great? ". Jean Nisbet: "It was all very friendly and despite the whining of the screaming girls suddenly everything stopped - and the West End returned to work. Neither of us was aware that we had just seen the last performance of the Beatles."

Lennon wants to leave the Beatles

3. 2. 1969 The American entrepreneur Allen Klein takes control of the Beatles' finances against Paul McCartney's will.

4. 2. 1969 In response to Klein's appointment, McCartney has named Eastman and Eastman as general manager of Apple Records. This company is owned by the father of McCartney's girlfriend, Linda Eastman.

12. 3. 1969 Paul McCartney marries Linda Eastman at the Marylebone Registry Office.

20. 3. 1969 John Lennon marries Yoko Ono in Gibraltar.

11. 4. 1969 The new single Get back appears in the UK.

26. 4. 1969Get back instantly hits number one on the UK charts.

24. 5. 1969Get back creates number one in the USA.

26. 5. 1969 John and Yoko embark on a 10-day World Peace Bed-In at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal.

30. 5. 1969 The Beatles release Lennon's autobiographical single The Ballad Of John and Yoko in Great Britain.

31. 5. 1969 On the last day of their bed-in in Montreal, John and Yoko take Give Peace A Chance on.

12. 6. 1969The Ballad Of John And Yoko ranks number one in the UK.

12. 7. 1969The Ballad Of John and Yoko is banned by half of the top Forty FM radio stations in America because of the phrase "Christ, you know it ain't easy," which is considered blasphemy.

13. 9. 1969 On the plane to Toronto, where the Plastic Ono Band is supposed to give a rock and roll revival concert, John Lennon makes a terrifying announcement. John Lennon: "I told Eric Clapton and Klaus (Voorman) that I was leaving the Beatles, but that I would like to use them as a group one day. I wasn't sure what I was going to do - a constant new one Have a group or what ... "

22. 9. 1969 University of Illinois newspaper Northern Star published rumor that Paul McCartney is dead, puts notices on the cover of the Sgt. Pepper Album and at the end of the song "Strawberry Fields Forever" adds the words "I buried Paul" ("I buried Paul".

26. 9. 1969 As Abbey Road appears, the cover photo with Paul, barefoot and in black, causes more rumors of his disappearance. Comment on this: "Abbey Road has been revolver (1966) the best achievement of this group and is actually a work in which everything fits together better than in Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)".

"I don't believe in the monarchy and in titles"

1. 10. 1969Abbey Road appears in the USA.

4. 10. 1969Abbey Road is now at the top of the charts in Great Britain for eleven weeks.

6. 10. 1969 The Beatles release a single with two A-sides: Something / Come Together. For the first time a George Harrison song is on the A-side of a Beatles single.

8. 10. 1969Abbey Road comes to number one in the UK album charts.

20. 10. 1969 Bring John and Yoko The Wedding Album on the market.

22. 10. 1969 Paul McCartney publicly denies any rumors that he is dead.

1. 11. 1969 The album Abbey Road the Beatles becomes number one in the US and stays in that place for eleven weeks.

25. 11. 1969 John Lennon causes scandal when he returns the MBE medal in protest against British military interference overseas. John Lennon: "I was embarrassed. It was humiliating. I don't believe in monarchy and titles".

29. 11. 1969Come Together / Something is number one in the US singles charts.

26. 1. 1970 John Lennon writes and takes Instant karma on one day together with producer Phil Spector.

6. 2. 1970 John Lennon releases his new single Instant karma in Great Britain.

14. 3. 1970 The last Beatles single let it be hits the charts in the UK.

21. 3. 1970 No other single has entered the US singles charts as high as it does in its first week let it be: It reached sixth place straight away.

10. 4. 1970 Paul McCartney's press release about his first solo debut album is interpreted by the press as wanting to leave the Beatles. Paul McCartney: "I never wanted to say with this announcement that I was going to quit. It was all a misunderstanding. When I saw the headlines, I just thought, for God's sake, what have I done? Now we're ready. Me didn't leave the Beatles - the Beatles left me but nobody wants to be the one to say the party's over ".

"I had to bring the other Beatles to court"

11. 4. 1970let it be of the Beatles reached number one in the singles chart in the USA.

17. 4. 1970 Paul McCartney releases his debut solo album McCartney.

8. 5. 1970 The Beatles bring their album let it be out in the UK. Commentary: "There's a top-notch Beatles song or two here - Paul McCartney's title track, John Lennon's 'Across The Universe, Get Back' with its easygoing rock on top of a roof - but it's like the movie too the LP let it be a rather confused snapshot of the Beatles in the first phase of their disintegration. You had one last real breath in you, and that was Abbey Road. A wonderful way to go ".

23. 5. 1970let it be reached the top of the UK album charts.

13. 6. 1970 The Beatles reach number one in the USA with The Long And Winding Road.

27. 11. 1970 George Harrison brings out a box with his three records All Things Must Pass.

26. 12. 1970 George Harrison is the first of the Beatles to bring one of his solo hits to number one in the USA: My sweet lordcreates this record.

31. 12. 1970Paul McCartney takes legal action to disband the Beatles. Paul McCartney: "I had to take the other Beatles to court. And I feel very guilty about it.But tell me what you would have done if all of the revenue you've ever made - and it was practically all of the Beatles' revenue, a large sum, everything we got up to about 'Hey Jude' earned - disappears into someone else's pockets. The guy I'm talking about is Allen Klein. He had spent five million pounds in the first year he managed the Beatles. So I smelled the roast and thought: five million in a year? How long will it be before he has it all wasted? And I said, 'Well, I definitely want to get out of here. I will bring this little one to justice '. They said: 'You can't, because he's not our contractual partner at all'. Then I realized that I had to indict the Beatles. "Ringo Starr:" Yes, I was one of the Beatles. Yes, we made some great records together. Yeah i love these guys. But that's the end of the story ".

Johnny Black