Why don't cats like mice?

What to do if the cat brings birds and mice

You can close the cat flap overnight. The cat gets used to it. It is typical for cats that although they hunt outside, they eat their prey in safety at home. If you want to avoid this, you can put a bell around the cat so that the mice and birds are warned. However, some cats learn to be so still that the bell doesn't ring. The bells are provided with a collar that will tear if it gets stuck somewhere.

Cat flap closed overnight is only initially stress for the animal

If the flap is closed at night, the cat gets used to it relatively quickly. It means a bit of stress at first because it is unfamiliar. However, it should not take longer than two, three days or a maximum of a week for the animal to adjust to it.

Animals get used to bells

The little bell around the neck is certainly initially unpleasant, comparable to the one when we wear glasses; we have to get used to it. And just as the cat gets used to it.

Prey animals are not a "gift" to humans

It is a misconception that it is a gift to humans when cats bring birds or mice into the house. The real reason, as already said, is that cats will eat safely at home, even if they prey outside.

If the cats can only go outside when they are one year old or older and then have the first opportunity to hunt, they have not learned to kill, even if the hunting behavior is innate. In that case, they bring the prey home alive. This is not a "gift", it is simply in the nature of the cat.

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