Did they kill baby Yoda?

Star Wars star settles with Baby Yoda: The Mandalorian darling is a lousy cheater

The Mandalorian fans forgive Baby Yoda many a misstep because of the cute face. But now the fun is over, says Star Wars star Daisy Ridley.

We need to talk about "Baby Yoda" Grogu. Not that I didn't have a crush on the funny The Mandalorian Knuffbert from episode 1 - you need a card to find out what your eyes are. But the fact that many Star Wars fans simply forgive him for his serial murder in The Mandalorian Season 2 because of the cute appearance goes against the grain. I smell a very wrong stitch there. And Rey actress Daisy Ridley smells too, as she recently proved in an interview.

Star Wars heroine: Baby Yoda cheats in The Mandalorian

Not very good on Baby Yoda: Daisy Ridley as Rey

Since Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens, Ridley has been struggling as Rey for fan approval. She impresses Han Solo, treats Luke Skywalker and grills the Emperor. But before it even gets within reach of the laurels it deserves, a green wimp named Grogu comes along via Disney +, occasionally heals a few abrasions and is immediately a favorite of all Star Wars disciples. As she has now revealed to the Fandom site, Ridley is slowly getting the faxes thick from his daredevil quizzes.

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"Pay attention: Baby Yoda is extremely powerful, but he is almost a cheat too", she gives way to her pent up frustration. She explains:

He's so cute that whatever he does, you'll only respond with 'Awwwwww'. I am a person, I don't get anything like that. I think he has it a lot easier as a power healer because he's Baby Yoda. We're both talented there. But he's got a head start because he's so cute.
The sick face of evil: Grogu

Exactly, Daisy, let it out. Your brave move will sooner or later collapse Baby Yoda's perverse charade. But that's not nearly enough - Grogu is just one of the cute faces behind what I'm going to do that "Star Wars cuddling problem" want to call.

Star Wars has a huge problem: Baby Yoda's cheating is just the tip of the iceberg

That the green bundle of joy, in spite of its offenses, keeps getting the Affection of the fans creeps, is namely not an isolated case. It was only recently announced that fan favorite and cuddly furball Chewbacca only came close to escaping justice for his Star Wars 8 massacre. The whole thing is a Star Wars-wide cuddle conspiracy up to the highest circles.

Ever since unscrupulous Ewoks in The Return of the Jedi lustful attacked unsuspecting stormtroopers, strolling candy has been trying to distract us from questionable moral decisions until we drooling after bulging eyes and fur like Pavlovian dogs. With the takeover by the family company Disney, this tendency only picked up pace more relentlessly. Where should it end?

Where is the Star Wars cuddly conspiracy headed?

Star Wars 8 massacre: Chewbacca with one of his innocent victims

With bounty hunter teddy bears in Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett? Will the dangerous sand people in Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi cuddle their enemies to death? Who knows. Daisy Ridley's frank words are a start. And Baby Yoda will hopefully be by The Mandalorian season 3 read the riot act by Luke Skywalker - after all, he likes to attack his students with a lightsaber when they don't notice.

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