What are good sexy Netflix movies

Porn? These 7 Netflix films are guaranteed to get you in the mood just as quickly

Why porn when Netflix and "chill" also go?


But good news, we don't even have to scour the world's porn sites to get in a horny mood. No, a look at the is actually enough for that Netflix streaming list.

Because there are actually a few films waiting for us that could easily compete with porn. Ultra hot and still with a bit of depth in the story. And he can sometimes make things really HOT, right ?! πŸ”₯

And so that you can now get a little taste of the "Porn" treasures Your trusted streaming service will be followed by a small selection. So sit back, relax and enjooooooy ...

These Netflix movies are guaranteed to make you sweat:

1. 365 DNI

Okay guys. HOTTER doesn't work. πŸ”₯ And if you don't believe us, ask Twitter. There brings "365 DNI" namely just the hut to quake. SO hot are the sex scenes in the Polish erotic film that has recently been streamed on Netflix.

By the way, the focus of the movie is the story of Mafia boss Massimo (a pretty sexy guy by the way), who kidnaps the young businesswoman Laura to give her a year to fall in love with him. Yeah, this story is toxic and questionable AF ... and yet you can't help but get horny with the scenes. 😏

2. Newness

Today love stories start with a swipe to the right. Just like Gabi and Martin in"Newness" also (although in her case it starts more with a small heart). The two get to know each other - logically - through a dating app, fall head over heels in love and quickly go through the first phases of an exciting new liaison.Butterflies in the stomach, sex, intimate togetherness ...

Until that is no longer enough for them and they want MORE. New adventures, with new partners. A classic one open relationship just.

But does that work?And what they experience (😏)? Well, find out! πŸ˜‰

3. Amar

The first great love. Everything is new, exciting and super intense. This is exactly how Laura (played by "Elite" star MarΓ­a Pedraza) and Carlos experience their relationship. They want to feel everything and love each other every day (mentally and physically, as the trailer makes it easy to see jeden) as if it were their last. But it quickly becomes clear that this idealized idea does not work ... and reality is not that sparkling.

All in all, the film is definitely not permanent porn, but there are still a few hot, very intimate scenes to be seen. 😜 Ah, and please don't let the trailer in Spanish put you off. At Netflix you can watch β€œAmar” in a relaxed manner in German or English.

4. Blue is a warm color

AdΓ¨le is 15. She is still in school when she realizes that she is attracted to women. And especially to the art student Emma, ​​with whom she without further ado a passionate liaison begins.

And to anticipate that directly: Yes, there is sex to be seen in "blue is a warm color". Lots of sex. If we looked right, about 8 minutes of passionate licking, sucking and bouncing through the bed between the two girls. Scenes in which you really have to ask yourself briefly whether all of this is played or is real. Well, just decide for yourself. Here's a short excerpt. 😏

5. Duck butter

Naima and Sergio get to know each other at night in a bar and spend a hot night together. πŸ’₯πŸ”₯ An ONS that turns into a even hotter experiment developed. After the two ladies talk about how dissatisfied they were in their previous relationships, they promptly decide to spend the next 24 hours together - and to sleep together once every hour.

A tight program, we would say. 😜 How will the sex marathon end? Make yourself comfortable, light a candle, and find out. 😏

6. Shame

"Shame" is all about one thing: SEX ADDICTION! Brandon is a successful New York businessman who from one sexual escapade to the next falls. Then he feels shame ("Shame", you know πŸ˜‰) and immediately looks for the next kick. When his mentally unstable sister Sissy suddenly appears, his and her life gets more and more out of control ...

In "Shame" there is not only sex, but also a lot of drama on top.

7. Rocco

So, and because we're here already from hot movies aka half porn talk, we come to a film, a documentary, ABOUT aporn, or a porn veteran rather (how appropriate 😜). Because "Rocco" is about the legendary "Italian stallion"Rocco Siffredi.A porn star whose looks, charisma and (shhh) his big penis (23 centimeters, we'll repeat 23 centimeters) became a real mega-star in the industry. πŸ†πŸ‘€πŸ˜…

If that's not one hell of a, uh, good reason to watch the movie, isn't it?


Huiiii, all right ... we'll go cool down then. πŸ˜…