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It is eaten according to plan. 20 dietary rules are followed. The basic program lasts four weeks and can be continued with a fixed menu for each week.

☞ This is the skinny diet. It comes from US fitness trainer Bob Harper (TV coach for "The Biggest Loser").

Important: The rules should be integrated into everyday life after the diet.

Many of the skinny rules seem banal at first glance, but that is precisely why they can be implemented in the long term. Followers of the program find this very effective.

► There are four to five meals a day.

► Important: The menus are different for women and men.

► Men take in 2000 calories a day, women only 1300.

In addition, vegetables and fruits are essential, sugar, sweeteners, potatoes and white flour products are eliminated entirely. Lots of water, unsweetened tea and coffee are consumed.

The 20 rules ensure that you eat a diet rich in vitamins, fiber and protein. Particularly important: Proteinsthat should be included in every meal and carbohydrates that should be reduced and no longer consumed after lunch.

What else does Bob Harper advise?

► A large glass of water must be drunk before every meal. This increases the feeling of satiety and gives the body the necessary fluids for the upcoming food intake.

► There are no more carbohydrates after lunch. Carbohydrates leave the body more
insulin produce what stimulates the appetite. So that there are no hunger pangs in the evening and thus extra calories are absorbed, there are no or hardly any carbohydrates after lunch, especially sugar.

► Every meal must contain protein. Bob Harper swears by protein in every form, but especially that made from fish. The valuable omega-3 fatty acids it contains are good for cholesterol, blood pressure and reduce inflammatory reactions in the body. Egg white is the perfect means to keep you full for a long time. It is naturally also contained in high doses in eggs, as well as in chicken, turkey, pork and beef.

Fast food, ready meals and fried meals are being completely eliminated. At least ten meals a week have to be cooked by yourself. Ready-made meals usually contain far too much salt, which disrupts the electrolyte balance. Fried foods contain “bad” fats that harm the body instead of nourishing it.

► Apples and berries must be on the menu every day. Why? These types of fruit contain a particularly large number of phytochemicals that have a strong anti-inflammatory effect and optimally support digestion.

You need to eat 30 to 50 grams of fiber per day. Dietary fiber is fiber that is not broken down during digestion, but rather remains in the intestine for a long time, where it helps with digestion and keeps the feeling of hunger at bay. Carrots, cabbage, beans and whole grain products are particularly rich in fiber.

What does Harper's plan promise?

The skinny diet explicitly aims to train participants in new eating habits.

Because Bob Harper trains obese people on the show "The Biggest Loser", the program is designed for people who are overweight in the medical sense and who want to permanently change their diet and lifestyle.

Lose weight to a healthy level and then stay slim and healthy with the rules of the program!

How much exercise do you need?

“I was convinced that I could train others to do anything by exercising. But training without a diet is not enough, ”writes skinny author and fitness coach Bop Harper. He cites various studies that show that only little weight is lost through exercise. Therefore, exercise is of secondary importance for the skinny diet.

Good to know: The skinny diet is aimed at people who have a high level of discipline, like to grapple with nutritional principles and are generally willing to change their diet.

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