How popular is Got7

20 facts about Got7

It was just such an idea. If you still want facts from other groups, just write it in the comments and I'll do it again: 3


I translated the facts from an English Wattpad book. But better not ask me which one. I have no plan ^^ '

1. Jinyoung is the mother of the group because he takes the best care of all members.

2. JB chose Jackson as the most popular member among the ladies.

3. Mark is pretty shy. He once said that if he was in front of a girl he wouldn't get a word out.

4. At their first fan meeting, BamBam kissed some fans on the cheek.

5. Jackson was once depressed and considered leaving the group and continuing with fencing.

6. Yugyeom is an underground dancer

7. Jinyoung has good aegyo because he has two older sisters.

8. Mark was approached by a JYP staff while he was talking to friends at his school during lunch.

9. JB started talking to himself with body language because there are a lot of foreign trainees at JYP.

10. In an interview, everyone voted Mark as the best looking. Only Jackson chose himself. (That's ma booy ~)

11. Mark chose JB as the member who is always there to punish others.

12. Yugyeom was trained to do tricks and jumps. But once, when he was a trainee, he was injured and is now a little hindered in doing it.

13. Youngjae claimed that JB had the most experience with women.

14. Jinyoung has the most beautiful underwear xD

15. Youngjae sings in her sleep.

16. If JB were a girl he wouldn't date anyone from Got7. He'd rather stay single.

17. Got7 says Yugyeom is like a robot. Whenever he goes down the stairs to get into the studio, he dances.

18. Mark played volleyball in high school and is a good swimmer.

19. Mark often bites his lip when focused or nervous.

20. Your favorite midnight snacks are chicken, ramen, pizza and hamburgers.


So ~ that's it ~ I hope you enjoyed it: 3