What IPTV has local channels

100 local internet providers will also be able to offer IPTV in the future

Television via IPTV: There could be many new providers soon
Photo: dpa The members of the Breko industry association will be able to offer their customers IPTV services much more easily in the future. The association, which now includes more than 100 regional and local suppliers, has set up a purchasing community for this purpose. This negotiates the contracts with the suppliers and offers the product to the member companies. These providers in turn can then implement IPTV for their customers under their own name, provided that they have prepared their networks for the service.

The wholesale agreements were negotiated and signed with framework agreements with the three IPTV providers Eutelsat visAvision (KabelKiosk), Mygate Management AG [link removed] and ropa Television. The IPTV wholesale products that are available to the member companies of Breko each include signal reception, signal provision, encryption and, to a large extent, rights management. The necessary hardware can be obtained directly from the IPTV providers. Features of the IPTV packages are - depending on the provider - a large HD offer, multiscreen, video on demand as well as various foreign language packages and pay TV offers.

End customer products will follow in a few weeks

Television via IPTV: There could soon be many new providers
Photo: dpa Concrete products and statements as to which providers will offer IPTV under which conditions do not yet exist. The local providers now have to calculate their own conditions for the end customers based on the possible purchasing conditions, make preparations in their own network and enable a booking. So it will probably be a few more weeks before the first products are available.

For providers who often set up and expand their own fiber optic networks, the option of offering IPTV is a useful addition to the previous Internet and telephone services. With IPTV, sales can be increased for providers. At the same time, customers can use their fast line for television or video-on-demand services and no longer need a satellite dish for most broadcasters. As a rule, however, special channels such as Sky Deutschland cannot be received via these small IPTV service providers. The way through the purchasing community makes it possible for the smaller providers to offer IPTV in the first place. If 100 carriers had to negotiate with the various broadcasters, it would drag on for months or years and would cost too much, especially for medium-sized providers.

We presented a small selection of providers who lay VDSL and real fiber optic connections in Germany in a series of pictures at the end of January. Some of them are also organized in the Breko. It is conceivable that some of these providers will also offer IPTV in the future.