Was Lord Hanuman a Muslim

Who was more powerful? Rama or Hanuman? [closed]

This Sloka about Hanuman captures Hanuman's abilities very well:

Manojavam Maruthu thulya vegam

Jitendriyam Buddhi mathaam varishtam

Vadhaatmajam Vanara Yoodha Mukhyam

Sri Rama Dhootham Sharanam Prapatye *

For the one who is as quick as wind and mind, The one who is a master of the senses, The one who is the best among the intelligent, The son of Vayu, the lord of the wind, The one who is a leader of the Vanara, s The messenger of Lord Rama, I offer my devotion to him.

The Sloka captures many of Hanuman's attributes, ironically revered in the modern world: 1. Speed ​​2. Self-control 3. Intelligence 4. Ancestry 5. Leadership

The last line, however, captures Rama's fame.

What makes Hanuman a great devotee is that, having been endowed with all these highest qualities, he offered and be in the service of Lord Rama Was a messenger . Ravana had more knowledge than Rama, but what was the use, his lack of mastery over himself brought his fate.

Rama was more powerful because he could command the love of Hanuman who had the strength of body and ability and could redirect them to the establishment of the Dharma. The ultimate power is the power to inspire people with love.