Has Lord Krishna worshiped Lord Shiva

Why are sons of Lord Shiva & Devi Parvati only worshiped?

These sons / daughters of other gods / goddesses are also worshiped:

  • Aiyappa - Son of Mohini (Avatar of Lord Vishnu) and Lord Shiv

  • Yam - Son of Surya / sun god

  • Yami or Yamuna River - daughter of Surya / sun god

  • Shani - Son of Surya / sun god

  • Daksha - son of Lord Brahma

  • The sons of the goddess Laxmi

  • Narad - son of Lord Brahma

  • Lord Brahma's sons who are in Saptarisis are included

  • Hanuman - Son of Vayu / wind god, however Lord Hanumanaji himself is regarded as Rudravtar

  • Ashvins or Ashwini Kumaras - sons of Surya / sun god

Also, not all sons of Lord Shiv are worshiped:

Andhaka (son of Lord Shiv) is notorious.

Actually posts are worshiped and so is the one who holds the post. Ganesh (Head of Ganas, also known as Ganapati) is the pre-eminent post or Aadi Kaal (hence regarded as one of the Aadi Devas) from the beginning and must be worshiped before any other god.

Even according to Ramcharitmanas, Lord Shiv and Goddess Parvati worshiped Ganesh at the time of their marriage:

मुनी अनुसासन गनपतिहि पूजेउ संभु भवानी। कोउ सुनी संसय करै जानी सुर अनादि जिए जानी ।।

According to Shiv Purana (1.2.109):

There were different ganeshas in different kalpas. During the time of 'Shweta-Kalp', Ganesha was born to Shiva and Parvati when they went to Mount Kailash shortly after their marriage.

Kartikey is venerated because he became commander in chief or general of the army of the gods.

Similarly, sons of Surya, Yam , Shani and Ashvins (or Ashwini Kumaras) widely revered because they have prominent titles such as God of Death, God of Justice and Physicians of the Gods. Daksha and Narad , Sons of Lord Brahma who took the title Prajapati or. Wearing devrishi, are also venerated.

Each manvantar is made by one Manu dominated (one post, no name). In the present Kalpa, six manvantaras have already passed and the names of the six ruling manus were Svayambhu, Svarochish, Uttam, Tamas, Raivat and Chakshush. The name of the seventh manu who rules the seventh manvantar of the present Kalpa is Vaivasvat . The titles of the seven great sages (Saptarishi) as well as the title of Indra change from Manvantar to Manvantar. In the current Manvantar is called Indra Puranadar . In the next manvantar these items will be changed, e.g. B. by the grace of Lord Vishnu, Virochan's son Bali will occupy the throne of Indra (according to Vishnu Puran).

Even Bali ( Son of an Ashur ) becomes Indra (worthy of worship) in the next Manvantar. It really doesn't matter whose sons are adored and whose sons are not. Everyone who holds the title / post is venerated, regardless of whether they are the son of a more powerful god or an asura. If he does not hold a post / title is not venerated, he is also the son of a more powerful god (e.g. Karna, Son of Surya / sun god ). Originally described as the chief of evil spirits in texts from the Vedic period, received Kubera later the title "God of Wealth," and then he was worshiped. In later texts such as the Puranas and the epics he is depicted as a demigod.

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I am not sure if Daksha, Aswini Kumaras are worshiped. But people usually pray navagrahas.


@ TheDestroyer Ashwini Kumaras are adored. Many richas in the Rigveda are dedicated to them. Daksha became Prajapati for some time. There are two lists for 33 Koti (type) Devas, 12 Aditya, 8 Vasus, 11 Rudras but are common one list contains 2 Ashwini Kumaras and another one Prajapati and Indra ...

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I said I'm not sure they are worshiped by today's Hindus.