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Special K: Top 10 Korean Movies on Netflix

Korea is currently very popular and so not only K-Pop and especially maudlin K-Dramas have now found their way to Germany, but also film productions of all kinds.

Oscar winner Bong Joon-ho recently demonstrated that these are of a very high artistic quality with his film "Parasite", which was the first Korean film ever to receive an Oscar. But also much wackier productions promise a lot of entertainment. So it's time to take a look at the Korean output, which is currently finding its way into the streaming giant Netflix in particular.

Space sweepers

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Space sweepers", Also called" Seungriho "in the original, is Netflix 'latest acquisition from the Korean film maker and shows another facet of the film landscape of this extraordinary country. "Space Sweepers" is not another K-drama or an extremely brutal thriller, but a wonderfully wacky sci-fi flick by the director Jo Sung-hee.

This takes place in the year 2092 and tells the story of the spaceship Victor and its crew, which consists of the pilot Tae-ho, the former pirate Jang, the mechanic Tiger Park and a newly programmed military robot named Bubs. These four are an unbeatable team when it comes to collecting the countless mountains of rubbish that buzzes around in the deep expanses of the universe. However, when they come across a humanoid robot that is being used as a bomb during one of their clean-up operations, the team has a few chaotic days of lively hunts ahead of them.

In addition to aspiring Korean actors like Song Joong-ki, Kim Tae-ri and Yoo Hae-jinBy the way, who lends his voice to the robot Bubs, will also be the British actor Richard Armitage, who performed the dwarf king Thorin Eichenschild in the "The Hobbit" trilogy.


One genre seems to be particularly popular with Korean directors and these are the ever-popular zombie thrillers, of which the country has already produced some good ones. One of the masters when it comes to zombie films is definitely Yeon Sang-ho, which really shocked movie buffs with “Train to Busan” and its successor “Peninsula”. But also the work currently running on Netflix "#alive" of Cho Il-hyeong can definitely be seen.

In it we experience how an unknown but extremely aggressive virus rages in Korea and claims numerous victims. The loner and computer freak Oh Joon-woo only noticed a little of all of this when his fellow gamblers pointed out a report in the news. Unfortunately, it is already too late and the epidemic has also reached his residential area. Oh Joon-woo decides to stay in his apartment for the time being, but how long will he be able to stay there?

Very attentive movie buffs and fans of zombie films might find the story of “#amLeben” familiar if you first read the American version of “Alone” Johnny Martin have seen. That's because the screenwriter Matt Naylor contributed the script for both films. While we are in "Alone"Get an action-focused film in front of you, the focus in" #amLeben "is more on the character Oh Joon-woo and his struggle for survival, the talented actor Yoo Ah-in here, by the way, flaunted with flying colors.


The mystery thriller "Forgotten“Is probably one of the most extraordinary films that Netflix currently has in its program. The film from the director Jang Hang-jun With ever new twists and turns and unexpected discoveries, it is able to confuse us further and further and pull us into this opaque web of this exciting thriller.
Jin-seok moves into a new house with his family. Since one of the rooms is still being seized by the previous owner for storage, he has to share a room with his older brother, whom he looks up to. But more and more eerie events are taking place in this house. Jin-seok hears unusual noises from the empty and locked room and is haunted by bad nightmares. When his brother is kidnapped one day and just reappears after a few days, Jin-seok discovers some inconsistencies that are slowly causing him to doubt his sanity. After overhearing a phone call from his mother about some kind of plan, he flees to the police. Here he learns that he is 41 years old instead of 21 and that the year 2017 is already 2017 instead of 1997.
Every minute, “Forgotten” develops into an increasingly confusing web of secrets and entanglements that not only make the protagonist doubt the authenticity of the events.

The call

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There is even more mystery with the 2020 film "The call“By director Lee Chung-hyun. The feature film debut is based on the film "The Caller - calls from the past“And revolves around the 28-year-old Seoyeon, who goes to her sick mother in her old home. Since she loses her cell phone on the train, she falls back on an old model that she finds in the house.
When one day she receives a call from a young woman, Seoyeon thinks nothing of it at first. But the calls repeat themselves and soon she finds out that the person on the other side of the line is in the same house as she, only 20 years earlier. A friendship develops between the two women of the same age and together they want to support each other. In this way, the caller from the past actually succeeds in preventing the death of Seoyeon's father and thus changing the entire present. However, she continues to be tortured and abused by her mother, a shaman. The lives of the two women intertwine more and more and soon the story takes a terrifying turn.


Similar mysterious entanglements as in "Forgotten" and "The call“Cinema buffs can also expect the sci-fi actioner“ Snowpiercer ”, which first appeared in 2013 and is now part of the repertoire of the streaming giant Netflix.

An experiment was carried out to stop global warming, but it went really wrong and turned the planet into an ice landscape. The last survivors were able to save themselves on a train that is now continuously circling the northern hemisphere. But things are not right on the train. While a small group of people in the front area lives in prosperity, the majority of the survivors have to eke out an existence in the poorest conditions. Curtis Everett and his friend no longer want to endure this, so they devise a plan to reach the top of the train.

In many ways this is a very special piece of film material, because although it is definitely a contribution from the Korean film industry, "Snowpiercer" is actually a multicultural potpourri. It is based on the French comics "Schneezug", impresses with its international acting ensemble, including among others Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton and Octavia Spencer belong, and was by none other than directorial miracle Bong Joon-ho staged.

The villainess

The fact that Korean films have a lot to offer in the area of ​​revenge thrillers is something exceptional director at the latest Park Chan-wook 2003 proved sufficiently with his film "Oldboy", which has already advanced to a true film classic. But even newer productions are characterized by a good recipe for success. “The Villainess” begins with a real slaughter, in which the female protagonist Sook-hee slaughters her way through carnal masses in the most brutal and spectacular way. But it's not just about celebrating brute force, which Sook-hee, who was raised as a child to be a hit man, is probably in the blood. We also learn a lot about the inner life of this girl on several time levels, who actually only longs for peace and is not immune from love.

That's how director does it Jung Byung-gil to create more than a blunt slaughter film and gives “The Villainess” a lot of depth. Even if there are some thematic references to films like “The Raid”, “Nikita” or other revenge thrillers, we just end up cheering for this tragic fighter.

Blackpink: Light Up the Sky

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K-Pop is conquering the world and has now become a real phenomenon outside of Korea that is thrilling the masses. In addition to GOT7, Big Bang and the most famous K-Pop sensation BTS, the girl group Blackpink is currently the undisputed leader of the Korean music market. As the first Korean band ever, they were even allowed to perform at the renowned Coachella music festival.

The documentation "Blackpink: Light Up the Sky“Shows the rapid rise of the four young women Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa, who have teamed up under the name Blackpink. With a mixture of English and Korean singing as well as built-in rap parts and sophisticated choreographies, they achieved their great international breakthrough.

The in-house production of Netflix shows how much work and exertion there is behind this success, but it skilfully fades out some of the unattractive sides of the Korean music business. Nevertheless, "Blackpink: Light Up the Sky" is of great entertainment value and is not only able to inspire K-Pop fans, but also to give an interesting insight into this superficially so clean K-Pop world. Even laypeople in this area are not immune to at least a bobbing foot.

Wish you

With "Wish you“A brand new Korean production is available on Netflix that will make the hearts of the LGBTQ * community and all Boys Love fans beat faster. Initially published as an eight-part web series in Korea, the film version is now also coming to us in Germany.
The focus of the action is a young keyboardist named Yoon Sang-yi, played by Lee Sangwho works for a music label. One day he stumbles across a singer / songwriter played by the Korean idol Kang In Soothat enchants the musician not only with his touching music, but also with his appearance. After he doesn't dare to speak to his secret crush at first, he suddenly becomes the new star of the music label that Sang-yi works for. But that's not all, Sang-yi is now allowed to work with the talented musician and even has to move in with him to keep an eye on him. While there is a spark between the two not only musically, but also on an emotional level, the two still face some difficulties, because Kang In Soo has a secret.
“Wish You” is the perfect film for everyone who can't get enough of K-dramas and also like to make a musical detour into the K-pop area. But even so, the film gives us a lot of pounding hearts and an exciting fear until the end.

Tune in for love

Drama fans watch out, because the K-Drama is on the rise and not only has a lot of emotions in its luggage, but also somewhat unconventional and surprising acts.
The young student Mi-su and Hyeon-u, who has just been released from juvenile prison, meet by chance in a bakery where Hyeon-u works part-time. Over time, the two get closer and closer. But luck is not on the side of the two, because when suddenly an old school friend of Hyeon-u turns up, he is unintentionally involved in a fight and ends up in custody again. When the two meet again after years, it is the last day before Hyeon-u has to start his military service. So that they don't lose sight of each other again, Mi-su sets up an email account for him, unfortunately she forgets to give him the password.
Tune in for love“Is a touching love story in a nice retro setting from the 90s, which is about finding, losing and searching for love. Because it is almost desperate how the two lovers keep losing sight of each other. And we fear until the end that Hyeon-u will still guess the correct password.

OK yes

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The Korean director and Oscar winner Bong Joon-ho is unchallenged at the top of the Korean film industry at the latest after his hit hit "Parasite". But the international film industry is also convinced of the talent of Bong Joon-hos, and so the successful director has not only won over for his film "Snowpiercer", but also in "OK yes“Worked with international stars.
Next to the young Korean leading lady Ahn Seo-hyeon, are therefore also Hollywood actors in this dystopian adventure film, like Jake Gyllenhaal, Tilda Swinton and Paul Dano, represented.
"Okja" tells of the wonderful friendship between a little Korean girl and a huge, genetically modified pig, which is more reminiscent of a hippopotamus and which bears the name Okja. This was bred by a powerful international company with the aim of revolutionizing meat production. In order to determine the perfect housing conditions, 26 of these animals were distributed to farmers around the world. Okja has been named the big winner of this experiment and is now to be transferred to the USA. However, this must be prevented for little Mija and the Animal Liberation Front is doing everything in its power to expose the gruesome deeds of the company and to free the tortured animals.
"Okja" is another dark and disturbing masterpiece of Korean cinema that presents us with dystopian future prospects and denounces the unscrupulous methods of the meat industry.