Can speculative fiction really shape our world?

Parallel worlds: what if the earth is long in the black hole?

The spaceship U.S.S. Cygnus has reached the edge of the black hole. There are a lot of robots on board. And an eccentric scientist. Dr. Hans Reinhardt wants to be sucked into the black hole in order to switch to another universe - this is how he believes he will become immortal.

The science fiction adventure "The Black Hole" with Maximilian Schell in the leading role was released in 1979. Computer animation set new standards in film history, and the spectrum of horror presentations has since expanded to include one scenario: a lot of people are scared when they think of black holes. These eerie gaps in space devour everything that comes too close to them.

“Do not be afraid! Maybe we all live in a black hole, ”announced astrophysicists at a congress of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) in Boston. One of these revolutionaries is Andrew Friedman of the Center for Theoretical Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. “We don't know what it looks like inside a black hole,” he says, “but it could be that our entire world, the earth, our solar system, the Milky Way and the rest of the universe is in the center of a black hole. "

Thesis of the young savages of astrophysics

Friedman is by no means alone with this exotic view. The young savages of astrophysics think it is possible that a universe could be hidden in every black hole. All in all, this would result in a coexistence of many universes, which together form a multiverse.