What are the symptoms of metastatic cancer

Metastatic breast cancer

Advanced tumors that are confined to the breast or adjacent tissue can usually be removed with surgery. If the cancer has formed in other parts of the body, it is usually no longer possible to completely remove the cancerous tissue. The aim is then to extend life, but also to stabilize the state of health and maintain a good quality of life. This includes stopping or slowing down tumor growth as much as possible.

If you have breast cancer, the whole body is usually treated with medication (systemic) - for example with hormones or chemotherapy - to curb tumor growth. Certain types of breast cancer can also be treated with so-called targeted therapies. In doing so, active ingredients are used that are specifically directed against cancer cells with certain properties.

How individual are treated depends on where they occur. Bone metastases can be irradiated to relieve pain and prevent fractures. in internal organs and the skin can be surgically removed under certain conditions. Some can be irradiated or operated on. In most cases, drug treatment is also an option.

The treatment is intended to slow down cancer growth and reduce discomfort. Possible side effects of cancer therapy such as nausea, diarrhea or skin changes can also be treated effectively. Another common side effect is the so-called (French for “tiredness”), a debilitating physical and mental exhaustion. Pain can be relieved through well-coordinated pain therapy.

For the treatment of metastatic breast cancer, for example, certified breast centers (breast cancer centers), tumor centers and specialized oncological practices can be considered. Specialized professionals from various professional groups work together here. Metastatic breast cancer can also be treated in hospitals or practices without special certification.

A purely soothing and supportive treatment is also called “palliative therapy”. Palliative treatment, care and support is possible at home or in an inpatient facility.