In which country is the international airport Klagenfurt located?

Share increase and landings How things will continue at Klagenfurt Airport

Anyone looking for peace and quiet can currently find it at Klagenfurt Airport. Apart from private pilots, nobody takes off there. The employees are on short-time work Hours of operation have been restricted to 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.. The AUA has just announced that it will "probably" not resume the connection to Vienna until June 21st. And Environment Minister Leonore Gewessler has emphasized that as soon as the expansion of the southern route is finished, this dhe plans to stop domestic flights from Graz and Klagenfurt and thus the only hub that Carinthia still has.

Airport investor Franz Peter Orasch had announced the expansion and renovation of the airport and the connection to another hub before the pandemic, but also it has become more than quiet about these plans. The prospects for Klagenfurt Airport and the companies in Carinthia that export are not rosy.

"Visibility is defined by the airport"

For Timo Springer, the President of the Carinthian Federation of Industry, the airport is an essential part of the location policy for Carinthia that has just been called for: "The visibility of the economy is largely defined by the airport. An airport gives exporting Carinthian companies security, but vice versa it also gives security to customers who come to Carinthia to carry out projects and sign contracts. "Even after the pandemic, you will not be able to discuss everything virtually more than before." There are infrastructure projects it's all about trust and thus personal contact, "says Springer. From his point of view, that would be important Connection to another hub. "We need the arrivals and departures in Klagenfurt", emphasizes the IV President.

"It's not about expanding the airport, the decisive factor is the destinations. Everything else is the decision of the owner, "says the President of the Chamber of Commerce Jürgen Mandl. And he wants his Increase stake in the airport company from 74.9 percent to 89.9 percent. Negotiations in this regard on the part of Lilihill with the state and city of Klagenfurt have been running for months. And up to now nobody could or would say in concrete terms what the investor would have with 15 percent more shares for other options than already now.

Mayor wants to find out more

Governor Peter Kaiser (SPÖ) and participation officer Martin Gruber (ÖVP) have already signaled their approval of the increase in the stake. The newly elected Klagenfurt Mayor Christian Scheider (Team Carinthia) wants to "first get detailed information in discussions with the state and the investor". Advantages and disadvantages would have to be weighed up." If there are only disadvantages for the city, you will not agree, "says Scheider, who also needs a local council resolution for this.

Disagreement within the party

While being Party colleague Gerhard Köfer has expressed himself more and more critically about the increase in the shares at the state level in recent months, and has also generally called for the partial sale to be reversed, Scheider is skeptical of such steps: "I currently see no reason for a reversal. Because what then?" He counts on conversations. And with regard to the end of the flight connection to Vienna announced by Gewessler, Scheider says: "" That would be a blow for the Klagenfurt location. We need this connection ".

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