What is the best UK radio station

Top 5 most popular radio stations in London

The best music on the go

The city's most popular radio station is called Capital FM. This station is broadcast across the UK. London Radio can be received on frequency 95.8. You can write to the DJs of the respective shows directly on the station's homepage.
So you can ask for special songs. As a musician or customer, you can have your advertising texts do the talking online or on the air. Capital FM Radio is very committed to humanitarian causes. Among other things, they run their own aid organization called “Help a Capital Child”. This station can also be reached via Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. The website, www.capitalfm.com, provides information on the latest pop stars and the latest chart results.
It's a radio station that plays the popular chart hits up and down, mixed with hits from the past three decades. Another radio station that is often heard is XTC Radio UK. This is an online radio that gets clicked a lot. In London, radio stations from abroad are also popular and can be found at internet addresses such as www.greek-radio.fm, for a Greek broadcaster, or www.nostalgie.fr, for a French broadcaster.

Private radio stations

Another popular station is Absolute Radio. Until 2008, the station was still called Virgin Radio. This station can be received at the frequency 105.8 MHz. It is the most popular rock and pop music station. With a more alternative touch than the station Capital FM, it also offers music from the eighties until today. The broadcaster's internet platform is popular as it offers the opportunity to win tickets to concerts in London and other British cities.
Absolute Radio is a good place to go for lovers of rock music like Blur, Oasis, Keane and the like. Songs by established rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin or Queen are also played. The country's first private radio station was Classic FM. As the name suggests, this radio station mainly plays classical music. Lovers of composers like Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin, but also modern interpreters like Joseph Calleja or Laura Wright get their money's worth.
This station can be received in London under the frequencies 100.6 and 100.9. This station is also committed to humanitarian causes. Competitions are also organized on the broadcaster's website, where you can win concert tickets. In this case they are concerts of classical music.