Do you have tattoos in basic training?

Training as a tattoo artist

Painting the body, whether permanent or temporary, has been part of human culture for thousands of years. In contrast to then, today a tattoo is mostly not wanted for religious, but for aesthetic or ideological reasons. The art of tattoos has been handed down from different cultures. However, it has little to do with a tattoo artist's day-to-day work.

Tattoo artists are mostly self-employed or employed professionally. It is not uncommon for there to be something like guest tattooers in a tattoo studio, but they are mostly in a kind of training and would like to learn the craft with other tattooists.

Tattooing is a service to the customer, i. H. the customer comes to the tattoo artist and would like to receive a tattoo from him in the form of a certain motif. The customer can usually bring the motif with him or have it designed, or it can be selected from the existing collection in the tattoo studio.

Salary as a tattoo artist

There is no collective agreement information about the salary in this occupation. Self-employed tattoo artists usually have fixed rates based on the number of hours per session. Fixed rates are available for relatively small motifs that take less than 1-2 working hours to complete, they are usually more expensive than the hourly rate.

The hourly fee for tattoo artists varies and averages between 90-110 EUR per working hour. Depending on the workload or level of awareness of the artist, the fee can also be well above this wage range.

Training and further education as a tattoo artist

There are no legal requirements for training as a tattoo artist. As a rule, however, at least the age of 18 is the threshold for starting an apprenticeship.

The training is not subject to any content requirements and can be completed by anyone. The training locations are also not defined, but there are also private training providers that offer training.

In addition, there are no time frame conditions for the training, and the providers of courses do not have a uniform regulation on the duration of the training.

With talent and a busy schedule, you can live very well in this job. The industry still has a certain dirty image, although art and the artists, as well as the bearers of art, have long since arrived in the mainstream.

As a rule, most of them start out in this profession with an internship. The training is often started abroad, and there is a lively exchange among the international tattoo artist community.

Qualities and skills as a tattoo artist

A tattoo is a work of art. Art is therefore in the foreground, individually designed according to your artistic talent. The ability to use learned craft techniques is important.

However, it is particularly important to be careful when tattooing. Hygiene is paramount, colors must be of good quality and the tools, especially the needles used, must be sterile and new.

Tattoo artists are service providers for the customer, this fact must not be forgotten in communication and in dealing with customers. Here it is important to take away any fears, show empathy and enable comprehensive advice.

Application as a tattoo artist

Classic forms of application play almost no role in this profession. Most of the time, jobs are not advertised publicly either, within the tight-knit community of tattooists, almost everyone knows the other.

Anyone who would like to introduce themselves in this area is looking for personal contact and presents their own work. Anyone who is new or would like to start an apprenticeship should be able to demonstrate their artistic talent. Photographs of your own work are very helpful here.

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Trends and developments in the tattoo studio

Tattoos have seen a real boom in recent years. Away from the dirty image, towards individual body painting for everyone. Tattoos are still popular, but the tattoo market seems saturated.

New open concepts are popular in this industry. The franchise factor is playing an increasingly important role, because of course this is where you don't want to end up with the wrong tattoo artist. Quality standards prevail and customers also choose the best tattoo artists in the wider regional area.

The tattooists themselves now set their own standards higher than in the past. Gone are the days when people who previously consumed alcohol, medication or other substances were tattooed. Exceptions prove the rule.

Source: Employment and unemployment statistics from the Federal Employment Agency (IAB Research Group on Vocational Labor Markets).