Is diamond cutter a good career choice

Expert interview: Professions with art and design - desire and reality

"Not only money should count"

Making jewelry yourself - you can learn that and more at the Schwäbisch Gmünd vocational school. Eva-Maria Seyl has been working as a vocational school teacher for over 30 years, training young people in handicrafts. What are typical reasons why you drop out of training?

Eva-Maria Seyl: In general, we don't have many young people who drop out, if they do, then it is often because their parents pushed them to do the training, for example because they have a goldsmith's shop that the child is supposed to take over later . In my opinion, when choosing a career, it is important to do what you really want. Now and then we also have students who mistake design for art. They then have the idea that they can let the muse kiss them in a relaxed manner, and then shake something off their sleeve according to their own style and sense of time, without any guidelines. But that is not the case. The products are manufactured for customers, which means rules and time pressure. What does creative work mean for you?

Eva-Maria Seyl: So the word "creativity" comes from the Latin word "creare" and means "create" or "produce". In my opinion, it also means creating something visually appealing that gives the client a certain "wow factor". Of course there are always guidelines that you have to adhere to. The challenge here is to find an innovative approach every time. How can young people find out whether they prefer to work creatively or in a manual manner?

Eva-Maria Seyl: For example, we offer vocational training days or have an open day, among other things. Interested parties can talk to teachers or the students and take a look at the premises. Most of those who come to us are very well informed about the job. In the two or three years of training, the young people quickly determine whether they are more interested in the design or the manual work. Maybe they even shine in both areas. The foundation is laid with the training. After that, there are many opportunities for further training. Former students of mine are now working on animation films, for example, or have studied graphic design.

Since August 2018: Gemstone cutter

The training in the professions of diamond cutter, gemstone engraver and gemstone cutter has been reorganized. The three professions have been combined in a joint training regulation, the new job title will be gemstone cutter from 01.08.2018. What skills should you have for creative professions?

Eva-Maria Seyl: Clearly: Passion! I often miss the fact that many students have their own interests and hobbies. If you deal with literature, for example, you can incorporate this into your jewelry. Of course, you also need manual skills, creativity and technical understanding. Teaching these skills to young people is also one of my responsibilities. Are creative professions or handicrafts "breadless art"?

Eva-Maria Seyl: Of course, the earnings prospects in the arts and crafts are not particularly good. However, it is not only money that counts when it comes to making a professional decision. When you choose the right job, it doesn't feel like work at all. The customer's joy when you show him or her the unique piece made for the first time - that is the real reward! In addition, you have the freedom to develop in many different directions, especially in creative professions: You can open your own business, work in industry or become a vocational school teacher. You also need creativity to shape your own life.