Which airline has the best free food?

Top 5 - the best airplane meal

Plane food doesn't have to be bland and boring! Some Top airlines not only offer their guests a large selection of different dishes, but also serve the appropriate service at the same time. Something to do with the Low cost airlines often missed. But which airlines serve their passengers the best, most unique and refined dishes? Below you will find the top 5 airlines that serve the best airplane food in terms of choice, creativity and quality.

The best airplane food: 1) Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is known for serving only the best of the best when it comes to airplane dining. Passengers rave about filled aubergines, walnut and pear tarts and the side dishes typical of Turkish cuisine. Even children have a special menu on Turkish Airlines flights. This can be replaced by various alternatives. You can choose from kosher or vegetarian dishes, as well as seafood.

Best Plane Food 2) Singapore Airlines

You can eat and drink at the highest level at all Singapore Airlines Enjoy flights. The airline serves its first class passengers amazingly luxurious gourmet creations. All dishes are made by internationally renowned chefs that only use the freshest, seasonal ingredients. You also have the opportunity to express special requests and choose from the wide range of dishes if you inquire at least 24 hours before departure. What a service!

The best airplane meal 3) Etihad Airways

Feast with pleasure Etihad Airways. This airline impresses its passengers with Boutique wines and creative dishesselected by award-winning chefs. In addition to a wide variety of culinary creations, the airline offers its guests "Anytime Kitchen" menuthat leaves the option to eat when you are hungry. All variants and options of the dishes are available for guests with a special diet.

The best airplane food 4) Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus has already been highly praised for its Business Class menu; it provides a variety of dishes for people with special wishes - from Meals for diabetics to gluten-free dishes through low-fat, vegetarian or vegan options everything is available. Whether for personal, illness-related or religious reasons - the airline has a dish ready for every guest and their wishes. And this did not go unnoticed by Aer Lingus passengers, the reputation of the airline precedes it by a long way.

The best airplane meal 5) Emirates

The menu that guests on Emirates flights enjoy is true art. Passengers of the First class to get exquisite hors d'oeuvres and the dishes are so beautifully presented that it is almost a bit of a shame to eat them. In addition, the freshest ingredients are used and the small works of art are only served on fine Royal Doulton bone china. To top it off, passengers have a large selection of carefully selected wines ... mhh, that's the way to travel!

Which airline do you think serves the best food on board?