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Kickass Torrents Alternatives: The Best Sites

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Kickass torrents alternatives: a summary

Ever since Kickass torrenting was halted by a joint government effort in the United States, people have found alternatives for their torrenting needs. Here are the most popular alternatives to kickass torrents:

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. RARBG
  3. 1337X
  4. Torrentz2
  5. YTS
  6. EZTV
  7. Zooqle
  8. TorrentDownloads

If you plan on downloading torrents, make sure that the content you download is safe and legal. To protect yourself and to remain completely anonymous while downloading online, it is recommended that you always use a VPN, such as NordVPN.

Read our full article below to learn more about Kickass Torrent, how to shut it down, and the many different alternatives available on the internet.

Kickass Torrents used to be one of the most popular torrenting sites on the internet. It had a very large library, decent download speeds, a friendly user interface, a nice design for the early 2010s, and a big name in the industry. However, the service is no longer what it used to be. Let's see what websites are being used as alternatives to Kickass torrents. But first we will clarify what happened to the original Kickass Torrents.

What happened to Kickass torrents?

The main page of Kickass Torrents went offline a few years ago. This was the result of a law enforcement led by Homeland Security Investigations and the Internal Revenue Service, both American organizations. Whenever you try to access this original version of Kickass Torrents you will come across the following message: In other words, you cannot access the website. You're just going to get a scary looking warning from the FBI. However, there is a free rider website floating around that looks exactly like the original Kickass Torrents and even has the same name. So should you be using this new Kickass Torrents (KAT) website for your torrenting needs? We have our doubts. Although many people recommend this website in their lists of the best torrent sites, we do not recommend using it. That's because this website somehow makes downloading less easy and straightforward than it could be.

If you want to get a tracker from the current version of KAT, you need to install an extension for your browser. Judging by its name, this extension is a kind of PDF converter. We didn't install it because we didn't trust this extension as it raises serious security and privacy concerns.

However, that doesn't mean you won't be able to use torrents at all. We advise you to be very careful when it comes to torrenting - downloading torrents can in some cases be illegal and could also come with security threats. Before getting active on any torrent website, make sure what you are doing is legal in your country.

If you want to download a torrent, it is advisable to use trustworthy and high quality websites. Below are the Kickass torrents alternatives that are commonly used.

Kickass torrents alternatives

Having Kickass torrenting off is part of a reasonable effort to limit the number of copyright infringements that torrenting has allowed. However, people looking to torrent have found numerous alternatives. Let's talk about the most popular.

The Pirate Bay

Website: Visit a working Pirate Bay Mirror

Note: The Pirate Bay is blocked in many countries (including the mirror sites) so you may need a VPN to change your virtual location and unlock Pirate Bay.

The Pirate Bay is a giant in the torrenting world, drawing tens of millions of visitors every month, with the same amount of files in their library, fast download speeds, and a wonderful user interface.

The site is also notable for its security features: it has a dedicated community that is happy to let you know if a torrent seems risky. In addition, the website has visual tags that let you know when a torrent has been identified as safe or potentially dangerous.

The Pirate Bay is the giant in the torrenting world and a more than decent alternative to Kickass torrents. In fact, they probably do even better in many categories. The Pirate Bay has been banned in some countries, which is an occasion to look for alternatives for this platform.



Website: RARBG website

RARBG is another top contender in the world of torrenting sites. This website has been around since 2008 and receives 40 million visits per month.

While the RARBG interface may be a bit clunkier than the ones on Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents - and the site is definitely uglier - it makes up for that by customizing your experience. Navigating RARBG means you can see the top ten torrents in different categories as well as breaking news about famous digital products.

However, RARBG is a little worse when it comes to the use of advertising. That's reason enough for people to stick to The Pirate Bay in general when it comes to general torrenting.



Website: 1337X website

Now let's talk about some more niche torrenting sites. 1337X isn't a giant like The Pirate Bay or RARBG. Your library is much smaller and people looking for video games will likely be disappointed with 1337x. That said, 1337X is definitely not a bad choice for torrenting.

The library has around 50 million visitors a month and that's mainly because it focuses on movies, series, and music. For many users, the 1337X is the number one choice for this type of entertainment, largely because they can use their system to browse award nominations. In addition, the website has no intrusive advertisements and offers a decent download speed of around 3-4MB / s.



Website: Torrentz2 website

Torrentz2 is even more niche than 1337x as it only focuses on delivering music torrents. As a result, it has the largest collection of music of any torrenting website - although one should keep in mind that many of these torrents contain copyrighted material and are likely illegal.

One disadvantage of Torrentz2 is that it is quite annoying to hide ads. Also, the download speeds are on the lower end and they don't have a lot of browsing options to look for music. In general, Torrentz2 is only used when there is nowhere else to find your favorite album or song.




YTS is hands down the best torrenting website for users interested in finding movie torrents. With over 75 million visits per month, a download speed of 3-4 MB / s and a flawless design, YTS is the go-to place for movie torrents. However, as with all of the sites on this list, there are plenty of illegal torrents from popular movies here too, so be careful what you download.

In addition to having a phenomenal interface, YTS also has an impressive library. It contains millions of torrents, including rare, old titles in HD quality.

Mirrors:,, (this page has not yet been deactivated)



EZTV isn't exactly a nice looking site. Their metrics are also not very promising compared to other websites: 20 million visitors per month and a download speed of 2-3 MB / s. Still, this website is worth mentioning for several reasons.

EZTV is a great alternative to Kickass torrents as it has the largest collection of series on the net that is received by millions of trackers. The EZTV community is surprisingly active too, as new releases are uploaded instantly. Because of this, many users choose to use the website despite its drawbacks.




Zooqle lags behind the competition in terms of measurements: They only have 5 million visits per month and a download speed of 1-2 MB / s. The advertisements are also quite annoying at times. However, while you won't find many digital products on the site, Zooqle stands out for its video game trackers.

You have a large library of video games, both for the console and for the PC. In addition, visitors can subscribe to their favorite categories to stay up to date on new releases. While it's not an impressive website, it is one of the best Kickass torrents alternatives for downloaders looking for video games. However, always make sure that the torrent you are trying to get is legal before downloading it.



Website: Torrentdownloads website

Danger: This website tries to open an additional browser window with advertisements. Not harmful, but annoying.

Torrent downloads have been around for a long time, but they have declined in popularity in recent years, dropping to just 5 million monthly visitors. Basically, it's a discounted version of the original Kickass torrent with a download speed of 2-3MB / s and annoying ads that go everywhere. Their design is also similar to that of Kickass Torrents.

But is it used? TorrentDownloads is a great alternative to Kickass torrents thanks to the library of obscure titles such as rare books or video games and loads of Asian content. If users are looking for this type of content, they should turn to TorrentDownloads. Other than that, it's not necessarily one of the best Kickass torrents alternatives out there.


Website: is not a classic torrent site. They don't have a library, rather they track torrents from popular sites like The Pirate Bay, RARBG, and YTS. Then they display all of these torrents so that users can easily download them on the platform. As such, we cannot determine a metric. The download speed and the seeder / leecher ratio depend on the original site that is pulling data from.

People use to access a large library of files. They find this especially useful when they can't find a particular product on a more popular site. In addition, this website gives users a good overview of the trends in the world of torrenting.

Mirrors: None, as it has not yet been affected by any shutdown.

Private Sites: Good Kickass Torrents Alternatives?

Another alternative to classic torrent sites are private sites, which work a little differently than the sites discussed so far. Private torrent sites will not make their library available to everyone. You only get access by invitation, you can then become a member and only then can you download content from private sites.

However, joining is not enough. Most private torrent sites require users to maintain a positive relationship between their uploaded and downloaded content, which provides an incentive for their platform's library to grow steadily.

Access to private torrent sites

Private torrent sites are not easily accessible. To get an account, you often have to be invited by someone who is already a member. There are two ways to do this:

  1. You know someone who is already a member and you ask for an invitation. One tactic that many try is to befriend people on internet freedom forums or Discord servers.
  2. They keep an eye on Reddit and torrenting forums. Sometimes admins from private torrent sites will give out invitations for a limited time. However, this is a thing of the past and is happening less and less nowadays.

The best Kickass private torrenting alternatives will most likely vary from region to region, as most countries and territories have their own large, local private torrenting site. Still, there are two private torrent sites that have had great success in the past.

IP torrents


IPTorrents is one of the largest private torrenting sites. They have an impressive library of all types of torrents, as well as an active community that is constantly expanding the site. In addition, it is one of the few private torrent sites that accept members on a donation basis. With a Bitcoin wallet on hand, you can actually join this website without having to find a way to receive a personal invite.



Bibliotics is the largest library of e-books and audiobooks in the torrenting world. It has hundreds of thousands of members. She also has all of the books you could ever need, whether you're looking to pick up a new subject or just looking for an obscure fictional franchise. Some of the torrents may contain copyrighted material that cannot be redistributed this way, be aware.

In the case of bibliotics, people don't just step in with a small donation. In fact, they are not accepting entirely new members at the moment. In other words, people who want to join this platform need to know someone inside out to use bibliotics as an alternative to kickass torrents.

Safe torrenting

Whether you choose to torrent with The Pirate Bay or any of the other Kickass torrenting alternatives we mentioned, you need to make sure that you are safe. If you just go ahead and download something from RARBG, you could run into problems with your ISP. They could infect your computer with a virus or even break the law. So how do you make sure you are torrenting safely?

Beware of illegal downloads

We would like to emphasize once again that we do not condone illegal downloads. Although downloading and copyright laws vary from country to country, many regions of the world agree that illegal redistribution of copyrighted content is wrong. We therefore advise against readers to participate. Torrenting in itself is not illegal. All you have to do is make sure that the files you are trying to download are being redistributed legally.

Use a VPN to protect yourself while downloading

Even if you are not downloading illegal content, it is important to protect your anonymity and security on the Internet. Viruses and other malware could still be hidden anywhere. In addition, no matter what you do online, your online privacy is important. The value of anonymity and security online cannot be denied.

We therefore advise you to install a VPN for anonymous download. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) hides your IP address and ensures that your Internet Service Provider (and many other parties) cannot see what you are doing online. If you're not sure where to start when it comes to VPNs, take a look at our "What is a VPN?" Article or find out more about the best VPN services here.

A great VPN provider that we recommend if you want to protect your online anonymity and security is NordVPN. Boasting thousands of servers, this VPN has been proven time and again that it has the right security to keep its users safe.

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Aside from using a VPN, there are a few other security measures you can - and should - take. Install an ad blocker and use a decent anti-virus program.


Kickass torrenting may have ended years ago, but that didn't mean the end of torrenting. There are still plenty of websites out there that work perfectly as Kickass torrents alternatives.Countless people are still using these platforms to access digital content - whether that content is legal or not. We hope we have shed some light on the most popular torrenting websites used to download torrents.

Be careful with illegal downloading: Before doing anything, make sure you are aware of your local laws and the rules of the torrenting website you are using. Whatever you do online, don't forget to be safe online and hide your identity with a VPN!

Kickass Torrents Alternatives - FAQ

Do you have a question about Kickass torrents, its alternatives, or downloading torrents in general? Take a look at our FAQ below and click on a question to see the answer.

No, the original KAT website is no longer online. It was shut down by the US government a few years ago and has not been accessible since. There is a copy of the KAT website online that uses the same name and design, but this platform looks dangerous and we do not recommend using it. Do you want to know which sites people are using instead? Take a look at our Kickass Torrents Alternatives article.

The best alternative to KAT is undoubtedly The Pirate Bay. It's one of the most resilient torrent sites out there. It has a huge library, decent download speeds, and an active community. However, there are cases when this platform is also out of the question. Read our article on The Pirate Bay Alternatives for the full picture.

Kickass Torrents' original site was shut down in a joint law enforcement operation by the Homeland Security Department and the IRS. It hasn't been available since, but that doesn't mean no one is torrenting anymore. Read our article on The Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives to find out which sites people are using instead.

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