Why invest in Romania

General data Romania

Advantage of stability: Driven by the prospect of EU membership, Romania recorded strong economic growth with simultaneously falling inflation until the effects of the global economic crisis became noticeable towards the end of 2008. In addition to the stability of EU membership, companies benefit from a recently introduced flat rate tax of 16%. The business environment is busy but calm - there are no significant disruptive factors such as union movements and even smaller groups of workers have agreements with the government.

Through the Danube to the Black Sea: Located on the transport axis between the EU and the Balkans and CIS countries, Romania is a pan-European transport hub that connects Western and Eastern Europe, as well as Northern and Southern Europe. Europe's longest river, the Danube, which connects the largest Black Sea port of Constanta with Northern Europe through the Rhine, also contributes to this.

Home game on the home market: Romania has an important market with steadily growing domestic purchasing power. The country's population of more than 21 million is the seventh largest in the European Union.

Latin roots: Going back to its Latin roots, Romania has always felt strongly connected to some Ibero-Roman Western European states; sometimes even more than with the Slavic neighbors. This is due to the language relationship and the rich Latin culture in the country. It is therefore hardly surprising that many Romanians have studied or worked abroad for a certain period of time and therefore often speak more than one foreign language - mostly Latin languages ​​such as Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, but also English.