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India: convicted of carnage in parliament

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Three men and one woman convicted

New Delhi - A year after the bloodbath in the Indian parliament, four suspects were found guilty on Monday. A New Delhi court on Monday convicted three men of treason and one woman of obstructing the investigation. Judge S.N. Set Dhingra on Tuesday. Treason is the death penalty in India. Nine people were killed in the parliamentary shooting on December 13th last year. According to the public prosecutor's office, the convicts were not personally involved in the storming of the parliament building, but were largely responsible for the planning and preparation. The aim of the attack were the assassinations of Prime Minister Atal Bahari and his deputy Lal Krishna Advani. The suspects declared themselves innocent in court. India had blamed the Pakistani secret service for the act and threatened massive retaliation. Both sides stationed hundreds of thousands of soldiers on the common border, and the danger of war could only be averted through international mediation after almost ten months. (APA / AP)


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