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Your dental health is not a gamble

Your teeth may be in perfect condition, or they may suffer from tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other diseases.

You can be excellently renovated, in a quality that leaves nothing to be desired, or you belong to those unfortunate people who constantly go to the dentist and still never get rid of their bleeding gums. You can have stable, cosmetically perfect fillings, crowns or bridges, or your fillings keep falling out and you are a permanent guest at your dentist.

If you are one of those people with constant dental problems, you might think of it as fate. You may think you inherited your "bad" teeth, but apart from very rare cases, this is not the case. You and your dentist are in control of the well-being of your teeth, and our job alongside the actual dental treatment is to provide you with the knowledge you need to do your part.

We are happy to make our contribution, the optimal and durable care of your diseased teeth, and we are convinced that we do well.

It is this cooperation with you that we are looking for and offer you.

Quality, perfection, aesthetics

In our dental group practice, we offer you comprehensive and high-quality treatment in all areas of modern dentistry. By "comprehensive" we mean the detection and treatment of all diseases occurring in the oral cavity and in the chewing system, if necessary also in cooperation with colleagues from other medical specialties. In this respect, we see ourselves not only as dentists but as doctors for oral medicine.

Precautionary measures and prophylaxis are of particular importance, as are treatment methods that are as gentle and preservative as possible to the teeth.

If tooth preservation is not possible despite our efforts, we offer you a denture that is functionally, cosmetically and aesthetically as close as possible to natural teeth. Thanks to advances in implantology, fixed dentures are now possible in many cases. We consider optimizing our practice equipment and the use of high-quality materials as a matter of course. So that this high standard of quality and perfection can be realized in the long term, we have established a well-organized quality management system and attach great importance to further training for ourselves and the entire team.

Immediate pain relief

If you are in acute pain, we will always help you immediately - without long waiting times. Nevertheless, if possible, we ask you to briefly register your visit in this case as well. In the case of acute pain treatment, we only collect the findings that are needed to eliminate the pain immediately. We will make a separate appointment with you for the assessment of the entire dentition and the discussion of further treatment.

Are you still one of those anxious patients?

If so, you are in good company. Almost everyone suffers more or less from fear of dentists - Wikipedia. Some are just tense before and during a visit to the dentist, others cannot sleep properly the night before, still others are unsettled by horror stories they have heard from friends or relatives and expect the worst pain or are afraid of poor diagnoses. Some have had bad experiences in the past as well. The fear of the dentist can turn into panic and, in the worst case, even lead to the fearful patient postponing urgent treatments or not at all, and the condition of diseased teeth worsening dramatically.

If you are one of those anxious patients, tell us. We want that to change and we will do everything we can to prove to you that dental treatment can lose its horror and that your fears are unnecessary. For us, dealing with your treatment anxiety is one of the daily challenges and we can certainly help you.

Painless treatment

Dental treatments don't have to be painful. We will always do everything we can to save you pain. While dental treatment was often painful in the past, today we can treat you completely painless thanks to modern anesthesia methods. We do this for you on the one hand, but also in our interest on the other, because pain only makes treatment unnecessarily difficult and endangers the success of the treatment.

Diagnosis and discussion

Our findings and diagnostics cover the entire chewing system and all neighboring structures. In this context, we often experience that new patients in our practice are amazed that we can find so much, while with their pretreator always "everything was fine". Of course, this can create uncertainty and raise the question of who is actually right. So that you can overcome this uncertainty and make your decision about further treatment steps, we will inform you in detail about your findings and diagnoses, with the aim of giving you a technically sound understanding of your diseases and their treatment. We achieve the best healing success with patients who strive to understand their disease and from this understanding convincingly affirm the treatment, as well as positively influencing the healing process through their cooperation.


With us, treatment planning is just as comprehensive as diagnostics. After an initial pain treatment, we generally offer you the elimination of all dental problems, as far as possible. We always recommend treating all dental defects, not just the worst. This is by no means a matter of course everywhere. Unfortunately, all too often we see patients with many dental defects who have been suggested to treat the largest defects elsewhere, while the smaller ones should be waited for - whatever. We experience the same thing with periodontitis in the case of tooth gaps and with all other possible diseases. Such a procedure often not only results in a long series of never-ending partial treatments, but can also be very harmful because delaying necessary treatments results in additional damage. We always plan our treatment offers comprehensively so that you know the full scope at all times, right from the start. Please ask us if anything is unclear to you. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information, even repeatedly.


When it comes to treatment, you can rest assured that we will offer you a rock-solid and long-lasting supply. This applies to fillings as well as to dentures. It is by no means normal that fillings or crowns and bridges have to fall out again and again, even if it is often shown that way. Something like this is not inevitable fate, it only reveals a certain handwriting. We strive - and almost always achieve - that your planned and implemented care will last for years and decades with good cooperation. We do this in your interest but also in our own interest, because we hate failure and want to minimize risk.

Aesthetic dentistry

Those who naturally have teeth that are not only healthy and function well but also look beautiful in terms of their color, shape and position can consider themselves lucky. Since not everyone is so lucky, there is aesthetic dentistry, with which we dentists can correct something and give your teeth an attractive appearance. Here is a brief overview:

  • Professional tooth cleaning with Air-Flow® (powder jet)
  • Tooth whitening through external whitening or internal whitening
  • tooth-colored fillings such as ceramic inlay and plastic filling (composite filling)
  • Partial crowns, crowns and bridges made of all-ceramic or veneering metal-ceramic
  • Ceramic veneers
  • Tooth jewelry

No experiments at the expense of our patients

Alternative dentistry, holistic dentistry, natural dentistry, homeopathy and whatever they are called, we see with the necessary skepticism, critical distance, or strict rejection. We only use procedures whose effectiveness in a scientific sense can be proven, traced and expected. "Outsider methods", the usefulness of which is mostly doubtful and the ineffectiveness of which is still their best quality, are in our eyes nothing but profiteering. We will not suggest such a thing to you, nor will we warn you if others do.

Your collaboration

You are absolutely right to ask us for the most perfect treatment possible. This requires our full commitment and a considerable amount of work. In return, we expect you to contribute just as much effort and commitment to maintaining and securing your dental health over the long term. This includes the implementation of our oral hygiene instructions and possibly participation in our individual prophylaxis as well as regular, if necessary, closely-knit check-ups.

Appointment system

Our practice has a well-functioning pre-order system. This saves you long waiting times and allows us to concentrate fully on your case for longer treatments. Since the time required for a treatment cannot always be precisely determined before the start of treatment, there can occasionally be waiting times. We ask for your understanding in this case. Please arrange your treatment appointments with us by phone on 06421-14737.

And what does it all cost?

We will answer this question for you when we know your findings and diagnoses and have drawn up a treatment plan with possible alternatives. The cost estimates and treatment and cost plans that you receive from us are always based on the applicable fee schedule and are so precise that surprises are practically impossible after the treatment is over. Deviations can arise from fluctuations in precious metal prices or from unforeseeable changes during treatment. You will receive the cost plans long before the actual treatment begins, and it is very important to us that you submit them to the respective cost bearer and obtain a binding declaration of cost coverage. In the event that you would like a more affordable supply, we would be happy to suggest alternatives. Please clarify all reimbursement questions before starting treatment.

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