Why was Picasso so fucked up about painting

Shitty art: Pablo Picasso pimped up his pictures with feces


How do art fans react to this? According to his granddaughter, the great master used entirely unusual materials when painting.

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Genius and madness are close together. This is not just said, it has also been scientifically proven.

Diana Widmaier Picasso now provides further proof. In the recently published book “100 Secrets of the Art World”, the painter's granddaughter reveals in an essay that her grandfather sometimes used memorable materials.

"Clay-like structure and ocher color"

"My grandpa used the feces of his daughter Maya (my mother), who was three at the time, to paint an apple for one of his 'Still Life' works (1938)," Bild.de quotes Widmaier Picasso.

He came up with the idea because he saw "a unique clay-like structure and ocher color in the feces of a child who is given mother's milk," said the Picasso granddaughter.

"Shit has a long history in art"

Tasteless or not: the Spaniard is not the only artist who has used human excrement in his work.

According to Widmaier Picasso, the former director of the Musée Picasso, Jean Clair, has already stated: "Shit has a long history in art."

Sensational imitators

At least one excrement artist caused a sensation with his works: For example, Chris Ofili used elephant excrement for “The Holy Virgin Mary”.

When a work was exhibited in the Brooklyn Museum in 1999, it caused quite a shit storm: Without having seen the picture, the then Mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, found it “sick” and announced that he would cut millions of dollars from the museum .

Ofili did not allow himself to be impressed or dissuaded by this: for the work “Triple Couple 2001-2002” he again relied on excrement - because he saw it as an indispensable tool for his art.