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Big service test: Twelve airlines in comparison

Flying has long since become part of everyday life for many people. But anyone who buys a flight ticket cannot expect a uniform standard of service. The magazine "Clever Reisen!" compared the offer of twelve major airlines. See the results on our article show too.

Big differences in service

Every airline cooks its own service soup. Accordingly, what is served to the passenger is different. Just what the companies offer when it comes to seat reservations is so different that it goes far beyond questions of personal taste. A large number of airline companies allow passengers to pre-book their favorite seats in some way, others seem not to have even heard of it. Opinions are even more divided when it comes to XL seats. The seats with extra legroom, for example at the emergency exit or because they do not have a seat in front, are available in every machine. Some airlines offer the possibility to reserve exactly these seats in advance for a small surcharge (e.g. Air Berlin, Singapore Airlines). For others, it is a matter of chance who is placed in the much sought-after seats.

Twelve airlines in the test

Reason enough to travel smart! to research more closely. Instead of focusing on the route network, the age of the aircraft fleet or taking a look at the safety statistics - as is the case for Clever Reisen's airline tests! otherwise happens - in this test we only want to examine the services of leading airlines from the most important regions of the world. Therefore, five European and three leading airlines each from North America, Asia and the Middle East were taken into account, all of which fly to Germany. The crème de la crème of the aviation industry, so to speak.

(Source: PR / Clever Reisen)

Good service starts even before departure

There is a wide range of services that passengers expect from "their" carrier. For example, many passengers want to travel to the airport by train, which is why it was asked whether the airlines offer a Rail & Fly ticket. Once you have arrived at the airport, the flight should be as punctual as possible. Many a guest also wants a lounge stay, even though they will fly in economy class as normal. Which is why it was also taken into account whether there were offers such as lounge day tickets.

Plus points for your own monitor and legroom

On board, at least on a long-haul flight, a separate TV monitor is also part of the expected service offer, such as special menus or a seat offer that offers larger passengers a little more legroom (XL seats, premium economy class). A total of more than 20 types of services and service offers were asked for for this test. Of course, ticket costs also play a role. For this reason, the fees for baggage, excess and sports baggage have been included. But discounts such as those granted by many airlines have also been taken into account. After all, there are discounts for young people, students and children when buying tickets. Some airlines even have discounts for seniors (e.g. Turkish Airlines).

German airlines not at the forefront, but good at it

After counting all the points, the quality carrier and the Star Alliance member Singapore Airlines prevailed as the sole winner with 33 points. However, closely followed by Air Berlin, the new Oneworld member. Air Berlin achieved at least 30 points and the grade "Very Good". There were also some surprises during the test. For example, the Star Alliance member and Lufthansa partner Turkish Airlines was able to leave the award-winning Etihad Airways behind with 29 points, which achieved 28 points in our test. Turkish Airlines was even able to catch up with quality carriers such as Malaysia Airlines. The good performance of two other European airlines is also encouraging. Like Turkish Airlines, Air France and Lufthansa were able to score 29 points and also hold their own against the world's best airlines in this test.

American airlines are doing poorly

On the other hand, two American airlines really crashed, which was another surprise. American Airlines and Delta Air Lines (both 23 points) came in last. The main negative impact here was that many service offers are available for a fee or only for status customers. Conclusion: There are astonishingly large differences between the airlines. Some so-called quality carriers offer surprisingly few services and Germany's airlines need not fear comparison with the world's best airlines.

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