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Pokémon: 10 Best Rumors About What To Expect In 2021

2021 is a pretty big year for the Pokémon Company. There have been many rumors about the remake of the diamond and pearl Title, but alongside those classic returns, it's also a year of celebration for Nintendo. 2021 will be the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon brand!

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Of course, there is probably a lot more to look forward to all year round. Whether it's the advancement of other titles or the potential for other releases, events, or game updates later in the year, fans of the Pikachu brand may have to watch out for a lot like some of the rumors and theories currently floating around turn out could be exact.

10 Pokémon Go New Generation 6 and 7

Niantic and Nintendo are always looking for ways to update Pokémon Go as it continues to have a loyal fan base and again appeals to a wider audience. Expanding the Pokédex is usually a way to easily bring a lot of new content into the mobile game.

There have been a number of leaks regarding the assets that are currently under construction in the game, which could suggest that new Generation 6 and 7 Pokémon will be added over the course of 2021. This would offer players a brand new range of characters to search, catch, and fight with! The game would still be a long way from launching the legendary Generation I Pokémon.

9 Pokémon Go New Mega Evolutions

Mega Evolutions have already become a familiar part of the franchise after being introduced in the main games Pokémon X. And Y. and further in Sun and moonThese developments were partially introduced in Pokémon Go.

The same asset leak has also indicated that more Mega Evolutions could be brought into play later in the year. With 48 in the main games, there's plenty of room for Pokémon Go to expand the Pokédex and further add these impressive characters.

8 Pokémon Go Gigantamax

Gigantamax Pokémon seem like the next natural step Pokémon Go after the concept was brought into the main games. The idea is for the Pokémon to grow significantly in size, increase their power, and thereby add to the spectacle of Pokémon battles.

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The mechanics of this game seem difficult for the game to adapt to mobile devices. But some players think they have found a glitch, which shows that Niantic is working on a solution to this problem. It would be an interesting addition to the Pokédex and one that could help end 2021 and move it into a new season and year.

7 Detective Pikachu 2: The Game

Detective Pikachu is a huge brand for the Pokémon Company, and a game is making its way to Nintendo Switch. However, it is currently unclear what this game is currently made of. There are a number of theories about what fans can expect from the title.

It is possible that this is a remake, similar to Pokémon Snap. It could also be an update like Brilliant diamond and Shiny pearl. The most likely answer, however, is that this is some sort of sequel that allows players to pick up where the last game left off.

6 Detective Pikachu 2: The Movie

With the game coming to Nintendo Switch, speculation has begun that a new movie may be in development and that 2021 release will coincide or take advantage of the title. It's important to note this note that Star Justice Smith doesn't think there will be a second movie.

A sequel was confirmed a few years ago, although fans are excited to see many new Pokémon in live action and continue that story, the 25th anniversary could be a good year to make plans for the brand's cinematic future to reveal.

5 live action announcements

Given the lead's responses, there may not be any announcements for Detective Pikachu this year. The studio behind the original film, Legendary, was working on another live action Pokémon Project that fans could hear about this year.

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With rumors of what the title could unfold, including the potential for a red / blue movie, the timeline suggests 2021 could be the perfect stage in the development process to let the world know what Nintendo and the Pokémon Company have been working on .

4 New Sword & Shield DLC

Another rumor that has been circulating is the idea that additional DLC may be brought out too sword and sign Fans speculated that Nintendo might be done with the title for now so they can focus on their other projects like this diamond and pearl Remake.

But with theories suggesting these titles are straightforward visual re-creations as opposed to significant changes for Nintendo Switch, it is more likely that this DLC will be released to keep players occupied with the newer title.

3 mega developments in Diamond & Pearl

There are a couple of other leaks that have made the rounds based on the development process of Brilliant diamond and Shiny pearl. It is possible that they will be on their way Pokémon Go, Mega Evolutions could see a comeback in the main titles as well.

The concept of a mega evolution did not exist in the original diamond and pearl were released on the Nintendo DS. As the company may be trying to update the game, this can be an interesting addition that will give players a fresh coat of paint.

2 Huge E3 display

2021 was a big year for Nintendo in general. but with E3 in June, many big game companies are building their presentations after disappointing fans last year. Nintendo will likely showcase its upcoming Switch titles.

There have been rumors that suggest it Pokémon Take advantage of some of the highlights of Nintendo's display and keep showcasing their mobile updates as well as the various titles released in 2021 and beyond. Expect the potential for new announcements and more gameplay material.

1 Nintendo Switch Pro games

There's been a lot of speculation that the Nintendo Switch Pro will actually be released earlier than expected and possibly even announced at E3. Pokémon will have a huge presence on the console if it really does, as it does with any other Nintendo product.

Indeed, the success of Pokémon on the Nintendo Switch has shown that Nintendo wants to keep giving the franchise a prime position in the Pro version. It could even be so Legends: Arceus could be released on both the Pro and the Lite and traditional Switch.

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