What causes an invalid pregnancy test

4 important facts about the pregnancy test

The breasts pull, the morning begins with nausea and now there is no period. Most women are now taking a pregnancy test, because the desire to have children seems to be coming true and a baby may be on the way. You can find out when the test delivers a reliable result and much more here.

When can I start a pregnancy test?

In addition to the normal test, there is one Early pregnancy test(e.g. the one from Clearblue), which you can do at home. Both tests determine the hormone ß-HCG in the urine. This is produced by the body when the egg cell is fertilized. The HCG value always doubles every two days. It peaked around the ninth week of pregnancy. From about the 20th week of pregnancy, it then drops again.

You can do the early pregnancy test, for example four days before the due date apply to the next period. You can get this pregnancy test in the Pharmacies and in Drug store. However, the early pregnancy tests very often produce incorrect results. For this reason, I would always give you a pregnancy test first after a missed period recommend.

When can I start the pregnancy test?

You can also get a normal pregnancy test in the pharmacy or drugstore. You can take the test after you miss your period, for example 14 days after fertilization the egg cell, perform. At this point in time there is already a very reliable result.

A positive pregnancy test is a pretty clear signal that you were fertilized during your fertile days. However, it does not tell you whether the egg has actually lodged in your uterus. It is very common for women to take an early pregnancy test before their missed period and the egg does not implant. In this case, it will be eliminated with the next menstrual period. If the pregnancy test was done too early, many women actively experience what is known as an early abortion. It is therefore always advisable to take the test a few days after your missed period.

How do I do a pregnancy test?

It is best to read the package insert carefully before taking the test, as there are very different types of pregnancy tests. The test result is safest if you do the test with your Morning urine perform. You can do the pregnancy test in the evening if you haven't had enough to drink beforehand. But that can lead to one false negative Result. When you have read the package insert, take the test stick out of the protective film. Catch some urine in a container. Now hold the test strip with the tip in the urine. You do this for as long as it is in the package insert.

Then you put the test stick on a flat surface. Now the waiting begins ... Read the test only after the time specified by the manufacturer, but please do not wait too long either, as the result may change again after a certain time.

Most tests show dashes or plus / minus signs from which you can read the test result. But there is already digital pregnancy teststhat show the result with the words “pregnant” or “not pregnant” + the number of weeks of a possible pregnancy. Almost all tests have a control strip that shows whether the test was carried out correctly.

How Safe Are Home Pregnancy Tests?

Even when used correctly, there is a risk of around one percent that the test result will be incorrect. It is possible that the pregnancy test is negative, but you are still pregnant and vice versa. Most of the time, it's actually because the test was used incorrectly. Therefore, pay close attention to the instructions in the package insert and really do the test with the morning urine.

Is your Pregnancy test negative and you still miss your period, then you should repeat the test after a few days. If the result is still negative, you should definitely see a doctor to rule out other possible factors. You may also be over the 20th week of pregnancy and the HCG value is so low again that it can no longer be detected in a pregnancy test. In this case, too, a visit to the doctor is essential. Special attention is required when you take the pill, because often you do not even know whether you could be pregnant or not.

Shouldn't I go to the gynecologist right away?

The pregnancy test that your gynecologist performs is the same one that you can buy in the pharmacy and drugstore. Here you can usually get them for a price between 4 and 10 euros. The early pregnancy tests are much more expensive. Ask your gynecologist how much the pregnancy test costs there. Most of the time, however, they are more expensive than in the drugstore. If the test is positive, first of all, congratulations! You should definitely make an appointment with your gynecologist so that your gynecologist can confirm the pregnancy by ultrasound and, if necessary, with a test by taking blood. However, this makes sense between the sixth and seventh week of pregnancy at the earliest, as it is difficult to detect anything beforehand using ultrasound.

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