Why is my call disconnecting before it rings

Call aborts with the message "Call ended" - this may be the reason

Call aborts with the message "Call ended" - this may be the reason - Users repeatedly complain about problems with calls, which sometimes break off a call more often, sometimes only as an individual case and then the message "Call ended" comes. This error can be found in all German networks (i.e. in the D1 network of Telekom as well as Vodafone and O2 / Telefonica) and it occurs quite often.

This is how a user writes in the O2 forum about this problem:

for about 3 weeks I have had massive problems using the phone. Every time I want to call someone, the dialing process is ended immediately and the message "Call ended" appears. The only remedy here is a complete restart of the device (Galaxy S5). This is particularly annoying while driving!

The Android 6.0.1 device is not rooted and only apps from the Playstore are installed. Switching to flight mode and back out does not help either. The call just breaks off. No connection is established. "Call ended".

And customers also report this error in the Telekom Forum:

Call simply breaks off "Call ended" - What was the solution here? In the last few weeks I have constantly had the problem that I am calling somewhere with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the call was interrupted after the first ringtone. Now I have searched in detail for a solution and also read this thread. For me, the solution is to switch off the setting “VoLTE call - activate LTE-based telephony when available”.

In this post we want to show what is behind this error message and what you can do about it. In some cases, restarting the devices helps, but in the worst case, there is little you can do as a consumer because the error is connected to the network.

Call aborts with "Call ended" - that is usually the problem

The interruption of the call with this error message is mostly caused by the cellular network. If the network quality is insufficient and the local cell phone network is too weak, the connection is broken and the call is gone. This can be due to the network expansion, for example, if the corresponding mobile phone network is barely expanded on site. Other reasons can be the change to a weaker or defective radio cell or a disturbed reception due to a radio shadow or a tunnel. In these cases, the cellular reception weakens so much that the connection can no longer be maintained and then there is the error message "Call ended"

As mentioned above, it can help to switch off VoLTE. Then calls are made in the 2G and 3G networks and you have a more stable network if, for example, the LTE networks on site are not yet so well developed. If this error persists, restarting the devices often helps, because then all settings are reloaded again and correctly.

If none of this helps, the next step is to contact your own tariff provider and have them checked to see what the problem is.

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