Can someone be a genius quickly

"How do I become more ingenious?"

My main idea when writing the book "Don't leave your brain unattended!" Is the question of how one can become more ingenious. One thing is clear: dehydration can bring you to “Lala Land”: just drinking enough water makes you smarter. But there must be more to it than that! Be more ingenious - is it that easy? And what does "ingenious" actually mean?

The word genius can be traced back to the Latin word genius, which means something like "generating power". A genius is characterized by the fact that he develops creative and great ideas that no one had before him. So a genius has a particularly outstanding creative spirit and - that is the exhausting part - has the energy to present these ideas vividly and also to make them reality.

Unfortunately, I cannot promise you that you will become a super genius! Who knows if this is such a worthwhile goal at all. Famous geniuses such as Da Vinci, Copernicus, Kant, Goethe, Mozart, Einstein certainly did not always have it easy during their lifetime and certainly also had traits that were less ingenious. Geniuses also have their quirks. But to become a little more ingenious - more effective, more relaxed, more concentrated - that's already possible!

Creative people think openly and very associatively, their ideas "gush". Your filter in the brain sorts and arranges the incoming signals according to other criteria and allows more information to pass through. But you don't have to be a born genius. Everyone can train their creativity, above all by improving their perception. It's actually very simple: more input = more output.

With special techniques you can improve your associative, creative thinking. With the combination of creativity and intelligence and with the knowledge of what makes our brain tick, you can not only develop great new ideas, but above all make your everyday life more »ingenious«. Well, now you probably want to know what can be done to become more ingenious.

The start is made quickly:

  • Drink at least two to three liters of water a day.
  • Pay careful attention to your perceptions for a day. How does the coffee taste? How does lunch smell? Take a look at the sky, what will the weather be like in the afternoon? What do the sparrows have to say to each other today? How does your computer keyboard feel?
  • Read a short passage from time to time on a topic that you normally do not deal with or brush up on your knowledge by repeating a few vocabulary with the help of a dictionary. You already know: more input = more output!

An easily understandable overview of our brain and its regions as well as many training methods for brain jogging can be found in Christiane Stenger's new book »Don't leave your brain unattended. Instructions for use for your head! «The book with a high-flyer guarantee!

To person:

Christiane Stenger is the epitome of the high-flyer. She graduated from high school and studied in record time, is now a successful speaker, coach and also moderates a program on zdf neo. The multiple memory world champion not only knows how to collect knowledge, but also how to keep it in mind. And that's exactly what she shows us in an ingenious way.


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