Why did Ashoka kill his brothers

Star Wars: This is how Ahsoka's journey continues after the The Clone Wars finale

But first: Have a happy Star Wars day everyone! To celebrate today, Lucasfilm and Disney released the final episode of the 7th season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In it we learn how Ahsoka and other well-known characters had to deal with the effects of Order 66, but something about their future remains open.

Below I would like to take you on a little time travel through the timeline of the galaxy far, far away to show what happened to Ahsoka after the events of the Clone Wars. Here we are not going to massive spoilers to get around Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, and the novel Star Wars: Ahsoka.

Destroyed worldview: Ahsoka at the end of the Clone Wars

We are in the year 19 before the Battle of Yavin (VSY): After she was falsely accused of attacking the Jedi Temple, Ahsoka Tano leaves the order and from now on struggles by himself. A path that should at least temporarily reunite her with her former master Anakin Skywalker and ultimately lead her to Mandalore.

Ahsoka at the end of the Clone Wars

In today's episode "Victory and Defeat" we saw how this chapter of her story ended for you: After Order 66 came Ahsoka and Rex just barely away with life. They buried Rex's brothers after their ship crashed, Ahsoka dropped one of their lightsabers and - that's it. Well, at least almost, because Anakin's ex-Padawan's journey actually continues a little further from here.

How exactly, we find out in the novel published in 2016 Star Wars: Ahsokawritten by author E. K. Johnston. By the way, until the start of the 7th season of The Clone Wars, it was only this novel, besides Rebels, that gave us clues about the events during the siege of Mandalore.

Exile and resistance - Ahsoka's life after the Clone Wars

A year has passed since their battle on Mandalore and the Galactic Empire is expanding its rule. Ahsoka experienced this in exile on the planet Thabeska, where she lived under the Pseudonym Ashla (the name originally intended for the character) hidden. She befriends some residents, but flees by ship to the Outer Rim when the Empire arrives.

Ahsoka in a workshop

This time her trip is supposed to take her to the moon Raada, where she pretends to be a mechanic and befriends a girl named Kaeden. During her time there, Ahsoka reminisces about her old life. She also thinks about their escape after Order 66 with Rex and how they use their lightsabers left behind at her false graveto convince possible pursuers that Anakin Skywalker's ex-padawan has died.

But it should not be long before the empire arrives on Raada and begins to exploit the planet and its inhabitants. Ahsoka, who cannot stand idly by, decides to go with some confidants a resistance group to come into being to face the empire. At first they limit themselves to smuggling supplies, but Ahsoka and her friends soon become more active.

Kaeden and Ahsoka attack the imperial administration building, but stormtroopers get in their way. The Force allows the two to escape, but Kaeden, after learning of Ahsoka's past, captured by the empire taken and tortured. After Kaeden's rescue, the former Jedi student travels out into the vastness of the galaxy.

Ahsoka's actions on Raada, however, did not go unnoticed, because the sixth brother, an Imperial Inquisitor, has been tasked with investigating reports of a surviving Jedi on the moon. The Inquisitor decides to hunt down Kaeden to lure Ahsoka out of her hiding place and he actually succeeds in catching her.

Ahsoka in the stranglehold of the Imperial Inquisition and the beginning of the rebellion

Ahsoka doesn't notice any of this, however, because she meets her old friend R2-D2 and the former Republican Senator Bail Organa again elsewhere. This tells her he is currently building a rebel groupfor which he would like to win your help. Ahsoka, though still haunted by memories of the Clone Wars, makes a deal: If Organa helps her save power-sensitive children, she'll support his rebellion.

Organa then informs Ahsoka about the Inquisitor currently on Raada. Back on the moon, Ahsoka faces the inquisitor for a duel, which she quickly wins. She takes his lightsaber crystals from her killed opponent and cleans them with the help of the force, whereupon they turn into one clear white shine - those crystals are built in by Ahsoka later in their new lightsabers.

Ahsoka in Star Wars Rebels

Ahsoka succeeds in freeing Kaeden from captivity, but from captivity Offensive of the empire the residents of Raada have nothing to oppose. Ahsoka can destroy some tanks with her new lightsabers, but in the end she and her friends have to flee the moon aboard Organa's ships.

During the Grand Inquisitor Searching the ruins of Raada before informing the rest of the inquisitors that there would be evidence of another survivor, Ahsoka and Organa agree again to start a rebellion against the Empire. The Raada survivors join them, and Ahsoka tells Organa that she wants the code name in the future "Fulcrum" use.

Ahsoka meets Darth Vader in Star Wars Rebels

We already know from Rebels how things will continue from here: After the events in 18 VSY, Ahsoka formed an alliance with a small rebel cell on the ship Ghost. This should later lead her to Malachor, where she meets the emperor's right hand for the first time: Darth Vader, the dark lord of the Sith.

Later she moved out into space to find her friend Ezra Bridger together with Sabine Wren and soon Anakin Skywalker's former padawan could cross the paths of a taciturn Mandalorian. But these are stories for another day.

Would you have liked to see Ahsoka's life after the Clone Wars in The Clone Wars?