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When you go on a city trip to the United States, most of you probably think of the Big Apple, New York City, first. But a little further north of the never-sleeping metropolis, a city awaits you that is also worth a visit, but is unfortunately often forgotten by many American vacationers. I'm talking about that largest city in New England, Boston.

The capital and largest city of the state of Massachusetts is located directly on the east coast of the United States. The proximity to water also shapes the cityscape and so you will find a beautiful port city here.

Boston introduces itself

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Boston's story

Founded as early as 1630, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States. It is also said that she is one of the wealthiest and culturally richest cities should be. Of course, I wanted to see this for myself on my trip. I can already tell you one thing: I was not disappointed! But read for yourself and let yourself be enchanted by the "cradle of freedom", as the city is often called.

The coastal city became known especially through the Boston Tea Party in late 1773. The citizens felt that England had treated them unfairly and exploited them for a long time. This dissatisfaction culminated in some people boarding a British merchant ship and throwing over 340 cases of tea into the harbor basin. This act was one of the first open acts of resistance against London. A short time later this act developed into the War of Independence. If you want to find out more about the city's most important and exciting historical background, you can board a Boston Tea party ship and immerse yourself in a bygone era during the staging.

The modern Boston

This far-reaching history is of course still reflected in the cityscape today. While strolling through the city, you will sooner or later come across one or the other historical or architectural highlight.

Boston is made up of 23 different districts, each with their own charm.

If you are a fan of beautiful and venerable walls, you will love Boston, I am absolutely sure! I particularly liked the fact that you can find venerable buildings, such as impressive churches, right next to the large, modern glass complexes of the financial buildings. So look forward to a really breathtaking contrast and a skyline that you are already used to from other major American cities. In contrast to other metropolises, Boston has a relative small footprintso that you can easily and quickly reach everything important on foot. And as you probably know, for me a walk is the most beautiful way to explore new cities - if that is of course possible.

Since most of the money is earned in “clean” industries such as education and health care as well as in finance and technology-leading companies, this is also reflected in one clean and well-kept cityscape against - another aspect that I particularly liked during my visit.

The most beautiful sides of the city

Boston owes some beautiful corners mainly to its location by the sea. Stroll along the harbor with the fresh sea air on your face and the city skyline in the background - oh, that would be a dream now. Especially those Back Bay neighborhoods and Beacon Hill did it to me.

Stroll down Acorn Street or enjoy the view of the harbor basin ...

They are one of the more expensive parts of the city, but here you can experience what is probably the most stylish side of Boston up close. Enjoy the fabulous view of the harbor, which will inspire you especially at dusk, or stroll through the quiet streets and enjoy the beautiful red facades of the brick houses. Here you can take a leisurely stroll through the shop windows of the luxury boutiques, just switch off and enjoy the quiet streets. In this part you will also find the beautiful Trinity Church, which you should definitely pay a visit toBoston Common Park, that invites you to a cozy picnic.

If your travel time falls exactly in autumn, you can use Boston as a starting point to admire a wonderful natural spectacle. The Indian summer reaches New England in all its colors between the beginning of September and mid-November. The leaves of the deciduous trees then slowly change color and bathe the landscapes in incomparable shades of yellow, red and orange. Just grab a rental car, explore the area around Boston and enjoy the unique color spectacle.

Popular Boston attractions

As in any big city, there are important sights in Boston that you shouldn't miss out on during your stay. However, anyone who now suspects that these are purely boring historical buildings and monuments is seriously mistaken.

Freedom Trail

In a city steeped in history like Boston, of course, you can't avoid looking at historical buildings. The whole thing becomes a bit more varied, however, if you can discover the most important monuments comfortably during a stroll through the city center.

The Freedom Trail takes you through the history of Boston

That's why you definitely shouldn't miss this highlight of the city. The Freedom Trail is an approx four kilometers long routethat you guys 17 historical landmarks and the fight for independence from Great Britain as a theme. This route is particularly suitable for those of you who are only in the city for a short time and still don't want to miss any of the historical highlights. But the Freedom Trail can also be an interesting introduction for visitors who are planning a longer stay in Boston to get an overview of the city. The way is through one red line from bricks Marked on the ground and leads you from Boston Common, the oldest public park in the United States in the city center, through the city center over the Charles River to Charlestown and ends there at the Bunker Hill Monument. After this short walk you will surely have a great overview of the history and the cityscape.

One stop on this route was just to my liking: the former meeting house Faneuil Hall is now a popular market and offers its visitors all kinds of opportunities to feast on many different delicacies. Faneuil Hall attracts a lot of visitors, especially in summer, when you can stroll under the sun among the stalls and street artists. I think there is no better way to combine history with good food, right?

Fenway Park

Sports events are always special in America. The raging crowds in the stands, the cheerleaders who heat them up and of course the athletes who give everything on the pitch. You can experience just such a thrilling experience up close in Boston, in the famous Fenway Park. Once you're out and about in Boston, you shouldn't miss a game of the Boston Red Sox baseball team. In addition to the sporting event, you get the stadium as a highlight of your own on top of it. At the Opened April 20, 1912, it is the oldest MLB ballparkthat is still in use. Maybe you are even lucky and one of the coveted games will take place during your stay in the city? Then you can with beer and oneFenway Frank (Hotdogs) cheer on your personal favorites. I can promise you one thing: you won't forget this incredible atmosphere anytime soon!

Harvard University

Over the years, Boston has grown with over 100 universities blossomed into a true student city. Even if you are not a student yourself, you can soak up the wonderfully relaxed atmosphere here and feel like one yourself. Visit one of the universities' museums or make yourself comfortable in one of the cafés popular with students. When you toast with a cold beer at John Harvard’s Brew Home in the evening, you have finally arrived at student life.

Once you're out and about in Boston, you should of course not miss the crème de la crème of the universities. Of course I'm talking about Harvard University, one of the most famous universities in the world. The fabulous reputation precedes the university far beyond the borders of the country. That's why you should definitely take the chance and you should Cambridge campus look more precisely. Even as an outsider, you can usually get to the site without any problems. Between the red brick houses and the many young people you feel more or less like a student. My advice: It's best to take a student-led tour. This is how you see the really interesting sides of the university.

You will also find MIT on the Charles River, across from Boston, one of the most important technical universities of all.

Delicious specialties

American breakfasts, burgers and the like are probably the first dishes that come to mind when we think of America. But the gourmets in Boston also rely on other delicacies. Once you have arrived in the port city, you shouldn't miss the chance to try the super delicious and fresh lobster.Lobster is very popular here and also delicious as a quick snack on a sandwich. If your mouth watering at the thought of fish and seafood, you should make a short stop at James Hook & Company. The seafood offered here is simply awesome! Order a lobster roll on the hand and then invigorated the city unsafe.

What would Boston be withoutCannoli? When you're in town, you can't avoid tasting this sweet treat. Even if the residents themselves cannot agree on where to get the best cannoli, the pastries are sure to blow your mind everywhere. You often have to expect a queue at the pastry shops, but the wait is rewarded as soon as you can bite into the delicious pastries with ricotta filling. The gourmets among you will surely get sweet dreams when looking at the many pastry shops. If I had to choose a favorite, I couldn't decide between Mike’s Pastry and the Modern Pastry Shop. Both convince with a top selection and impressively sweet quality. A real heaven for sugar lovers.

A visit to a brewery is also a must during your stay in Boston. Let yourself be guided through the history of beers and try the different types at the end. I can especially recommend the Boston Brewery, where the Samuel Adams lager is made. Unlike many other American breweries, the majority of the beers here are made afterGerman purity law produced. Most of the German beer specialists among you should be happy about that. You will also find a great view of the harbor and an even better atmosphere in the Harpoon Brewery.

My tip: In addition to the beer, try the delicious pretzels with various dips as a small snack in between. Simply delicious!

The rooftop bar on the Envoy Hotel promises delicious drinks, a great view and a unique atmosphere. The sun is slowly setting, the skyline in front of your eyes is bathed in warm tones and you toast your unique stay in Boston. If that's not the perfect way to end a day, then I don't know either. You definitely can't go wrong with this bar. Incidentally, it is also a highlight in winter: Then you will find a fantastic igloo landscape here.

Envoy Hotel


Immerse yourself in the history of Boston

Elegant, historical but also modern - this is how I experienced Boston during my stay. Once you drift through the beautiful streets, you quickly notice what the residents love so much about their city. Whether it's a short city break or a longer stay - you won't be bored in Boston!

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