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We are one illegal Resistance group within the Goa'uld.
Somos un grupo illegally de resistencia dentro de los Goa'uld.
Reasons for this are high odds and illegal Fishing activity.
Las razones de this situación son las elevadas cuotas de actividad pesquera illegally.
This proposal is about illegal Discharges and heavy oil spill.
Esta propuesta se refiere a los vertidos illegal y a los casos graves de contaminación por hidrocarburos.
It has illegal Deliveries given by US agents.
Se han producido entregas illegal por parte de agentes estadounidenses.
This only existed as illegal Organization further.
Solidaridad persistió solamente como organización clandestina.
The illegal However, the feeding of swill is naturally difficult to control.
No obstante, la alimentación illegally with residuos de cocina there is a difícil de controlar por su naturaleza.
The illegal Exploitation of natural resources is another major problem.
La explotación illegally de los recursos naturales es otro de los grandes problemas.
We knew about yours for a long time illegal Colony notification.
Hace algún tiempo conocemos de su colonia illegally.
A friend of mine sells it illegal Pay TV subscriptions.
Mi amigo instala televisión digital illegally.
Without one illegal A case never comes to court after wiretapping.
El caso uno nunca se hubiera logrado sin una escucha illegally.
Jeff and I run one illegal Brewery in his garage.
Jeff y yo tenemos una fábrica illegally de cerveza en su garaje.
If Vincent illegal Sold guns, you have to tell us where they are.
Si Vincent está vendiendo armas illegal, tienes que decirnos dónde están.
Now you shoot arrows at people who illegal Doing things.
Ahora tiras flechas a la gente que hace cosas illegal.
That was a illegal Search, first offense.
Fue un registro illegally. Oven de primer grado.
Probably the last illegal Thing we did right
Probablemente es lo menos illegally que estamos haciendo.
Here's a woman who appears to be one illegal Had an abortion.
Encontramos a una mujer que parece haber tenido un aborto illegally.
The illegal The drug market is a never-ending source of money.
El mercado illegally it la única forma de conseguir dinero.
Likewise, they speak against anyone there illegal Activities.
También están involucrados en actividades illegal similares.
And Buddy probably got on illegal Way won!
¡Y Buddy acaba de ganar seguramente de forma illegally!
From then on people were considered to be illegal Residents and were exterminated.
Se consideraba a los humanos como habitantes illegal y se les exterminaba.
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