What to eat before bed

That’s how unhealthy eating before bed really is

Snack attack

There have been conflicting studies of how eating before bed affects our health. Some nutritionists say it increases caloric intake and lowers metabolism, while others claim just the opposite. The fact is, don't eat heavy meals just before you go to bed, as it can cause heartburn, weight gain, and trouble sleeping. There must be a gap of at least three hours between dinner and bedtime.



Eat before bed

However, as most of us know, hunger can also have a significant impact on our sleep. On the other hand, light foods containing carbohydrates such as crackers, warm milk, nuts or fruit help. However, sugary snacks such as dried fruits or juices should be avoided as they can cause a sugar drop that wakes us up in the middle of the night. Nevertheless, you should only eat a little something in the evening when you are actually hungry. Eating out of boredom is not a good reason and by no means should it become the norm.

Light snacks

Food such as apples, a piece of sweet potato or a little almond butter can easily be eaten in the evening without leading to weight gain. Some snacks even help you fall asleep and motivate you to work out in the morning if you are one of those people who don't like breakfast that much. You should have these foods at home just in case: fruits such as apples, kiwis, papayas, almonds or walnuts, carrots, chickpeas, nut butter, jasmine rice.

Food hacks

Anyone who still eats late should try to get up earlier. This helps you get used to getting hungry faster in the evening. You can also try drinking tea or water first before going to the kitchen for a snack before bed. Most of the time it helps to feel fuller. One of the most important tips is to eat enough during the day so as not to fall into the cravings trap in the evening.