How much does the average new kitchen cost

What does a kitchen cost? Prices and tips for saving

Which factors influence the kitchen price?

From the simple kitchen unit to the kitchen island: Kitchens are very versatile in design and can be put together individually. There are various factors that influence the kitchen price. Here are the things you can look out for when buying a kitchen to save:

Size and model of the kitchen
You have the choice between different models and systems. A U-shaped kitchen, for example, offers more storage space than a single kitchenette and is accordingly more expensive.

used material
It is worth comparing the prices of the individual kitchen materials when planning. Wood worktops, for example, are cheaper than natural stone solutions.

Kitchen manufacturer
Cabinets and electrical appliances from well-known brands increase the kitchen price. You should keep this in mind when planning your kitchen. In additionOffer many kitchen manufacturers severalPrice segments from low to high priced at.

Delivery and installation
Kitchen studios often offer all-inclusive prices so that you don't have to pay anything extra for delivery and installation. If this is not the case, the Delivery of the kitchencosts of 100 to 500 euros attack. The Assembly you should use around depending on the size of the kitchen 300 to 2,000 euros take into account.

Build it yourself and save costs

If you want to save on assembly costs, you can also assemble your kitchen yourself. Make sure that detailed assembly instructions are included

What does a new kitchen cost?

Theindividual design options for kitchensare reflectedreflected in the prices. Therefore, it is difficult to give general information about how much a kitchen costs.

Cheap models fromPantry kitchens with basic equipmentcost from 400 euros upwards. The Prices for a fitted kitchenstartfrom 900 euros. With these models, however, you have little room for maneuver and you have to buy the kitchen as it is offered. If you want kitchen equipment that you can design individually, you are in good hands in specialist shops.

For one bespoke kitchen you should come up with prices from 4,000 euros calculate. A Design kitchenthat is equipped with electrical appliances from high-priced brands such as Bora or Miele costs significantly more. Here are the prices between 10,000 and 20,000 euros. For Luxury models with kitchen island you have to go with kitchen prices of 40,000 euros and calculate more.

Price examples for various fitted kitchens

The prices for new kitchens vary depending on the manufacturer. A simple Ikea kitchenette, for example, is available from 1,000 euros. For a Schüller kitchen, on the other hand, you can expect from 10,000 euros. Further price examples can be found in the Overview:

Kitchen typeMaterial of the frontsprovidersKitchen price *
Kitchenette with electrical appliancesOak veneerIkeaapprox. 1,300 euros
L shape with electrical appliancesCoated wood materialOttoapprox. 3,500 euros
Single line with electrical appliancesPlastic in oak lookAlmaapprox. 4,000 euros
Island kitchen with electrical appliancesHigh gloss lacquerDassbachapprox. 8,000 euros
L shape with electrical appliancesSolid spruce woodSchüllerapprox. 12,000 euros
L shape with electrical appliancesHigh gloss lacquerAlnoapprox. 14,000 euros
L-kitchen electrical appliancesNova lacquerNolteapprox. 17,000 euros
Island kitchen with electrical appliancesClassic matt lacquerLightapprox. 20,000 euros
Island kitchen with electrical appliancesHigh-gloss lacquerBulthaupapprox. 50,000 euros
* Prices are average values ​​and serve as a guide.

Prices for used kitchens

Used kitchens are mostly used by Offered to private individuals on the Internet or come from Bankruptcies or kitchen shows. They are available in different versions, sizes and equipment at a much lower price than comparable new models. Used kitchens are already in their simplest form available from 250 euros. Larger, well-preserved models can, however, also up to 5,000 euros costs.

The disadvantage: looking for a used kitchen, theexactly over the required dimensions for their own premises, is often difficult. Subsequent adaptation and modification of the used kitchen can be associated with considerable costs, especially since used kitchens often sold without warranty become.

What should you look for when buying a used kitchen?

  • Are all electrical appliances working properly?
  • Are there any signs of use on the kitchen (especially the worktop)?
  • Are the kitchen cabinet door hinges working?
  • Are there broken corners or deep, visible scratches?
  • Has there been water damage (for example on furniture legs or on the sink)?
  • What consumption values ​​do the devices have in terms of water and electricity?
  • Will the cabinets and devices survive the transport and reconstruction?
Calculate price for used kitchen
With every year of use the A kitchen's worth about ten percent. To calculate the price of a used kitchen, you should know the approximate original price of the kitchen. For the calculation, deduct around ten percent once for the assembly, as this was usually included in the original price. Example: A fitted kitchen with a new price of 5,000 euros is only worth around 2,600 euros after five years.

This is what exhibition kitchens cost

Model kitchens are often exhibited in kitchen studios or at kitchen trade fairs to give potential buyers a good impression of the kitchen. When new designs appear, the exhibits are exchanged again and sold cheaply. So you have the option of barely worn kitchens up to 70 percent below the list price to acquire.

The big disadvantage: The sales kitchens are not planned individually for you, but must fit into your premises as they are. It is often difficult to reorder the matching elements because the designs of the models are changed regularly. Rescheduling or changing the kitchen therefore takes a lot of time. Also not to be neglected is that Risk of damage during dismantling, transport and reconstruction the kitchen.

Kitchen outlets offer high-quality kitchens and electrical appliances at particularly low prices. The kitchens offered are mostly kitchens from bankruptcies, exhibition and model kitchens from large furniture stores, exhibition kitchens, discontinued models from previous ranges, overproduction and kitchens that were used for photo shoots.