Which channels are there on Apple TV

These German channels and apps are on the Apple TV

Halyna Kubiv

More and more content providers are following suit and are bringing their apps to Apple's new set-top box.

EnlargeThe German developers are gradually moving to the Apple TV.

Update: A new version of the iOS app for music videos from the Vevo station has been available in the store since yesterday evening. With the latest update, the same app comes to the Apple TV. Although the Vevo videos could also be viewed beforehand on YouTube, many of them were simply blocked because of the disputes between Gema and YouTube. These videos can be played in the native app from Vevo, which has a large number of well-known and current artists under contract. The app is available free of charge, you either have to register or log in again after starting it. The principle of the personal favorites list is a mixture between Tinder and Apple Music: The artists are suggested one after the other, you have to mark them either with a heart or with a cross. The app then puts together its own suggestions. The appearance is also very reminiscent of Apple's own app.

Update: Football Live is still only occasionally broadcast on public television (one game at the beginning of the Bundesliga round two and one or two DFB Cup games per round, various international matches) and otherwise only on Pay TV from Sky. The ball does not roll live on the Apple TV outside of the ARD and ZDF apps. But at least the Nuremberg sports magazine kicker is now bringing its tried and tested app with news and, above all, the accurate live ticker to Apple's set-top box. Moving images can be seen in the contributions from Kicker.tv, but for legal reasons no game scenes from the Bundesliga.

Original from December 8th, 2015: None of the private broadcasters has really dared to watch the Apple TV, with the exception of the news channel N-TV, who recently brought its native app to the App Store. You don't have to look for it, by the way, it is prominently featured as a recommendation on the store's homepage.

Head chef on the other hand, brings his recipe collection to the television set at home. The blog has a vivid collection of cooking videos that clearly fit better on a big screen than a small iPhone.

The small regional broadcasters in Germany are leading the way: The Bavarian Broadcasting was there almost since the start of the Apple TV store, is new to it DRF TV came. The German regional television is a private broadcaster and focuses on local content. TV Mittelrhein is integrated into the app as an additional channel.

The cinema blog " Film starts "has now brought its own app for the new set-top box from Apple, especially film trailers can be seen.

Last.fm advertises exactly the functions that Apple puts in the foreground with Apple Music: handpicked content, playlists created by people or by the internal editorial team in all possible genres. You can check whether this is true on the Apple TV, the broadcaster recently expanded its range to include tvOS.

Galileo video dictionary is probably the first official app of the private broadcaster ProSiebenSat1 and brings the excerpts from the knowledge magazine Galileo to Apple TV.

A shower manufacturer from Austria invests heavily in motorsport, sports clubs and sometimes unusual sporting events. So it's no wonder that the content is sufficient for its own channel. The Red Bull TV is also available in the App Store for Apple TV, but the app is in English.

Sport1 has prepared its own app for the Apple TV, but for legal reasons it has to do without broadcasts of live games from the Second Bundesliga. With its app, the provider delivers news in the news ticker, video messages and tables from most of the German leagues.

Vienna State Opera Live : If you don't dare to leave the house in the evening during the dark season, but don't want to miss the best performances, you can get a subscription to the Vienna State Opera and watch the performances on the television. The app also offers live broadcasts - so you don't have to pay attention to a dress code when enjoying classic music.

Zattoo : Unlike the media library search, Zattoo works with a subscription. According to its own information, the app receives up to 78 channels in the live broadcast on television. The private channels are available in the Zattoo app with the HiQ subscription. The provider activates the subscription for a 30-day trial, after which up to 1.60 euros per day are due.