What will help me become an actress

Becoming an actor - how does it actually work?


How do you become an actor? If the big stage is your thing, you have probably already thought about turning your hobby into a profession and maybe going to drama school. Curtain up, we introduce: training paths to become an actor.

  • Anyone can call themselves an actor and work as an actor.
  • The job title is not protected and the training is not regulated.
  • You can train to become an actor at a private or state drama school.
  • Most actors cannot make a living from their profession and have part-time jobs.

become an actor

How do you become an actor? You can already call yourself an actor and work as an actor today. The job title is not protected and the acting training is not uniformly regulated. Heike Makatsch, Jürgen Vogel, Jennifer Lawrence: Stars who made it to the big screen even without a renowned drama school. Why not you too? Which path you choose - with or without training at a private or state drama school - that is up to you.

Actors are self-directed

Are you changeable, flexible and trust your talent even without a long training at an acting school? Then take your luck into your own hands and do what it takes! As an extra in smaller film and television productions, on amateur stages or in low-budget productions at film and television colleges. Get as much performance practice as you can, even on small stages. Maybe you will be discovered. Create a sedcard and place it with the casting agencies. StagePool, for example, is Northern Europe's largest audition and casting portal. Learn from the pros, but keep an eye on costs? You can do this with a professional acting coach or by attending a workshop. So you can always train yourself and gain experience.

Attend private drama school

There are around 65 German-speaking private drama schools. You have to finance the training yourself. Calculate between 2000 and 3000 euros per semester of three to four years of schooling. Before you make a selection, you should read up on the various acting schools. What is the focus - theater or television? How many graduates actually find a job afterwards? Does the school have good facilities and good teachers? Many drama schools create expectations that in the end are not met. The Association of German-Speaking Private Drama Schools (vdps) therefore guarantees that the training of their schools meet the same high standards as those of the state. For example, you can do a bachelor's or master's degree at the mfa - (Munich Film Academy). In the end you will be a state-recognized actor for film and television and will also receive the stage maturity. Also good to know: You can apply for a student loan at the state-approved BAföG-recognized professional acting schools, which does not have to be repaid.

State drama school - the master class

300 apprenticeship positions for around 5,000 applicants annually: The places at the 13 state-run German universities where you can study drama are rare, but in great demand, the entrance exams are demanding. But that shouldn't put you off! A renowned state drama school can be the springboard for you to a successful theater or film career. The schools are financed by the state and the tuition fees are low. The universities have different focuses. For example, the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Munich offers training in the four departments of drama, directing, contemporary puppetry and dance. Voice training, speech training as well as dubbing, pantomime, acrobatics and much more are part of the training. In addition to acting and linguistic skills, a high school diploma is a prerequisite for admission. The state drama schools usually do not discharge their graduates into unemployment. You get a first engagement.

Glitz and glamor without Gloria?

High salaries, red carpet and a golden camera? Everything and nothing seems to be possible. "It's the most beautiful job that you can't recommend," says the actor Heinrich Schafmeister, director of the Federal Association of Film and TV Actors BFFS. The association advocates fair pay and minimum salaries. If you want to become an actor, you have chosen an insecure profession. Dream salaries of EUR 100,000 gross annually and permanent commitments are rather the exception. The rule is a gross monthly wage of 1000 euros. Only two percent of the approximately 5000 actors who work for film and television can make a living from their work. Most stay afloat with part-time jobs and can't even afford health insurance. However, if you really feel called to the art of acting, you shouldn't let anything dissuade you from this goal!

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