What are treatments for dark circles

Dark circles and their treatment

Stress, overwork or awake nights - there are many reasons for darkly shaded eyes. In most cases, dark circles are a visible sign that your body needs rest. But there are also people who have dark circles without stress or long nights. What you can do about the annoying shadows and how to prevent them.

How do dark circles develop?

The bluish-purple, gray or brownish discoloration in the area below the eye is most noticeable. When you look at your reflection in the mirror, your eyes appear sunken and people around you look sick. Dark circles are sometimes caused by increased skin pigmentation around the eyes. In most cases, the cause is vessels that shine through the skin. The skin area below the eyes is one of the thinnest areas of skin on the body and hardly contains any fatty tissue. To do this, many small blood vessels supply the eye muscle. If these fine vessels under the delicate skin are temporarily enlarged, dark circles under the eyes appear. Poor blood circulation increases this effect because oxygen-poor blood is darker in color than oxygen-rich blood.

Note: The extent to which the blood vessels show through the skin depends on the skin type and the thickness of the fatty tissue. In general, fair-skinned, lean people are more likely to have dark circles than others.

Seldom a case for the doctor

In most cases, dark circles are completely harmless. A visit to your general practitioner is only recommended if you suffer from additional symptoms. If your dark circles are caused by overpigmentation of the skin, it is possible to reduce the skin pigment melanin with special creams. Such bleaching, for example with hydroquinone, may only be carried out under medical supervision because of possible side effects. An alternative to skin whitening is laser treatment. It is best to discuss both therapies with your dermatologist.

An operative method against dark circles due to translucent vessels is the injection of fat from the abdomen or buttocks into the skin (autologous fat transplantation). The fluid-binding hyaluronic acid can also be used to cushion thin skin areas. As medical procedures, they can be associated with side effects such as bruising, swelling, or bumps in the skin.

Note: You have to pay for the cost of an injection yourself, because removing the annoying but harmless dark circles is not medically necessary.

Short-term help with cucumber slices and compresses

Many tips from magazines and the Internet are based on cooling the sensitive area around the eyes and providing a break for relaxation. This includes washing the face with cold water, placing cucumber slices or cold compresses on the closed eyes. Cooling helps with light dark circles and swollen eyes, at least for a short time, because the vessels contract and no longer show through the skin.

Tip: With a concealer you are sure to win the battle against dark circles! Make sure to match it to your skin type and the color of the shadows under the eyes: you can even out bluish circles under the eyes with yellow pigments, which are contained in the Avène Couvrance correction stick, in the La Roche-Posay Toleriane correction pen or in the Vichy Dermablend correction color, for example. Green pigments are suitable for red veins and red for brownish skin tones.

This way, dark circles under the eyes do not even develop

With a few simple rules of conduct, dark circles under the eyes do not even appear:

  • A healthy lifestyle is good for your whole body and not just for your eyes. Avoid stress and lack of sleep.
  • Make sure you have cool, adequately ventilated bedrooms.
  • A balanced diet with lots of vitamin C and iron as well as a drink of at least one and a half liters provides your body with the most important nutrients.
  • Get your blood circulation going with regular exercise.
  • A visit to the solarium causes the sensitive skin around the eyes to age faster and dark circles under the eyes become stronger. Always use sunscreen and sunglasses when you are outdoors to block the harmful UV rays.
  • Moisturizing creams soothe and relax the skin area around the eyes.

Source: Christine Kammer, Turned night into day? Pharmaceutical Newspaper No. 13 + 14, p. 56, July 2018.


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