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A spirit guide is someone who leads a medium and works through that medium. Humans can have access to subtle beings. These subtle beings can be called spirits, and these spirits can then guide these people. There are media that channel in trance, that is to say, so-called trance channel media, which do not even know who is leading them there. And there are people who communicate with their spirit guide on a regular basis. That means they have the name of the spirit guide, they speak to him spiritually and they let him or her guide them.

Spirit guides can be lower astral beings or higher astral beings. It is important that when one deals with channel media or wants advice from channel media that there is also a high vibration, because earthbound ones can also offer themselves as spirit guides and they ultimately need the prana the one who are on the physical world. Not everyone who knows something is therefore of higher planes, so one should be careful when dealing with channel media or especially when seeking advice from channel media about who is their spirit guide.

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