How accurate is a GPS anklet

Child tracking

At first glance, it may sound absurd to give your child a GPS tracker, because after all, you don't want to spy on or monitor your child. But that is also not the whole point of a tracker for your child. It is much more about offering your child the highest level of security.

Imagine your child is getting lost on a foray through the forest, or suddenly gets lost in a crowd on a shopping spree. Just don't pay attention for a moment and your child has been distracted by something interesting and will run out of your field of vision. Or let's assume the worst case and a criminal persuades your child to go with them on the way home from school or on the playground and kidnaps them ... It's not about always assuming the worst, it's about everyone To be prepared for cases.

For example, you can use the geo fence function to define the area of ​​the way to school and as soon as your child leaves this area, you will be informed by SMS. You just want to take a quick look whether your child is still on the playground? No problem. Simply call the tracker briefly and you will receive the location coordinates via SMS. With our tracking portal, we offer you the opportunity to easily define geo fences, to follow your child's route on the map without having to do this every time with your mobile phone. Thus, the GPS tracker offers a revolution in terms of the safety of your child.

Never again look desperately for your child, just know where your child is at all times.