Hydroperoxide is dangerous to the eye

The 6 most important facts about peroxide solutions and contact lenses

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a colorless liquid, commonly available as an aqueous solution, and is mainly used to make cosmetics, bleach cotton and even as rocket fuel.

But peroxide can do even more. It is also used in contact lens solutions. Here the agent plays an important role in cleaning and disinfecting the lenses. In addition, peroxide systems are very popular with allergy sufferers and lens wearers who suffer from dry eyes.

How is all this possible? We have compiled and answered the 6 most important questions about peroxide solutions and contact lenses!

1. What are peroxide solutions?

Both hydrogen peroxide and multi-purpose solutions clean and disinfect contact lenses by breaking up and removing trapped debris, proteins, and fatty deposits (lipids).

In contrast to multipurpose solutions, however, peroxide solutions are preservative-free, which makes them suitable for allergy sufferers who react to the some preservatives in multipurpose solutions. These solutions, also known as peroxide systems in conjunction with other care products, are particularly compatible and extremely effective against germs.

So what is hydrogen peroxide used for? Peroxide solutions are mainly used for the disinfection of soft contact lenses, but some peroxide solutions can also be used for the care of dimensionally stable contact lenses.

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2. Clean contact lenses with hydrogen peroxide

The use of peroxide systems requires one step more than with combination solutions. After cleaning the contact lenses, the hydrogen peroxide contained in peroxide solutions must first be neutralized before the lenses can be used again.

Important: If neutralization isn't done, the hydrogen peroxide getting in your eyes or on your contact lenses can cause stinging, burning, and temporary damage to the cornea. The neutralizer converts the peroxide into water and oxygen, ensuring that you can use your lenses without any problems.

3. What are single-stage peroxide systems?

With a one-step peroxide solution, the lenses usually have to be stored in the peroxide system for several hours so that the hydrogen peroxide in the solution is completely neutralized in the corresponding special container.

Some one-step peroxide systems are filled into a special contact lens case. Others are neutralized with a neutralization tablet, which is usually offered by the manufacturer together with the corresponding peroxide solution.


4. Two-stage peroxide systems?

Two-stage peroxide systems disinfect your contact lenses particularly thoroughly, as the concentration of hydrogen peroxide remains constant during the entire disinfection process.

In a two-stage peroxide system, the peroxide solution is disposed of at the end of the disinfection time and the container is filled with a second solution - the neutralization solution. To avoid an uncomfortable burning sensation, it is important to leave your contact lenses in the neutralization solution for as long as the manufacturer prescribes.

If the solution is not completely neutralized, this is not harmful to the eyes. Just use a normal saline solution before inserting the lenses and you are on the safe side.

5. How long does it take to neutralize peroxide systems?

The neutralization process usually takes up to six hours. However, note the neutralization time prescribed by the manufacturer in the package insert. After neutralization, your contact lenses must no longer come into contact with the peroxide solution.

The duration of the neutralization process in two-stage systems is slightly shorter than in one-stage systems, since in the two-stage system only the peroxide remaining in the contact lenses has to be neutralized and not the entire contents of the container.

6. What is the safest use of peroxide solutions?

  • Before using a new contact lens solution, read and follow all of the instructions on the packaging and bottle carefully.
  • Be sure to use the special contact lens case that comes with your hydrogen peroxide contact lens solution. Don't use an old lens case when you get a new bottle of peroxide-based contact lens solution. If you do this, the peroxide will not be neutralized.
  • Leave your lenses in the solution for at least 6 hours for the neutralization process to complete.
  • Do not rinse your lenses with hydrogen peroxide solutions or put hydrogen peroxide solution in your eyes. Otherwise, you may feel a stinging or stinging sensation in your eyes.
  • Do not allow anyone to use your hydrogen peroxide solution. Your friends and family may mistake the peroxide solution for a multi-purpose solution and not use it according to the specific instructions for hydrogen peroxide solution.

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